Regain Power in a Relationship

On May 16, 2011 by Shark

In any relationship, if you don’t wear the pants, you WILL wear the dress. A girl would rather defer to her boyfriend or husband’s leadership, but will willingly take the role of provider if he is incapable or unwilling to do so. In such a scenario, the woman will lose a significant amount of attraction for her boyfriend and either LJBF him if she has other options (if she’s not a fat cougar or a wanted fugitive), or harbor a deep-seated resentment against him.

Whoever needs the other person LESS in any relationship has MORE power. The ratio of power in a relationship should be balanced — but slightly tipped towards the guy. Men are meant to be the natural leaders in a relationship, a higher value allows them to reinforce dominance and keep their girlfriend’s vagina consistently vibrating like a tuning fork.

If you’ve fallen short in your attempts to subdue your girlfriend’s hamster because you’ve been acting like a giant leaking vagina for the past few months, I suggest you follow these tips.

1. Be more laconic — In text messages, on the phone, and face-to-face conversations. Women love to feel like they figured you out with their “natural intuition.” AFCs who blurt out their life story as a way to be “honest” only absolve women of the joy they get from “figuring out” an interesting guy

2. Be less available- By this I don’t mean you need to lie to your girlfriend about being busy half the time she wants to hang out. Game without substance eventually collapses- ESPECIALLY in relationships because the synthesized attraction you created has no framework to fall back on. ACTUALLY be busy by picking up a hobby or being uncannily passionate about your career.

3. Be wanted by other women- Don’t fuck other chicks on the side, but don’t misplace your loyalty. A lot of men are under the false assumption that they need to be overly cautious with flirting with other women because their girlfriends will reciprocate their excessive loyalty. Nothing can be further from the truth. The only message relayed to a girl when she sees that you are never flirting or talking to other woman is “holy shit, he must be desperate.” Get another girl to like you and I promise your girlfriend will be bent on running sexual marathons every weekend.

4. Never look like you’re TRYING to get other woman to like you- this is the key ingredient missing in other “use jealousy in a relationship” articles. The ideal man is someone who CAN cheat, but WOULDN’T. This caters to both aspects of a woman’s sexuality. By having other women like you — you are displaying a high sexual market value and reigniting the competitive anxiety your girlfriend used to feel in the beginning of your relationship. Women LOVE the challenge of having to keep a good catch to themselves. By saying NO to these girls, you are appealing to her rapport, re-establishing your higher value, and reminding her that you’re a good catch.

5. Be Smoother- Be well groomed, wear suits more often, make a lot of money, go to the gym, talk and move slower, use cologne, occasionally disappear, and have a greater purpose in life.

6. PASS HER SHIT TESTS- Remember to constantly adopt an attitude of AMUSED MASTERY. You’ve seen it all, heard it all, and know the truth behind all of her actions. You know she’s flirting with another guy to get your attention, you know she’s shit testing you when she’s picking a fight for no reason, and you know not to bite when she threatens to go on a break. Never let anything phase you, ever.

7. Always be teasing her- Making fun of her or saying unnaturally suave things should be second nature.

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3 Responses to “Regain Power in a Relationship”

  • Annon

    I have to say, im rarely impressed by the relationship advice on blogs on the internet but your information is accurate, alpha and awesome – Please do many more

  • TfresH

    Mr. Shark,

    Hope all is well in your life! Anyways though, your articles are real good reads and very imformative. However most realtionship articles on this site (or aleast the only ones I’ve come across thus far) are all in correlation of somewhat LTR’s but for the most part its advice to dudes still living apart from there woman. Like for instance; when my gf is actin up and such I just cant “dissapear” for several reasons.

    Please advise me where on are there relationship articles for dudes in LTR’s that live with there woman?

    Respect, take care.

  • Kristin Barbour

    This website is the shit

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