Market Forces

On March 15, 2012 by Shark

The invisible hands of the secksual market; a poorly understood concept, and one utterly feared by women. The idea isn’t complicated per say, but rather, its relevance highly undervalued, like every other game concept out there. The secksual market refers to the ongoing variable forces that govern the male-female exchange dynamic. It can be constructed using basic economic principles; aptly screened through the forces themselves (like female hypergamy and male worth). I present here then, an overview of some of the more fundamental concepts that I believe need to be understood.

Women are biologically more valuable than men, they are the golden eggs of any species. Women are hypergamous. The reproductive value of a man is determined by his capacity to act as a proxy for resources in a relationship. Men are polygamous, and attracted mainly by beauty. The reasons for said statements have been covered previously; a recap would be too repetitive. Sift through earlier posts if any of this comes as a surprise to you, or just think about these ideas for a second and it’ll hit you.

My point in restating them however, is to combine them into two important graphs that illustrate the demand for men vs women.

For Men:










For Women:

the sexual market for women









Don’t let my prowess in the arts distract you, there are important implications to discuss here.

The more shit you do, the more poon you get. There is no cap-out on this correlation. Get rich, more poon. Get even more rich, get even more poon.

For women, the story isn’t the same. Time and luck can be exceptionally cruel to them. Whilst women above a 7 can procure almost any amount of dick they want, those below will find a knack for hard selling as their best bet for acquiring a desirable long-term mate. There is no increasing value for them. Some will find themselves in lucky positions and end up marrying their high-school sweet hearts who will happen to end up as multi-millionaire super alphas, but this fairy tale is hardly the norm.

A man can build his worth, a woman cannot. It’s a harsh truth.


The more shit you do, the less chances that your wife will be unfaithful to you. Emotional cheating occurs because a girl perceives another man as MORE WORTHY of her eggs than you; OR in that situation where you ignore her so much that she finds it more reproductively favorable to default on her commitment to you for a man who will give her more love/affection.

Which means: Master Game and/or Fame + Wealth greatly reduces your chances of getting cuckolded. There is no guarantee that you won’t be cheated on, there never is, but the chances CAN be mitigated through effort and proper screening.

For girls, it’s almost irrelevant. The more valuable dick she gets (up the Alpha scale) the more likely that she will be dating a man with OTHER OPTIONS. At which point it comes down to luck. His level of morality, testosterone, and opportunity. All three factors are in flux. If he’s a celebrity + manager of several hooters, consider his level of opportunity to overshadow the other factors. If he’s a highly moral and god-fearing man with no deeply ingrained secksual frustrations, she might have lucked out.

But women will always be confronted with the irony of their desires. If YOU find a man attractive, chances are, OTHER women do to. That means the more attractive you find your boyfriend, the MORE attractive some other girl will find him. The end result should be fairly obvious

Notice also that this has a strange effect on relationships, somewhat elaborated on this post. While men are constantly exposed to a steady level of competitive anxiety, the threat is numbed because well… these guys are hitting on EVERY girl that passes by. And even if some other guy takes a specific liking to YOUR girl, he’ll have to out game you on multiple levels. So for the Super Alpha, jealousy is almost never a question.

Men seek variety + less hassle.

This means: On the LOWER LEVELS OF THE MATING SCALE, say a lesser Alpha going out with an 8, competitive anxiety is favored towards the woman. The same applies to anything below.

HOWEVER, as you move UP the scale, it begins to tip in favor of the man. A Super Alpha going out with a 10, competitive anxiety is favored for the man, BY FAR. Compound the fact that the woman’s value will be rapidly declining as time passes (both overall due to the wall AND on a relative level, because remember, men get secksually bored of their partners rather quickly) and the man’s INCREASING for a much longer stretch, and you have yet another predictable result.

