How to tell a girl that she needs to lose weight

On July 7, 2011 by Shark

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Shark, how do you tell a girl to lose weight? As mean as that sounds, I’m not joking… there is this girl who’s into me, and oh man she was a show stopper back couple of years ago but she needs to shed some weight to get back to that level she went from like hb9 to hb6… is there a way you can say this indirectly?



Unbeknown to most of the population, Obesity as the single most threatening pathology humankind has ever faced. The growing rate of the fat population across America has come to threaten everything that humanity stands for. Most notably, as hot women are turning Obese and going from 9s to 6s, men simply no longer want to reproduce with them. As the Japanese come closer and closer to designing realistic sexbots, women will soon be stripped of their sexual utility. Once the Japanese can successfully construct an HB10 blowup doll that has full functional capabilities, the female creature will become obsolete. The only way to prevent this downward spiral to worldwide robosexuality and eventual extinction is to find a way to tell all these fat-ass women they need to lose weight, and get them back to their tight figures so that sex with them becomes more pleasurable than staying home and jerking off to pictures of skinny women.

If you’re in a relationship, your girlfriend getting fat and the subsequent consequences can be a terrifying reality. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem. You have to maintain a high level of competitive anxiety and take initiative in the health department so as to encourage her to do the same. A wife who feels that her husband can potentially do better than her if he really tried will be more inclined to keep her body in tight shape than a woman going out with a beta whom she knows has no other hope of finding pussy anywhere else. As Machiavellian as it sounds, women love the challenge of keeping a caddish man to themselves. If girls really wanted guys who weren’t a challenge, the betas of the world wouldn’t be suffering from shrivled-dicklosis (symptoms may vary in intensity). Go to the gym consistently, slip in casual remarks about your torn physique, and “make friends” with other girls at the beach while your girlfriend is there. People in relationships generally adopt each others lifestyles, so be adamant about living healthy.

If it’s a random girl, the solution isn’t as simple. In fact, you as one man probably can’t do much to change the sad rate of defeminization. The only possibility for salvation lies in the spreading of game. For example, if you’re an Alpha and a fat girl likes you, she will try harder to lose weight to impress you and compete with the 9s and 10s who swoon for your affections. That means that ALL OF YOU have a moral obligation to humanity to improve your game and lifestyles. The increase in fat women is a direct consequence of a universe decrease in game. Betas pedestalize women so often, women no longer feel the need to maintain high sexual value. Why would a fat girl even THINK about coping with the reality that she needs to lose weight when she can turn on Facebook, read a shitload of supplicatory comments that lie about how “gorgeous” she looks, and convince herself that men actually like rolls on their women and personality matters much more than physical attractiveness.

For your situation, the only possible remedy will take a bit of work. If you continue talking to this girl, sneak in comments about how you like so and so’s body and drool over photos of girls with figure 8s. She’ll eventually get the message. Women will do anything to capture the attention of Alphas within their target range.




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  • Braves01

    Amazing, as always.

  • Anonymous


    what do you do if your ex wants to give an expensive gift back to you, now this gift most people might view as costing material amount of money but I earn a very good living, so I don’t view it as a material amount. Now I still have feelings for her so my judgement is a bit clouded, should I take it back? or tell her to throw it out if she doesn’t want it, give it to someone else? Thanks…

  • Xonradical

    2 options, tell her to throw it out like you don’t care at all(because you don’t)
    Or game a superior hottie she KNOWS but isnt friends with, and gift it at random, AFTER you build enough rapport

  • Hero

    Take it back and return it or give it to somebody else. Women take too much from us as it is (or more accurately, men give too much).

  • Taylor


    I was reading through older posts, you know, the essentials, and I came across “The Crimson Arts.” After reading, I began to wonder when your book would be coming out, or whether you were still planning on publishing a book. Any information on that?

    Also, I feel like I’m missing something. This site is great, but for some reason I’m still having trouble slapping my beta bitch out of my mind while inviting the Alpha side in. I feel like I KNOW what to do, but I’m having trouble doing it. I try and tell myself I’m Alpha and try to always walk, talk, and act like an Alpha would, but I’m having trouble internalizing. Any advice that would help me?

  • hussein

    shark plz how to get revenge on ex who dumped you for your best friend ?

  • Shark, you are the best!

  • fiti cent


  • we are doomed

    shot me

  • John

    Shark, loosely linked point – how should you deal with the ‘Do i look fat’ shit-test & all its variations?

    In the past I’ve dropped comments like ‘Yeah, HUGE’ or ‘You need to stop eating all those cup cakes’ & they’ve seemingly worked a treat, but I know weight is also a supremely sensitive subject (and the girl in question above isn’t fat at all (and blatantly knows that)) so how would you recommend dealing with it?

  • Dan

    This is so true. My wife was cute but plump when I met her. She loved to go out to eat and drink. I said something to her after she had put on about 15-20 pounds. She lost weight and kept it off until our wedding, but after that she gained back all the weight and added another 100 pounds within 8 years.

  • Mongoose

    “That means that ALL OF YOU have a moral obligation to humanity to improve your game and lifestyles. The increase in fat women is a direct consequence of a universe decrease in game.”

    omg I laughed so hard because it’s true

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