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Why are women so averse to logically palpable communication? And if their lingo is based on contrived concealment — why haven’t men evolved the necessary requisites to connect in the manner of subtle signaling? Why are we so brutally logic and they so capriciously emotional? It would seem that men who are flexible when it comes to this duality enjoy higher mating success, so why hasn’t this disparity been reconciled?

An oft forgotten fact is that the monogamous Matrix we now live in is not just a fairly new system; but a straight up absolutely “surprise” split second mental gangbang for a species meant to exist in temporally polygamous relationships centered on apex Alphas. And after thrusting our upgraded simian psyches into said Matrix, we have developed a bunch of new perceptions of the world that we can’t seem to understand, let alone agree with. They are in perpetual discord with our true natures and out of tune with our biologically pre-programmed paradigms. For instance, it is true that men are supposed to use relationships to get secks and women to use secks to get relationships. We tend to forget that MALE AFFECTION is supposed to be something of value. Sadly, in our era, it is not. In fact, for the most part, especially among beta milieus, it is detested and in gross over abundance.

Just think about this statement for a second. Imagine it was being directed to a girl. “You maintain the household family, etc, and in return, you get attention from your husband.” It sounds ridiculous right? And in a world where female self-sufficiency carries on and extensive measures are taken by supra institutions to equalize resource attribution between men and women, it IS ridiculous. If a girl makes $60,000 and her husband $30,000; INTER-dependency and balance are a long shot. God forbid she’s also working as an assistant to a hedge fund manager in his mid 30s and still looking for fresh poon to pounce on, his genes are even more in danger and he’s better off helping his sister or brother in their marriage to replicate his kin.

Hence a maxim of interest, every day when you wake up, ask yourself “how valuable is my attention?” Imagine you’re living with your girlfriend and you play 2 hours of Call of Duty a day. Those 2 hours could easily be redirected to her without any tangible loss. To her, they are visibly worthless. In the same fashion, “Guy time” can be a turn off if it consists of getting high for 4 hours every single day. This is why your girlfriend gets resentful if you can’t spend time with her because you’re playing world of warcraft. Your time has no value. Her hamster realizes that she is conceding her OWN secksual market value by yearning for those 2 hours.

So why does that entire equation change in regards to an Alpha? Assuming we really are talking about an Alpha male, his girlfriend must be cognizant of HIS secksual market value. In other words, any time spent on her is time away from “other girls.” If he’s spending that time playing video games, there’s not as much to fuss about because those 2 hours in front of a PS3 have implicit value — as they are 2 hours desired by OTHER women. An argument can even be made for why this proves external game is more important than lifestyle game; you can waste as much time as you want as long as you act Alpha, consistently retain competitive anxiety, and thus grant your hours intrinsic value.

Some have wondered, how do you strike a balance between giving too much and too little attention? This is how. So long as your affection has VALUE, it can be given, as you desire. As soon as it becomes valueless, I e; taken for granted, it must be retracted. Equilibrium. Simple.

On that note, why are feminists in a rage about secks robots and why do girlfriends get so irritated if you fap to perfect 10s on Brazzers? Think back to the dynamic — what does it take away? The power of intimacy. Again, why is competitive anxiety so important in every relationship? Why must your girlfriend know that you are at least capable of procuring secks from other females? It helps to keep the relationship in that oh so delicate power balance.

Turning back to our original question, so why aren’t men good at covert communication? Why is this a skill that must be acquired through practice and Game? Applying the same logic discussed above; because it was never necessary. Alpha males who normally had multiple partners concurrently, and with no social stigma around their rotating harems, never had to “communicate” competitive anxiety. It was ever present. Confidence didn’t need to be hinted towards because only men with intrinsic value and ostensible proxies were considered as mates. There was no such thing as incongruency. Nowadays, every other well dressed guy with a Mercedes is a beta. Actually, every 99/100 of them are. This isn’t how it worked before. Bear eats man, man is beta. Man kills bear, Man is Alpha. There weren’t facades, delusions, illusions, tricks, or mockeries, a girl didn’t need to shit test.

And why do women hate overt communication so much? Ironically, because its fake. Tell your girlfriend “I can get other girls,” and boom, you’re try-hard. Sulking. AFC. Even if you CAN get other girls, it’s because you’re trying. See above example, Alpha means not trying. Tell your girlfriend “this really bothers me” and you’re in a beta shit storm. A bitch puppy. Crying about her machinations because why; they hurt your feelings? Pussy. Even things that are brazen in nature, like “drawing the line,” should be done covertly. She does something bad, soft next. She does something really bad, dump her. Explicate, do not deliberate. Your girlfriend should know that if she cheats, you will leave. You should not have to tell her or even worse, have a discussion about it. Literally saying “I’m going to leave if you do this!” is a bitch move.


solve my girl problems


Then again, this shit is kinda cute. I guess it’s understandable why some guys choose to live like one.


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  • Necorochi

    Be covert like a NINJA!!

