Dealing with women who have big egos

On May 12, 2011 by Shark


“how do you attract a girl who is very stubborn, thinks that she is tyler faith or something, has a lot of ego.”


Not that I intentionally mean to drown feminists in the depressing cobwebs of reality but women with bigger egos simply need guys who are bigger dicks. In fact, the perpetuation of the ass-hole campaign is more a result of scorned nice guys who had their egos chronically raped by plump feminists than by naturally born ass-holes.

More PMSing = More Dick slapping.
When in doubt, whip it out.


Now on the subject of being dick, I mean you have to be an artful dick, not one of those arrogant pricks that reflect insults with their rubber-soft toy egos. In other words:

Wrong way to be a dick: Flip out when a girl insults you
Right way to be a dick: Respond wittily, agree and amplify, or just don’t care. Never overtly insult her back.

Wrong way to be a dick: Get frustrated / mad when a girl plays hard to get
Right way to be a dick: Lose interest when a girl plays hard to get

Wrong way to be a dick: Say “no” when a girl asks you to buy her a drink
Right way to be a dick: Ask her — “Why, are you broke?”

Women with huge egos are typically feeble-minded corpulent feminists who are trying to over-compensate for their natural deficiencies. The key is to master them with subtlety — any attempt to overtly communicate with them will lead to un-civil and possibly violent retaliation. Power, in its most efficient and terrifying form, works insidiously, not overtly. The best executions are ones where the targets are happily ignorant of the narcotizing effect being induced on them and willingly participate and ADVANCE their own seductions.

DHVs (Displays of higher value) are significantly more important when it comes to stubborn over-weight fem gurus or just stubborn girls in general.


8 Responses to “Dealing with women who have big egos”

  • P.T zinc

    shark your a genius man

  • Alpha 1

    i wish i had found this site few months back

  • Alpha 1

    why do some women turn very cold suddenly ? at one point they love you so much and say “cant live without you” and later they dont even care weather u live or die.

  • Jaws

    Hey Shark how you would go about seducing a mermaid?

  • Alpha 1

    better, how do you deal with COLD HEARTED bitches ?

  • Mafieux

    Amazing job Shark!

  • J-Man

    Hey Shark, what’s your take on letting your girl dance/grind with other dudes at a club? Are you being alpha by letting her do that and not caring or is it a big no? Do men and women have different outlooks on what constitutes flirting/sexuality?

    • Adam

      If your girl is dancing with other dudes, don’t just stand there and watch. Go dance with other chicks. Trust me she will come right back to you.

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