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On March 20, 2012 by Shark

I have often censured mainstream relationship advice through various posts, but most of that blasting is exclusively directed to feminized advice written by, well, women. For two reasons; first, all advice from women ASSUMES attraction, you will never read a column by a girl that says “yah… ignore a couple of texts or make her jealous here and there” but you WILL find a library of details on how to “communicate” with your girl. Second, women themselves are obfuscated by their own dual desires, why would they be any better at interpreting yours?

Nothing more need be said about that school of thought. But how about articles by mainstream love gurus, actual “certified” ones like Doc Love? I’ve spent the last hour surfing through the more recent posts on Ask Men. I have created then, nothing less than an absolutely cynical-as-fuck criticism of Doc Love’s advice

Don’t get me wrong; Doc Love is doing the world a HUGE favor. Better to have AFCs semi-aware of woman’s natures than a bunch of sympathetic betas beguiled by their market rivals. The link to the article is below, for those who wish to read along, but I’ve quoted or summarized most of the important parts.


Article: Her ex is texting


The beauty of “The System” is that whether you just want to casually date and practice until you master all of its precepts or you find a “keeper” and want to make a relationship permanent, everything you need is contained in its pages.


Just can’t get advice from you without at-least a bit of preening can you? Your product is good Doc Love, but nothing revolutionary. In fact, you can find a summary of everything important on Wikipedia. Fuck, even The Black Flag is unnecessary, you can find most of that shit by doing a deep dive through the archives of this blog and reading a couple of articles online on social darwinism, body language, and bio-mechanics. The truth is, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, every ounce of knowledge related to game, can be found for free. Nothing I say is profound or new. All you need is a bit of dedication to study the material, a willingness to THINK about it’s implications on your own, and then to APPLY it in-field or in your relationship. The third step is the most important. “The gap between ignorance and knowledge is smaller than the gap between knowledge and action.”


But what is annoying is that Kristara felt compelled to tell you in the first place all about this test message. Like my cousin Sal “The Fish” Love says, “This is where some women are stupid.” Why didn’t she just delete the message and not even mention it to you? Did she think it was going to raise your Interest Level? Well, it didn’t. Lots of women like to talk about their exes when their exes take a hit at them, and it’s not smart and it’s not good. All blabbing about her ex does is make the new guy — you — feel uncomfortable.


A very visible sequence of problems with this analyses.

Your cousin who happens to be a fish, he’s an idiot. Women are compelled to mention their exes for very evolutionarily potent reasons. Shit testing is apart of being women, the instinct cannot be quenched.

The PROBLEM with giving men advice like this, is that they ALSO think “wtf, my girlfriend is stupid.” And rather than reaching a peaceful enlightenment where master game fluidly governs their actions, you have instead a legion of resentful betas who hate their girlfriends for doing “stupid things” like mentioning their exes or flirting with guys. These things seem stupid to men because it makes us “insecure” – but that’s EXACTLY the point. Your girlfriend WANTS to flush out your insecurities, to make you a bit more jealous and committed, to elicit an emotional response from you, and to see if she can break you or rattle with your frame.

So did Kristara think her boyfriend was going to fall in love by mentioning this ex thing? No. She just wanted to see if she could fucks with him. And did she win? Well… he e-mailed a love guru for advice for the topic. So yes, the balls are on her court. Both of his tiny wishy washy beta balls.

If you find yourself so shaken up by a relationship or a girl that you need to seek advice for it, you are subconsciously conceding power. While this is viable during your transition into Alphadom, it is a habit you must eventually eradicate. In transit to Jedi Game, you want to start asking more analytical questions and about things that could have been handled BETTER.

“This was my opening, how could it have been improved?” or “This is how I handled her, what were some flaws in my approach?”

Rather than


My final take on this article is one of frustrated acceptance. The action advised in the end is good, but it seems that mainstream relationship advice is confined by the very FACT that it is mainstream relationship advice. Will you ever see a guy on AskMen preaching about how the natural position of women is one of submission? Probably not.

Doc love says “whatever you do, don’t tell her what to do,” which is on par with what I would’ve advised. But he ignores the root of the reader’s problem, an issue made clearly evident by the reader’s perception of exes.


“Exes always mess things up.”