  • NoSpoon


    Decided to stop by before bed to inspire dreams of world domination. However, I am compelled to comment.

    I feel like you’ve driven right to the core with this one. It seems that your time off may have taken you to a higher level of consciousness. ‘How valuable is my attention?’ This question is so simple, yet is it not the very keystone that an entire relationship is maintained upon? Seems that the success with any stage of male/female interaction, be it pickup, casual dating, an LTR, or lifelong marriage all rest on this one assessment. The lack of value of male attention may be solely responsible for the general misery of humankind. I believe this to be on that large of a scale. True, the market value of male attention has decreased at an astronomical rate since the era of Mad Men. Women of all shapes (good god) and sizes (sweet jesus) know that it can be attained wholesale from any deuche at any given time. Nearly ANY ‘woman’ regardless of relative attractiveness will be attractive to someone, somewhere in close proximity. There is nothing wrong with a male thinking that a female is attractive, even if she is a wildebeest in the truest sense, but it is the method by which the male believes he must pursue the woman. This is what you are talking about. This is what has gradually changed over the past 100 years or so. If the male simply acts in the sense that he has something better to do, i.e., ‘fuck, this chick is attractive to me, so I’ll put my life on hold for a second or two to check this out’, then the female senses this and naturally responds in a positive way (or the most positive way possible) because she intuitively senses that a male is behaving in a way that is AUTHENTIC AND GENUINE. And I stress this, in bold approach authenticity is the golden bullet.

    Take a man and wring him out, beat him senseless, break him down, invoke a near death experience, show him his own blood, let him know that his days are numbered, that life is a gift, and cause him to suddenly know that he is alive. Now, show him an attractive woman. Will he approach her with a qualifying mentality? Will he beat around the bush with negs and bullshit trying to spark attraction? Will he second guess whether he is good-looking enough? Will he be concerned with what other surrounding people might think of his bold move? No. He will approach with the feeling that he has experienced ‘some shit’. That he is entitled. That he now fully grasps that he will die someday. What has changed in him? He has been taken back to a primal state of mind. Overt communication no longer occurs to him because it doesn’t exist. He now acutely senses that his attention is to be valued and not taken for granted because his time is limited. In this unshakable state, the woman has no choice but feel this vibration emanating from his rock-solid core. It is authentic. The essence of game, I believe. Thanks, Shark.

    • hey

      what a surprisingly valuable comment, thank you. when i refreshed this page i was expecting to see a slew of uninformative comments like “omq shark ur the best1! best post ever!” following this intellectual post by shark, but i was pleased to see this comment instead. it educated me and many others at no charge. so i feel the need to acknowledge it for that. not to mention, the tangible payout for writing comments like this is nothing, so i assume the motive for you writing it was to spread knowledge, which adds to the laudability.
      though what’s sad is that thousands of people brush past comments like this without showing a hint of gratitude that i know they [should] have

      • nemesis

        “uninformative comments”, ah the irony

        • hey

          no, nothing’s ironic. if you think my comment, which compliments and notices someone who has never been complimented for his good contributions on here, is relatively as uninformative as comments like “omg shark ur the best!”, which compliments someone who has already been complimented probably hundreds of times and who knows that people enjoy his work (he has statistics and whatnot to prove it), then you need to broaden what you define as informative.

          in this case, i believe my comment informed nospoon and everybody (but you, apparently) that intellectual responses are valued by at least one person on here,while comments like yours and sycophants’ dont do shit for anybody. who knows, maybe people who like to teach people who want to be taught might read my comment and get encouraged to place their relevant informative comments in future posts.
          everybody already has all the information they need to deduce that people like shark; it has been established. so any more “omg shark i lov u”‘s will give extra, ineffectual information that can be classified as uninformative at this point. but there isnt enough information out there that allows us to deduce that valuable commenters are liked as well. so i can confidently say that my comment is more informative than the ones i was referring to in my comment. you’re here to learn right? then encourage teachers like nospoon to keep on teaching you.
          the biggest case of irony i see is in the sycophants who praise shark. perpetual, predictable, shallow praise is the type of shit that shark advises against in sometimes the very posts that get a lot of praise. to relate this idea back to this post’s idea: if you constantly praise someone, then what is your praise really worth? if one was to praise shark on this post, would he or she really be demonstrating a good understanding of this post? Would praising shark be an act of good communication?

          • nemesis

            1. Nobody that follow this blog accurately and then thanks Shark is feeling Shark’s bitch, for the exact stuff he teaches;

            2. Not everyone gives a fuck on giving useful info;

            3. Your comment is an triple oxymoron since: 1: Your frame gets easily shaked if somebody taunts you, 2: You, yourself ain’t telling shit of valuable, other than complimenting some guy that, I agree, posted useful stuff.

