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On March 7, 2012 by Shark

An in-depth discussion of direct game would be partially frivolous as anything beyond “See and Conquer” becomes overkill. I say this especially, not because there really isn’t anything more to say, but because right now you are reading this because you lack the the balls to execute, not because you need to study the subject any further. I focus on indirect game throughout this blog and you’ll notice I rarely used direct game through out all the examples in The Black Flag + my field reports because in all honesty I just don’t use direct game that often, and when I do, I get mixed results. It’s advantages are obvious, speed and “some other shit,” but that other shit can also fuck you up. The speed advantage comes from the girl having to make a decision on the spot. You might get blown out quickly, but you’ll also close quickly; and cut out 20-minute conversations with loose ends. Always remember that the 30-minute LJBF with an explanation and a hug at the end is a BIGGER ENEMY than the 30-second blow out. Rejection is nothing. To escalate with a potential girlfriend and find yourself going in too early and getting rejected is 10x better than waiting around to escalate and then realizing she never liked you all along.

That “some other shit” counts for all the unpredictable variables that can sway a girl’s decision one way or another. For instance, if you’re only average looking, does your daring approach intoxicate her senses, or is she predisposed to rejecting you and everything in your approach is susceptible to her cognitive bias? Or was she attracted to you from the first place, but you activated her anti-slut defense?


Whatever the case, I can say only these things for sure, take them as a set of guidelines.

(1) When time is of the essence, and options are of abundance, use direct game.
(2) Girls below a 6 may get intimidated by direct game, or not understand how to reciprocate properly (you’d be surprised how bad this can go).
(3) 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s are the best targets. Or young 10s who haven’t been exposed to as many guys with master game such as yourself. You don’t want your target to be shocked by a cold approach, but by how perfectly you pull it off.
(4) It’s very easy to shift between extremes in terms of her perception of you. You have a small window of opportunity, and the entire pick-up is compressed into a few lines. That means you have 0 margin for error, but also less room to make a mistake in the first place.
(5) You can’t be lazy about direct game. When you approach, you are the first Mexican-Native-American U.S president walking to his inauguration with a Dashiki and buckskin breechclouts. You must know, not just think, that you can beat the odds. Body language must be immaculate, tone direct, words are irrelevant.


The examples below are good for demonstrative purposes, but remember… these are movies.


Two major things to note here. First is Hughes’ interruption of the initial conversation to push himself into it. Forceful, none of that throat clearing beta bitch waiting around the side for introductions crap.

Second, even though it’s a movie, it’s important to understand that he starts out from a dominant position because of his inherent status. Direct game is used MUCH MORE often by men with substantial wealth or fame, just because they can. Indirect game is a waste of time at best, and a perceived rejection (from the girl’s point of view of course) at worst.

I always cringe during the beta cackle at the very end. And believe it or not, this example might not even do justice to the real Hughes; who also happens to perfectly exemplify The Dark Triad.


0:49 – Negs can be used in direct game too. In fact, this example blurs the line between indirect / direct; a true masterpiece

For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, it’s a good example of Amused Mastery and should help clear up the confusion between being TOO detached and expert aloofness.


My favorite clip out of all the ones here. Not exactly ideal, but a good example of HOW direct game should be executed. Although Dodger bombs the whole thing, you eventually realize his intentions were just to fuck with the girl, and it becomes hard not to tip your hat to his adroitness. I doubt though, that any women would appreciate a full-contact psychological debasement like that. Take it from someone who’s tried this in real life, multiple times. It’s an ego nuke that really…really….really gets to them. To the point where you hear that cliche line that stripped the rainbows from your childhood, “wow…that was way cooler in the movies.”



9 Responses to “Direct Game Examples”

  • Gee

    Just wanted to get an opinion on how you can tell when to break up and it’s not just you being a pussy and giving up. I know women are emotional creatures and they tend to do a lot of things that piss you off or make things unbearable so we need to put up with it to a certain degree and just handle it right, but when does a woman cross the line? My gf is a super bitch half the time and I get confused about how to handle it cause she keeps doing it. We have a great time when we’re both loving and enjoying each other’s company and I want nothing else than to be with her but when she’s being superbitch I sometimes think about walking away.

  • BKTom

    keeping within the context of analyzing a girls father (clip 3) how do we follow suit based on what we learn?

    can you go a little more in depth with this?

    if her dad wasn’t around much for whatever reason, do we go into houdini mode and randomly dissappear now and then? do we find out where she always felt the need to qualify herself to him and get her into that same mentality?

    it’s too vage, i want to know more

  • Flash

    First off! your blog is an eye opening for an army of betas and faint hearted. Keep up the good work.

    Shark how should a guy talk to a girl without being too nice or too cocky ( both actually come off as boring and unattractive ) what are the main focus points to look at . how a guy should acknowledge and reply to her ? Example – when i try to tease her she gives me this ” -.- or your so rude ” i ignore and run a different topic.

    i need your opinion on this shark i would appreciate it.

  • Necorochi

    Just dont be too nice, being too cocky is alot better then being too nice, and if your using asshole game dont expect a girl to give you a nice look and use the ” your so rude” she gives you and be even more rude to her. She will eventually come around. A good asshole is a PATIENT asshole.

  • misterbill

    @ Gee: I’m not Shark, but from my experience reading this blog, I think he’d tell you that “being a pussy” for “giving up” on a relationship is a way of thinking constructed by the Matrix to keep you serving a woman’s biological imperitave. You shouldn’t even be IN a relationship. you should be spreading your demon seed into as many women as you can. If you want to improve this relationship you need to step up the competetive anxiety and mystery.
    Where are you going? Out.
    Who was that? Just some girl.
    She needs to know that you have options and that you are willing to exercise those options if she doesn’t change her behavior. but you can’t come out and just say that. You demonstrate it.
    More importantly though is this: YOU need to know that you have options, and you need to be willing to exercise those options if she doesn’t change her behavior. She should be worried about losing YOU. not the other way ’round.

  • Ant72

    Can’t help myself:

    Her: What did you say before? Great dome? (we were talking about her BJ skills)
    Me: Yep. I stand by that statement.
    Her: I’m offended, I wanna be the best!
    Me: Gotta earn the title
    Her: Wow, really offended
    Me: I’m really hungry

  • nova

    i’ve got a dilemma, i am extremely attractive, and can’t seem to avoid those anti slut defenses


  • Anonymous

    What kind of guys would you say your way of running game is primarly intented for? Does looks affect how you should run game. Seems to me like direct game would be perfect for most handsome men while indirect game is intended for guys that wouldn’t have the instant value etc that some get due to looks. I’m sure certain game techniques are more effective for certain people etc. Can you do a post on this?

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