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On March 31, 2012 by Shark

The Sosuave Newsletter often directs questions to women, and then posts the various replies to assist in the disillusionment of men in the dating and relationship scene. While most of what women have to say about dating falls short of anything useful because of their naiveté when it comes to attraction; a vast wealth of information regarding how to build rapport is contained within a few words and short memoirs. Among these, you may even find tips on building attraction, if you pay careful attention to the things that women claim turn them on secksually. It’s fairly easy, even for a girl, to realize when you’re physically turned on and correlate it with the smooth talking bastard in front of you.

Anyways, on to the responses. You can find the entire article back at their original site, sosuave.com


For my birthday my husband arranged an “in-house” massage for 1.5 hours. It was wonderful!!!! Of course the neighborhood wife’s were envious! My husband is a great romantic and gives me the best gifts. The massage was a real relaxing and enjoyable gift.


Note to self: Oil Massage + Good Secks > $500 present. This inequality, however favorable, capsizes the more beta you become. The more dominant and attractive you come off, the more your woman appreciates your attention beyond anything else. The more clingy, and desperate you become; the more your affection becomes an over supplied commodity. And in the latter, the more your girl starts demanding gifts worth a good fraction of your yearly salary.


I used to have a dog. This dog loved me the most in the whole world. All you had to tell the dog …. was that mom was on her way home……. and he would sit at the window with his nose touching the glass…..just waiting for me……when I entered the house……the dog followed me jumping 5ft in the air behind me…….the most romantic thing my boyfriend ever did was pretend to be my dog when I came home from work……


And then… somebody had to ruin it. So the question becomes, HOW DO WE OBJECTIVELY KNOW that this is a corrosive form of rapport? Technically this girl is isolating this pathetically emasculating experience as one that builds rapport just as well as the one above. Could it be the dots, do they insinuate doubt? Could it be the raw pitifulness of the whole thing? This might seem like an obvious example, but in regards to more subtle examples, how can we quickly distinguish between Alpha and Beta methods?

Ask yourself this before anything you do to build rapport, “How would my friends react if they heard this story somewhere else?” If they heard you gave your wife an appleseed oil massage on her birthday, I suspect they’ll praise you for your superior game. If they heard you barked around the living room on all fours, I suspect they wouldn’t talk to you anymore.

It’s a simple solution to a distressing problem.


Was to write out a msg, in gunpowder, on a nice piece of wood – had me open my eyes in a dark room, lit it and it spelled out the msg. This burned the msg into the wood. Then he lit a candle and presented me with the “instant” plaque. Yeah, I was impressed!


Gunpowder + love; how could you argue against this being a masculine way to build rapport? Next time, forgo spelling a message to your girlfriend using flower petals or glitter and opt for gasoline or napalm.


Surprisingly, one of the most romantic things my husband (then boyfriend) ever did was to whisper to me, in a very intimate moment “I could f*** you forever”.


Homework: Next time you’re fucking a girl, do this. I don’t care if you’re fucking a fat chick on a moped, do it for practice. Notice how the girl says “surprisingly,” because she herself is dumfounded by how turned on and bonded she became from her boyfriend saying 5 words. Social conditioning tells her she needs a dramatically enticing situation to feel that way or a diamond necklace with more karats than bugs bunny; yet here she is experiencing the acme of pleasure after a mere whisper. This is Jedi Game at its finest, an unadulterated manipulation of the female psyche’s deepest desires.


My boyfriend and I had been having “differences of opinions” lately, and I was really stressed out because of it. So when we finally got everything worked out, I had soccer practice and I didn’t think I was going to get to see him on the last day of my Spring Break. So, about halfway through soccer practice, he shows up with a yellow rose and a big bottle of water, and then sat and waited on me in 85 degree heat for about an hour. We haven’t had any trouble since then.


