Drinking to improve game

On November 13, 2011 by Shark

For most people, alcohol serves as an anxiety inhibitor, enlivening the unfettered boldness we all crave to possess in our sober states. But how much should you drink to optimize your game?

At the beginning of stages of a guys path to PUA mastery, the alcohol-pay off curve looks like this:


how to overcome approach anxiety


The most limiting factor for acolytes is always approach anxiety. No matter how much or how little game you have, nothing can be accomplished without overcoming your fear of failure. No guts, no glory. This is where alcohol comes in. The built in predilection to prefer masturbation to conquering approach anxiety numbs itself following a couple of shots of tequila. Now of course this benefit only lasts up to a certain point; after which you begin a chaotic fall from grace. The key then is to recognize the point where you’ve had just enough to minimize your approach anxiety but still retain enough of your wits to run proper game. Keep in mind that the more a girl has had to drink, the more your alcohol-pay-off curve has shifted towards the right (the more drunk she is, the less important it is to make a witty comeback). Still you should avoid girls who drank TOO MUCH, unless you’re using a fake name a disguise.

Eventually, alcohol becomes something you’ll almost always want to avoid. After sleeping with tens of thousands of women, the idea of approach anxiety becomes more bemusing than frightening. There’s just no benefit from drinking as the decline in your mental acumen has no corresponding pay-off. To add to this, if you run enough night game, you eventually learn to calibrate with drunk chicks even while YOU’RE sober.

On a side note, keep in mind that alcohol has barely any effect on a GIRL’S ability to run game. Shit tests and all that jazz are deeply rooted within the minds of women, a girl won’t “forget” to throw hurdles at you unless she’s passed out, in which case you should avoid trying to hurdle over anything anyways.


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