Why men should date multiple women

On April 5, 2011 by Shark

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Women are naturally adept at screening mates for a monogamous relationship; it has always been an integral part of their genetic script. Fucking is not enough for a girl, they are propelled by other worldly forces to drain the soul out of a man gain as much affection / attention possible from their chosen mates.

Men are solely concerned with fucking. There are no exceptions besides gay men, and even most of them would be happier with spontaneous prostate massages over a long-term relationship. The stream of socialization we are exposed to eventually instills within us the implicitly understood role of a father/boyfriend/husband. But ultimately men maximize their biological payout by boffing as many broods as possible. The more we spread our speed, the more we fulfill our function as a being.

Women use sex to get relationships. Men use relationships to get sex.

The dating scene thus inherently favors women. Various endogenous factors allow them to intuitively recognize a potential boyfriend (Alpha, Confident, smooth, charming, other girls would fuck him, etc). Men, never having a need to be in a relationship, have never developed the natural “screening” processes women have. If the penis fits in the vagina, we’ve found our soul mate. Darwinism has bred women to recognize good long-term mates; it has bred men to recognize very good-looking mates with big tits (the “hotter” you find a girl, the healthier the off-spring you will produce).

We have no “natural” ability to screen women. All of our screening processes revolve around very OVERT and “shallow” methods. We ask, what are her hobbies? Does she play sports? Is she smart? Does any of this shit ACTUALLY MATTER? No. We only think it matters because we were TAUGHT that it matters.

Only 2 things matter for a guy:
A. How hot is she
B. Will she cheat on me?

What does all this mean for a guy in post-modern society?

Contemporary relationships are psychotic ordeals, and we are forced to fight a losing battle. The matrix tells us, “but you have millions of girls to choose from;” but we aren’t supposed to CHOOSE in the first place, we’re supposed to fuck, that’s it. Having a gun with a thousand barrels doesn’t make Russian Roulette any less insane.

And finally, the point that I wanted to make. The more women you date, the more you’ll have an idea of what will really make you happy. It is only after a good amount of experience and knowledge that men can understand and articulate what they want from a girl. Marrying early or calling your first girlfriend your “soul mate” is a fool’s errand.

Kill that desperation. Your girlfriend dumped out? Relax the fuck out, it has been proven that men who have married their FOURTH or FIFTH “true loves” are happier than men who dive bombed into the first girl that was willing to taste their dicks.

Are you upset because you lost a girl who was “INTO VIDEO GAMES AND CARTOONS!!” and who was “FUNNY!!!?” Your idiot brain has been hood winked. Men are taught to pedestalize women with these qualities so they can be marginalized into sock puppies and forced to serve under an armada of women who were taught they were “smart” and “witty” because they can regurgitate shit out of sitcoms and magazines. The next girl your penis fits into will also be into some crazy shit and again you’ll think “OMG SHE’S SO AMAZING!” Eventually, you will open your eyes.


4 Responses to “Why men should date multiple women”

  • Ari

    This shit is fucking phenomenal and funny as hell

  • Tuna

    Shark, it’s Tuna. You need to comment on other dating techniques/sites. Are you the king? Have you uncovered the deep dark secrets of female sexuality? Or do some other sites disagree with you, and, perhaps, are they correct? I Think you should write an article criticizing or supporting other approaches like David Deangele’s.

  • Will

    This is fucking amazing. Write more.

  • NA

    Again, you are just a genious.

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