Kingdom Beta

On January 31, 2012 by Shark

Reader John submits a mortifying testament to the Alpha-Beta scale:


There’s herbiness, and then there’s that soul killing herbiness that makes other herbs within blast radius cringe in disgust and fear. There’s sympathy, and then there’s that point where you don’t feel sympathy because your mind somatically blocks off any accord to keep your grief receptors from exploding in sheer disbelief. This man will surely die a most painful death.

The video does bring up a few important questions though.

What is our obligation to a person like this? Do we hunt him down and show the light of our ways? Do we trace his IP, appear at his house, and have a violent intervention to slap some sense into him? No, we do nothing. The revolution is first and foremost a process of triage. Save the ones you can, everyone else is chum for Sharks.

Why does this video have over 2,000 views, and why do people celebrate the failures of others? A multitude of reasons; the chemical rush of the drama, the self-esteem boost, finding a new funny story to include in one of your openings, basically a whole host of human emotions come into play. This is what women feel when they absorb their shots of gossip, and sadly, what more and more men are seeking out in TV shows, Facebook, and the virtual world around them.

Why did this guy think this was a good idea? If evolution is real, why, after over 6 million years of “progress,” are men acting in ways that repel women? Our world is governed by a blend of social stigma and bio-mechanics, neither one TOTALLY out rules the other. For anyone who thinks social stigma can’t compete with bio-mechanics, explain monogamy. And for anyone who thinks bio-mechanics can’t compete with social stigma, explain infidelity, crime, and hedonism. The forces are in flux, neither is absolute. So yes, it’s VERY possible, despite our evolutionary inclinations, to brainwash people into docile beta subjects.


21 Responses to “Kingdom Beta”

  • Dr. Roman

    This repulsive video reminds me of my past beta-self. After stumbling upon your articles, and after about 2 years of internalization, I have become alpha. Before internalization, I was this guy. Working with fast food part-time, chasing “the one” to oblivion and not knowing what to do with my life. A scummy piece of shit that makes men look like women and makes women think that they dominate the world..ha! After internalizing, I am a production manager for a world class car collision industry, always swarmed by bitches at parties, and ALWAYS the alpha among every single group I am out and about with. I am only 20 years of age and aiming for a degree in Law, Medicine, and Engineering. Shark, your teachings have made me nothing short of a legend. Thank you, Shark. Never stop these articles for “The only cure is total revolution. The system must be swept out of existence, crushed with out bare hands.”

  • Allen

    Great articles. Your articles have helped me become more alpha than i ever was and thought i could be before i saw these articles. On a side note i’m not sure if you have seen this video
    but it inspires me to become more alpha and to succeed in every part of my life. Just thought it was something you might find interesting.

  • Art

    I see a lot of the younger me in that kid (the 2 months younger me).

    I’ve got a question that should probably be posed to a doctor but I’ll try it with you, Shark. On some days, most days actually, I start losing energy as the day progresses and it really hurts my interactions with everyone around me. I don’t become mean or cranky, just tired. For example, I might approach someone to work on my cold approach but after a few minutes of talking I get tired and disinterested.

    On a side note, thanks for posting so regularly. It’s nice to have something different to work on and think about every day.

  • Monty Pelican


    Recently read a Heartiste post that made reference to

    “women with low impulse control and looks in the 4-7 range; the kind of women who get hit on a lot by “creepy” men thinking they have a chance, and who have reached their tolerance threshold for such brazen men”

    Interesting subspecies of women, no? Any insights into them?

    You’re also right about the amount of energy required for an ex rather than someone new. My ex is being very odd, implicitly wanting me back, but avoiding communication and even shit-testing me on meet-up logistics. I don’t understand it and it’s unnerving; do you? The girl you met in a bar on Friday is just so much more willing, there’s no baggage… but of course, you knew that already…

  • MMA

    Hey shark, I think u should make a post that sums-up all the attraction keys, I know u did this kind of thing in the past, but u did it in diffrent posts, so i think u should make one big post about attraction.