            4. People thank Shark, and don’t read comments because Shark is the Blog’s owner and has produced tons of articles, hence he has social proof. And also most of the comments often say stuff like: SHark, please help me stop fapping on photos with my gf getting banged by a black man (and ten pages of other shit). And yes, if somebody writes useful stuff totally welcome, but don’t be a pretentious virtuous dick saying what is useful and what is not

    • nemesis

      I’ve passed some serious shit in my life in the past year (nothing to do with pussy ass women problems) and I swear that after I experienced the most severe pain on the comparative pain scale even the hottest chick that feels like a diva or the faggot steroid buffed douchebag at the gym seem like effimerous sandcastles when I stare dead-eye at them. I know exactly what you mean.

      • Al

        Indeed, experiencing pain and live through it is the best way to build up inner strength.
        Not recommending jumping off shit and breaking bones, but simply welcome and relish the feeling.

        • comment-person

          I’m no Niel Cassidy. but jail, guns to cheek, forehead, gut, or aimed at heart, broken limbs, not knowing if you’ve killed someone or put them out for a sleep enough to give you time to leavea, walking yourself to the ER bleeding and drugged, driver gripping a blade to your neck while you’re made to steer, face to concrete, bat to skull, overdose’s, seizures, 3 grand worth butter & bars in your shoes with a cop driving you across the boarder for “protection” unaware of his illegal activities while clinically dead on benzos, opiates, skellatal muscle relaxers, and ketamine [no wonder the fucking hole!] (found out after taking oneself to the hospital yet again), late 19th century absinthe drank to drunk lane swapping your way through Englewood out-running cops with double vision & a Swiss in your car, selling stolen merchandise to the merchant minutes after stealing it while stealing more, axe – actual wood chopping axe – wielding threats, tazer gun shots and my belt with a hook still in it from one instance, batons, bars, bails, broken, lost, stolen, Faustian night’s, multiple officers, xtra felony charges, pepper pelts, pussy galore, bologna sandwiches, and a suburbia away right here.

          were you to see me in a corner store, you’d expect no more from me than a nervous chuckle and a submissive eye down.

          As i type this I have a broken rib.

          Yet, the little grinning girl serving the questionably aged male coffee in the morning knows no more than the book that’s in my hand, and the slight crackle of my deepened voice requesting a coffee I will not order because I brew my own.

          I think the cure to humanity is Mormanism.

          They seem to breed a perfect Aryan Genii.

          Honestly: the crazier shit get’s, the more fun it seems to be. But if handled improperly, one is left dead before they feel what Vitality exists in them.

          I think the 1st comment by hey or whoever was what comments should be like on here. Plus mine.

  • K

    Shark, my girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago. At the time, I remained almost completely unaffected by the situation, there was no crying, no resentment, no anger, I had complete emotional control. It is only 1 month later, when she begs me to go back to her that I start feeling these kind of emotions. We often hear about how bad it is to “bottle up” your emotions, so if men are supposed to be in control of their emotions, where is our outlet? Is it unhealthy to repress these feelings?

    Thanks Shark,

  • Sebastian

    “Then again, this shit is kinda cute. I guess it’s understandable why some guys choose to live like one.”
    Ha ha, shark. I like the ending and the fact that it’s right next to the puppy picture.

  • Dangerous

    Shark, I came across this breakdown of alpha male characteristics written by a woman who writes erotic fiction. She has a pretty cool grasp on her emotional perceptions and obviously knows she wants to be fucked like she were bought at a slave auction.

  • sammy

    Hey Shark,

    In your ebook, you say that if you’re young, you have time to pick up a sport. How old is young?

    • Necorochi

      Don’t even go their, my ex high school wrestling coach which is in his mid thirties dose recreational rugby.

      The UFC cut’s off fighters over the age of 40 with the exception of Randy Couture(who retired soon after) and Dan Henderson who is only still in their because he is good and he was the strikeforce heavyweight champion since march 5th 2011 but once he gets a shot at the UFC belt and looses he will most likely retire like everyone else, & I can confidently say he will loose because the current champion Jon “Bones” Jones is a young athletic beast who is already in the UBER tier at the age of 24. Now on the off chance he dose loose to Dan Henderson then Henderson will make UFC history and become the oldest Light Heavyweight Champion but I highly doubt it.

      So to answer your question “How old is young?” If your looking for a number I would say anything below the age of 40 but don’t let that stop you, their are plenty of 40 year old’s that still are physically active but this is around the time your body starts to loose it.

      It’s also allot to do with how much you sit and be a lazy **** and not exercize, you have to stay active.

  • gs

    Any insight upon venues for picking up girls during the day time and techniques for the different venues? Do you have anything good on day game?

    Cheers! your blog is great.

    • Necorochi

      I like to go to Books-A-Million, not only can you bring your laptop their you can connect to anything portable using their wi-fi, they have a slew of books you can read to expand your knowledge, COFFEE and for the most part nerdy girls that squeal like asains…Not really but sometimes.

      Go to place’s chicks usually do in their spare time, yoga class’s for example. Stuff like that.

  • ihmotep

    Thank you so much. shark. Thank you. Your book has opened my eyes. and this last post was some of the best advice I ever heard.

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