An easy test for how interested your girlfriend is: If after you do something extraordinary for her, you notice your relationship doesn’t feel any “different,” she’s not very interested. If on the other hand, you notice her secks drive going up, she wants to spend more time together, and your relationship seems less sour and more passionate or mellow; she’s interested.


In response to your question what was the most romantic thing my partner has done…..WOW romance can come in so many forms, there is genuine romantic side in men and then there is the I want to be romantic for the moment side of men…Frankly there are many sides of men….. yet the most romantic I think is when it is completely spontaneous and there is no hidden jesters involved then it truly hits the most romantic list…those are the best romantic things my partner has done….to be spontaneous ~ and at the same time to link it to something I enjoy or something we have enjoyed together….ah those are the best…


Coincidences are the keys to a girl’s heart. Around 8 months ago a girl I was with was talking about cheetahs (she’s an animal photographer) and how they’re born with spots or something below their eyes to help them hunt during the day time (sunlight). It was 2 am at the time and I just grunted, pretending not to listen, but of course, I was listening as carefully as possible. She mentioned the fact again a while ago, and I again, stared away distractedly. A while after that, we had a “trivia” contest where I bet her I knew more than her about animals. On her first question she said two words, “what animal,” and I said “I already know the answer.” She replied “That’s impossible, I haven’t asked the question yet.” And then I said “Cheetahs” and she did a mental backflip and was stunned and cursed at me and all this other insane shit. This is how you execute serendipity, all girls are constantly on the look out for cues that you are her “soul mate.” While most of the work is already done for you due to a Freudian confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance, you CAN assist greatly in the process. Always keep a shroud of spontaneity around yourself.


The most romantic thing he did was: after making love, he held me so tight, that I thought my bones will brake, then he kissed me on my forehead…


All I can say is… Learn padawans, learn.


The most romantic thing my boyfriend ever did was to come to my work in his sailor outfit. He’s in the Navy, and I know that wearing it is a real pain, but the fact that he came in “courting” with flowers really made a good impression on my co-workers and especially the older women in the store, who no doubt relived their own WWII memories of decorated soldiers. So men, if you’re in the military, use that uniform! Everyone in the office INSTANTLY knows that your girl has a beau, and will ask her about you the next day. Remember, if all her co-workers are interested in you and think you’re cute, your gal will subconsciously go along with their feelings!


If executed correctly, cliches can work in your favor. If a girl isn’t already desensitized to them, and they’re being delivered by the right guy, they can do wonders. They are the foundations of a woman’s fantasies, the stuff she dreams about when she’s single or married to a man she isn’t interested in.

Men in uniforms are exceptionally attractive because we are biased to associate uniforms with power; unless it’s a Mcdonalds uniform. It grants a substantial amount of social proof, and along with the courting, appeals to a girl’s hypergamous senses. Notice that the girl recounting the experience indirectly points out the effect of social proof near the end.


what women have to say about dating


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  • Necorochi

    THANK YOU, I really needed this post. Also it’s kinda of Ironic AGAIN that you do a post the correlates to my life, I’m in NJROTC at my high school, I aspire to be a Navy Seal and BEFORE they killed Bin Ladin. Now everyone is on the bandwagon of becoming one now just because Bin Ladin made them famous.

    Anyways great post! Was really illuminating.

  • Alpha Nerd

    * Talks with Nerd lisp* I LOVE IT when my girlfriend is riding me with her Darth Vader Mask on and write as I’m cuming she yell


  • George St. Pierre

    I am going to use these on my next opponent.

  • Chris H

    Informative post.

  • Necorochi

    Shark I would like to share a funny and alpha encouraging story with you and all your fans.

    First, I deleted my real facebook because first its a waste of time and Ill admit I was getting caught up in the likes bullshit w/e and about maybe I wanna say about two months ago I made a fake facebook so I could keep contact with one of my good friends and experiement with alpha behavior. I have a fake picture of a 7 moderate looking asain man as the look. Well one of my good friends lives in georgia were I used to live but I live in florida. I added alot of hot girls that are mutal friends with my good and started going ape shit.