A girl will always have something to worry about. The CEO-of-a-company 7 will find it worrisome if her husband begins to hang out with a 9 waitress. On the same note, a 10 will dread her Super Alpha boyfriend spending more time with his 9 close friend. Why? Because his drive for variety will close the gap in value.

Men have less to worry about, on the right level. With enough game and status, a lesser man is 0 threat. As long as you’ve closed the rapport back channels he might be able to sneak through, you’ll have nothing to worry about. I say this because any chance of her cheating on you at THAT POINT, is beyond your control.


Moral of the story and radically mind-blowing conclusion of this post: Be Alpha.


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9 Responses to “Market Forces”

  • Mike Tyson

    Congratulations. Thoroughly enjoyed that discussion – more posts in the same vein would be ideal

  • dexter

    One of the best posts ever

  • Cardenal

    Hey shark..can you email me the book?..Im broke as a joke and I really wanna read it man…I would apreciated


  • James

    after reading this, i feel alpha already

  • Anonymous

    This was just something I thought up when I was reading this post and thinking about the challenge you posed (Yes, it’s a bit long).

    How to be legendary:

    It’ll take work, mentally and physically. Your willpower must be harder than diamonds, and as immovable as Mount Everest. Be able to live without food or sleep, and be able to walk a thousand miles with nothing under your feet. Journey across the deserts and the wastelands of this world. Your feet will bleed, and you will feel the agony of your body burning itself away to keep you alive. It will heal. It will become callous. You will end your odyssey as strong as any man who walked this earth. But it doesn’t stop there. Improve yourself, gain the strength to move the earth under your feet. Work until your bones crack and your mind shuts down. Work until every cell from your tips of your toes to the hair on your head is shrieking in pain, and an inhuman cry from your own lungs is echoing all around you. Then keep working. You CAN overcome pain. It is all in the mind.
    Now, you may begin. Do the things you never thought possible. Other men need to look at you and think “There’s no way he will succeed.” This is good. You will learn that some of the greatest pleasures life can bring are in hard work, pushing to the limits of human ingenuity and imagination, and then walking up to those who claim it’s not possible to say, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is. You will keep pushing. Nothing- NOTHING- is enough. You will invade, you will conquer. Soon you’ll have as many enemies as friends and there will be no question, no hesitation. Anyone who stands between you and your goals will either be moved with due respect, or trampled on while their blood soaks into the sand.
    It will never stop. You will create monuments that men will see thousands of years in the future. Your achievements will outlast mankind itself. Those on other planets will look upon this speck of rock and know that you lived. And when you have conquered the world, you will know. When your words spark fires like lightning strikes, and your voice can stir the dead from their graves, you will know. When the crowds gather around you, their fists in the air and an animalistic chant begins to fill the night sky, it will be clear: You are a God.

  • Coffey

    I have this friend; will you do a alpha test on this guy, because im not sure if hes alpha or just a little off.

    One of the funniest guys i know, pretty confident, takes a while for him to open up to people but is still pretty outgoing —— especially if you’ve known him for a while. he is a bit of a germaphobe (he carries around hand sanitizer) but not in a super freaky weird way he just likes to be clean and likes things to be clean and germ-free. he’s pretty good with girls he went out with one of the hottest girls at my school and then was seeing the hottest girl a year younger than us.
    one memory that really sticks out of him was one party he got wasted on 151 and still hooked up with one of the hottest girls there, and claims he may have passed out during the encounter. Also, he was flirting with this girl early in the night and then later, she went to him.
    Also, he is really good at a sport, but is fairly humble about it. and he gets pretty good grades with out trying very hard.

    i just wanna know what you think shark. thanks

  • Sim

    Now if only i could acquire those art skills

  • Brad

    Hey shark about 2 months ago my ex girlfriend dump me for another guy. I was very AFC and desperate While finding ways to get her back I found your amazing blog and been reading it since I just want to say thank you for helping me overcome a very tough time in my life.

  • I love the graphs! Very Nice!

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