So if girls like Jerks and Alpha Males…

On April 15, 2011 by Shark

Reader Comments:

“Hey so Shark if girls are attracted to Alpha’s then why do they like gay ass beta songs like Hey there Delilah and Soul Sister?”

Men go crazy when their girlfriend’s ignore them. Have you ever heard a guy say “I want a girl who occasionally ignores my texts or calls to inculcate my infatuation with her” on his list of “things I want in a girl?”

Do guys advertise the fact that girls who DON’T immediately become marooned by a siege of predisposed pick-up lines are the ones that they fall in love for?

Do boyfriend’s ever tell their girlfriend’s that jealousy makes them OBSESSED over them? That it makes them think about them 24/7?

Has any person, in any relationship, EVER told you that the insecurities they secretly foster create an addictive dependency so fucking deep that only by amputating a part of their brains can they wash out their love for their significant other?

Attraction is inherently self-deceptive.

Also, I like a lot of hip-hop songs, but I don’t think shooting people is that cool.


disrespectful girlfriend


3 Responses to “So if girls like Jerks and Alpha Males…”

  • Jaws

    Alright. So i’ve got this girlfriend and she tells me that she loves me. We have been dating for a year and I don’t love her back. I decided that I can’t just break up with her because I don’t want to really hurt her and make her life terrible for the months after the breakup. I am definitely the dominant one in the relationship and I was thinking of going uber-beta and wussy until she stops liking me and ends up breaking up with me. Do you think this would work? How else could I get her to break up with me without scarring her heart for life?

    • Necorochi

      Never resort to being a wussy beta even if you want to break up, girls talk and it could bite you in the ass one day… TRUST ME. Break it off alpha.

  • StrikeforceMorituri

    Just pull the trigger and tell her how you feel, if you really feel this way and are exhibiting behaviour that tells her this she’ll be more relieved. So will you too.

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