    Their was this hb9 easy and she had a wooping 86 likes on her recent picture all the AFC’s were droping comments your so beautifull , sexyest women ever type shit, matter fact ill show you. FOR ALL YOU DESPERATE BETA”S IN DOUNT. BE HOLD!!!

    Elisa Delgado
    12 hours ago

    I never ask for this but uhh
    LIKE/COMMENT if viewing (:
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    Emily Vengas my wife ♥
    12 hours ago · Like · 1

    Xavier Hernandez that used to be my wife -_-
    12 hours ago · Like · 1

    Feisal Ali Beautiful girl!
    12 hours ago · Like · 1

    Brandon Garcia Nas G O R G E O U S ♥
    12 hours ago · Like · 1

    Giovanii Villeda Showoff ;)
    12 hours ago · Like

    Elisa Delgado not even
    12 hours ago · Like

    Charrito De Morelos U look really pretty n sexy
    12 hours ago · Like

    Brianna Sanchez Pretty ^.^
    12 hours ago · Like

    Jozse M Aguilar Yuh look soww cute c:
    12 hours ago · Like

    Carlitos Valdez Beautiful ♥
    12 hours ago · Like

    Giovanii Villeda Yez ;)
    12 hours ago · Like

    Jaylen Mallory Natural beauty is something you’ve mastered:)
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    Juan Castillo ♥
    10 hours ago · Like · 1

    Sara Trevino Beautiful ♥
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    Elisa Delgado thank you ^_^
    10 hours ago · Like

    Sara Trevino Your welcome c:
    10 hours ago · Like · 1
    Charles Richardson If you could cook I’d marry you.
    18 minutes ago · Like

    Elisa Delgado Lmao !^

    I used the ” If you could cook I’d marry you”(Alpha response) On her and she replyed way better then she would of if you put some desperate shit on their. Thought it was extremely funny and wanted to show all you aspiring PUA.

  • Chris H

    I was a firm believer in spanking children because I was brought up getting spanked and thought I wouldn’t be the person now if it wasn’t for those ass woppin but after reading your book and thinking to myself its quit the opposite. Because people without power have threats of punishments(beta) but alphas don’t get punished and have no rules. My son(maybe later in the future) is gonna be a freakin beast!

  • Anonymous


  • Necorochi

    Shark, Their is this movie you must see. Its called ” Gundam Wing Endless Waltz ” its based off a series but no worry’s you don’t need to watch all 42 grueling episodes to understand the movie finale. Here is the whole movie

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Part 7
    Part 8
    Part 9

    It’s by far one of the best anime’s besides Deathnote, a MUST SEE. The main character Herdo Yuie is a super alpha and he is a g
    ood example for being aloof. Hope everyone enjoys this just as much as me writing this.

  • WestsideDaddy

    Shark…Im just starting my path to become alpha…since reading the black flag (along with you posts) I find myself being paraniod while talking to other people (specially with women) because Im concentrating too much in keeping eye contact, maintaining a relax body posture, not saying anything “beta”, trying to focus on attraction, etc.. I know you wrote before about it saying that it takes time to get used to your mind to do it without effort. But can you write a post on how to stop being so paranoid about this? Or some tips to deal with this? Im pretty sure that this happens to alot of people ne to this. Thanks maine!

  • M


    Assume you’re in the presence of jerks and would-be Alphas ie. people you went to highschool with back when you were just another AFC. It’s easy to be dragged back down to feeling beta in situations like this, especially when alcohol is introduced and everyone thinks they’re suddenly a Super Alpha. As I’m sure this is a problem quite a few of here run into on occasion, I’d love to know what you’re advice is.

  • Necorochi

    I love how the definition of megalomania the writers put “Delusion about one’s own power or importance.” DELUSIONS?! Like wtf , why is the matrix so hellbent on oppressing us?

  • Brett

    btw delete my last comment after read if you dont mind

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