Guys fall into two categories:

Exes who get desexualized quickly vs Exes who always mess shit up for future relationships because they’ve carved out VERY deep impressions on their girlfriends (beta vs Alpha)

Boyfriends who are constantly shaken up by past lovers vs Boyfriends who make their girlfriends forget every past lover they ever had (beta vs Alpha).

See a trend? If this guy has consistently had problems regarding his girlfriends exes, teaching him how to handle “the ex texting” is ibuprofen for his overall AFC personality. What he needs to do is sack the fuck up, give his woman a mind warping orgasm, start hitting the gym, and recite a world domination mantra every morning when he wakes up.

The problem is not with the ex. The problem is that his balls are afraid of heights.




9 Responses to “Doc Love”

  • Necorochi

    Basically he gaves Kristina’s ex power to come into his mind. YOU control the outcome of things, if you acknowledge the whole ex text thing you are basically making it come alive and making it worse for yourself by acknowledging your fears. If you ignore it(amused mastery) and THINK with a positive outlook for example write after she throws that shit text at you think “Ima fuck the shit out her way better then her ex ever did” now their is something wrong with what I just said and its that I acknowedged her ex by saying “way better then her ex ever did” you HAVE to cut out all the bullshit that puts other people on pedestals, put your own damn self on a pedestal. You dont want to think ”OMG iv come this close with this girl and this guy is fucking everything up” cut out all that shit from your head. Were almost near perfection now, when she throws that shit test at you let is be fuckin fuel to be a bugger fuckin man think “Ima fuck the living shit out of her tonight” and when you do fuck the shit out her make sure that shit is highly emotional and get her to say I love you and I can assure you that she wont be thinkin bout exy texty no more, then you might just might just might rewrite history.

    • ken

      It’s nice to see some people have an excellent command of the English language. A real charmer is Necorichi. He’s correct to a point, but the delivery might need a little polishing.

  • Necorochi

    bigger* ^^

  • No Spoon

    This is why I don’t waste my time reading about these topics elsewhere. There is so much head-trash circulating around on PUA and general men’s advice websites that I become immediately annoyed that I wasted even a minute reading them. I’m the most skeptical, analytical person I know and for me to wholeheartedly buy into something is rare. I took a leap of faith and put some of Shark’s seemingly counter-intuitive advice into practice. It worked, and since then, through the Black Flag and other posts I’ve shored up some counterproductive aspects of myself and have embraced the idea of self-mastery at the core of all of life’s pleasures and successes. Shark, while what you say may not be new to you, it certainly is to many, and much of it undoubtedly profound. It is not just the message, but the delivery of it. What you have done is hyper-condensed all useful knowledge into an efficient package so people seeking advice/self-mastery/poon-mastery/enlightenment can get in, get out, and get on with making the best of themselves.

  • Marek


    I just read the “Action precedes thought” post and I am wondering how much/how strongly can the what you call beta-mentality be ingrained in you. I feel like I am never going to even see the light at the end of the tunnel, I am 28, I still have to finish college, I live at my parents and I KNOW that I am doing something wrong I just don’t know how to do it right. It seems like everything I touch turns to crap. I currently have a GF and I had previous LTRs and it was always the same; I was ok when single, I had a lot of things going – school, part time job, friends,… – then ok about a year or 1,5yrs into the relationship, then things started going down. And I just can’t seem to have figured out how to get to that blissful state when IN a relationship. I want to improve myself or to put it better, I want to get to the state of mind I had when I was single and then work from THERE to make it even better. I know enough now, that I’m certain if things go this way my future is bleak. But I can’t even seem to BELIEVE that this is possible. I’m having problems writing this comment, as if the mind is trying to prevent the body to express the melanholic truth that makes it want to throw up. Words aren’t flowing out, they are force-typed and I am trying to be as sincere as I can so I rewrote this like 2 times up until this point.