  • Ant72

    This video made my balls crawl up into my stomach in fear of catching whatever disease this… thing has.

  • Dauntless

    @ Art ,

    Excercize !
    Do you have a routine ?
    Start one, and schedule it during those slumpy dozey times of the day when you feel most tired and drained. Physical prowess mirrors mental prowess. This will train your body and mind to be alert and energetic at those key times when you need them most.

    Catnaps , instead of going straight to a venue after work/school, come home first and take a half hour nap. Awake with sharpened claws, lick your chops and go hamster hunting.

    Or you could turn to the darkside and start sucking down coffee/ energy drinks after work/school. Though this will likely have negative ramifications in both the long and short term.

  • Dung Beetle Jake


  • H

    Shark, I live in a big city by myself. I have friends but they are pretty lame don’t like going out and have gf. I recently got out of an LTR and going insane staying home on nights, not just on weekdays but even weekends. I’ve been away from game for a long time, given my LTR. What are your thoughts of hitting nightclubs by yourself or bars? How’s the best approach? I do have approach aneixty and do get nervous.

  • Mike

    “push-pull on a cougar would be overkill).”

    From one of your posts, what do you mean by that shark?

  • Tony


    Fore whatever reason the video didn’t appear on my page. I think posting a clickable or copy-able link below videos would be a great addition to the site.

    Keep up the good work.

  • iannnnn

    “oh my god” – Randy Marsh.

  • Taylor

    I couldn’t finish it.

    I thought I was really bad, but I see now that I was lucky to have been as manly as I was. This guy is st the bottom of a giant, festering pile of shit, and I’m glad I’m not him. Holy crap.


    I’m actually a little mad at myself for getting through 6 minutes.

  • dave

    @H go check rooshes blog ( he has alot of articles on the subject

  • Necorochi

    “This man will surely die a most painful death.” Haha & I agreee lately when I occationaly do watch tv alot of shows have betas for the male actors this shit is not surprising.

  • Cat

    Why did this guy think this was a good idea? If evolution is real, why,..

    I’ll tell you why because he’s broken-hearted that’s why!

    Yeah he”s made a complete dickhead of himself & F$cked up any chance of getting her back. Probably the first woman he ever fell in love with. It’s Ok berating him for being a sap but when you’re getting withdrawl symptoms from all of those powerful drugs, oxyticin & vasopressin etc you do crazy shit when you’re learning like he is.

    Yeah you’ve gotta be Alpha & tough, it’s the only way , but drug addiction is tough :-) I bet Deltas & SAS troopers get mashed up when the women dump people do when someone they care about dies …being Alpha & having inner strength don’t always go together with physical strength & bravado. A true strong man can understand other people’s grief, feel for them be compassionate but stay in control of himself…most of the time. I bet some of those firefighter’s cried on 9/11? Maybe my comparison is off…but you can’t say what it means to someone unless you are that person. This guy is just a kid…he’ll learn!!

    As for thee guys that are saying this guy is a wank$r for doing this well …maybe…but see how tough you are…when you’re turn.

    I do agree though …his performance is pathetic, but it’s be expected with the music (just listen to that cr&p he puts on there) & the films Hollywood brainwash kids with.

  • Cat

    push-pull on a cougar would be overkill).”

    From one of your posts, what do you mean by that shark?

    He mean’s using tactics like push/pull on a old biddy like a cougar is over the top game…he’s saying you don’t need it on older broads.. I beg to differ..older .freaks (adventuresses) need push pull…good-girls don’t!!

  • Davies238

    This could actually work as either a Beta or Alpha tactic, as it seems to fit in the context of being a massive neg.

  • Nifton

    Jesus wept, how did that dude ever muster enough testosterone to raise one. I have never seen such a pathetic display. How could a man ever think like that, let alone broadcast it to the world. shambles…

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