    You know what pisses me off? I made so many bad choices in my life, I just didn’t know what I was doing. The prime example being my choice of college. To this day I don’t know why I signed up for it (it’s mechanical engineering btw). I currently got a student-job in a factory that makes truck-mountable cranes. I check welds. It sounded good on the first day and the field is very congruent with my line of courses at college so I was very enthusiastic at first, but the fact is, as soon as the dust settled I started to feel (like on 2 other, similar occasions) that if I am going to do this for a very long period of time I will at least be an unhappy man, maybe even go nuts. It is VERY unfulfilling for me. I want to, I don’t know, an example, help the people of Haiti after the earthquake, deliver goods to remote, hard to reach places, basically anything that includes driving and having a real PURPOSE. That’s it, I feel like I don’t have a purpose and I feel (in the state I am in for at least a year by now) the harder I try to find one, the more one eludes me. Every time in my life I wanted to do anything, I had meager success if any. The best experiences and the best results at ANYTHING, I have achieved when something just came along, unexpectedly.

    For example I learned to make pizzas and I’m supposed to be an engineer pretty soon. I didn’t know the first thing about pizza and six months later, I was known to make the most desirable pizza of one particular pizzeria, which happened to be the best pizzeria in town some years before that (long story). I had national celebrities double-ordering and saying that this was the best pizza they ever had. That was almost 4 years ago. I tried working at another pizzeria about 4 months ago, where I was reduced to a dish-washer and a very bad one at that. I just couldn’t do anything right.

    Please tell me, why can’t I break free from this loop/downwards spiral? What part does a LTR play in this? (mine has obviously gone worse, because of what I just explained, I suppose – you say, if I may put it so, “don’t hate the player, hate the game” or it’s not the girl’s fault she sees you as a pussy, it’s the fact that you ARE a pussy) Am I beta for life? I come from a long line of betas, my father and grandfather were super betas, mostly my dad, I don’t remember my grandfather that good anymore but I know that my grandma wore the pants. Is this shit GENETIC?!?!? In the words of Freddy Mercury, I want to break free!!! Should lead a life of 9-5 (7-3 in our country:) boring job that makes me number by the day and utilize my college degree or should I pursue the things I mentioned above? I want to do the latter, I just don’t know where to start and more importantly, I don’t think I have the BALLS to do it, since I don’t have the idea of a plan. Then again, almost all of my life successes (and there haven’t been many) were the result of spontaneity rather than careful planning. Thinking about my actions just fucks me up, I always fuck up when I do that, but then again, acting berserkishly without the slightest idea of what I’m going to do has the same (sometimes even more pronounced) effect. Sometimes I just feel it and I want to know how I can “feel” it more often and also be in control of when it happens (so it can happen always, ideally:). Can you help me, please?

  • anarchyboy

    Mate can you give me some advice on dealing with a heavily Machiavellian workplace? Basicly my GM is an asshole (He’s not alpha at all just a unscrupulous prick. I’m 26 work in a bowling ally as a mechanic and I love my job.. The 3 other guys in my department hate our GM, and he has had a feud with the for years. They have black mailed each other, ratted each other out and so forth many times over.

    I’m the new guy. Asshole GM has taken a liking to me. Giving me hours, sharing jokes act. I don’t trust him. I feel like I have to take sides here. If the other mechanics see me as on his side they won’t trust me. I don’t want to betray my department (who are all very cool guys and personal friends)

    basically the question is should I suck my bosses dick and be seen as a pussy by the rest of my department?

    Thanks from the UK

  • James

    shark i dont consider myself ugly kinda guy, i dress superbly well, peacoking etc, body landuage good, everything good. i have good body but i dont WHY BUT i just cant seem to approach the girl that i want to, for example today there was this cute girl with baby-proding hips was in the subway i told mysel “no matter what i will look her in the EYE AND I WILL KEEP LOOKING AT HER IN THE EYE with a lil smile” and SHE SMILED BAK ! BUT THEN I COULDNT DO SHITTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so ugly man, what could i have done in subway or even streets ( i watched paul janka vids) but i wanna know whats ur advice on subway game or street pick up ? PLZ unugly me !

  • sangos

    Exes sure mess up things….i was into a girl with an ex lurking around. Sure enough after she gave me a bj she was back with her ex coz his junk was smaller. man i should have insured my bjs – this gal was a twister…fuck u doc love why did you not tell me earlier to kill the mofo exes

  • supercoolguy


    Whats the point of labeling your fellow man during his search for enlightenment? Who cares about her ex? If she does, open the door and wish her well. How about that instead!

    Girls ask for help compare notes left & right AND theyve been doing it since they were about 6.

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