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Both sexes are guilty of it; to filter their perception of inter-gender dynamics through a lens skewed in favor of their own sex. The affect is more profound for men, because women, who function intuitively to a much greater extent, are more likely to auto-correct their behavior as an interaction progresses. Men, with their logically grated minds, are more likely to nurture distorted perceptions because they can be rationally justified.

A reader once commented here saying that he “fucked up badly” because his girlfriend found a secks tape of him and an ex from the past. He apologized vehemently and then came to me for advice. I didn’t tell him at the time, but I laughed at the thought. Can you imagine if James Dean’s girlfriend found a secks tape of him and another girl? She would beckon for an opportunity to star in a tape herself to outdo her competitor. Which brings us to our first misconception. Women do not suffer any biological consequences from cheating the way men do. Monogamy is enforced through cultural stigma and men tend to forget this. Like I said above, because it is within the very nature of men to want to OWN their partners for paternal assurance; it is much easier to condition them to think women function the same way. It is never a turn-on for a guy to see his girlfriend flirting with another guy. It might incite jealousy, which could provide a much needed boost in passion; but it will never literally make him see her as a higher value partner. It is, on the other hand, one of the greatest aphrodisiacs for a girl in a committed relationship to see that her boyfriend/husband is at least capable of acquiring other partners. It appeals to her hypergamous nature by assuring he is of high reproductive value and affirming his congruency.

When you show off your loyalty to your girlfriend – you are incorrectly assuming that she sees the world the way you do. Loyalty is not a “turn-on” for women the way it is for men. It is the opposite, it only risks that she may lose attraction because you are indirectly starving secksual tension. Does this mean you should cheat? No. But it does mean that a sense of misplaced loyalty will harm your relationship much more than help it. What’s worse is, due to the conditioning noted above, you’ll likely backwards rationalize it and pat yourself on the back for being “loyal even when she’s not.”


This whole issue begs the question of what exactly men should apologize for. I see far too often that a guy thinks he “fucked up” for something that actually HELPS his relationship, or overly exaggerates his mistake because he thinks of how HE WOULD FEEL in the same position. Yes, if you found a secks tape of your girlfriend, you wouldn’t be happy. But this isn’t “do unto others what you would have them do to you.” This is social dynamics; and men and women, for better or for worse, operate differently. It is a fact of nature, and no amount of lobbying and conditioning will ever change it. Mask it – yes. Bend it – maybe. Change it completely – Never.

How would you have handled the situation above? A more appropriate response would’ve been:

“We were young, crazy, and in love. Can you blame us?”


Remember your partner will mirror your emotional state. The more you apologize, the more the both of you consent to a frame that says you fucked up badly. The more you agree that your secksuality is something to be demonized, the more you let that become truth. If you get into a fight and she pulls the “you’re crazy” card on you, you shouldn’t come CRAWLING back to her agreeing that all men are psychotic assholes. Have some dignity, for your own sake.

The James Dean example, while somewhat ideal, serves to illustrate how important frame control is. In a world where you lack it, you concede to the popular Frame. The one of the Matrix. The one that dictates you are a bumbling fool and that making a secks tape with an ex girlfriend is only something a secks-crazed maniac could do. But hold your own state, and it’s just something young and crazy people do when they’re in love. She thinks it’s uncompromisable? Tell her you must not be right for each other then.


examples of Alpha Males


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  • Servvante

    Excellent post

  • Necorochi

    I enjoyed reading this post, great article.

    • M

      Hey Necorochi (hard name to type, what’s it’s etymology?) I am going to read/respond to your second e-mail soon, so don’t think I’m avoiding it. I just started detoxing from alcohol abuse that would rival Hemingway, Dylan Thomas and Charles Bukowski’s (with doctors supervision) so I’m really out of it from the Chlordiazepoxide (7-chloro-2-methylamino-5-phenyl-3H-1,4-benzodiazepine-4-oxide), in other words, Librium – a benzo -, & the high doses they have me on to circumvent/lessen withdrawal symptoms, a prevent seizures (which I’ve had before from withdrawal). Fortunately I have a good doctor who isn’t forcing me to go in-patient, which I’ve done many times before for other substance abuse issues.

      Just saying bro, once I’m more clear-headed and in a proper headspace to respond to your e-mail, I will.

      Regarding this post, excellent is always.

      TO SHARK and readers: I think it’s been written here about The Halo Effect, but I thought you or some readers may want to see an interesting little experiment video showing just how important subtle differences in tone and demeanor can effect perception, in this case, two different groups of women have on a man who is looking for a date.

      Anyway, here’s the clip: Derren Brown – Science of Attraction

      most of Derren Brown’s stuff is pretty interesting. but this one is actually relevant to what this and other blog’s usually skim over briefly, or say in basic statements like it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

  • Chris H

    I like the way you think shark.

  • Monty Pelican

    Very good

  • Dane

    Good read.

  • dreamer

    hey man, i love your posts and you are like a father i wish i had for me.

    anyways, there is something i need help with and i will keep it as short as i can.

    long story short, i like a girl and proposed her, she said let’s just be friends.
    now, the dilemma is that should i continue the friendship, if yes, then i will never get over her and always live my life in regret.

    if no, then i will lose a very great friend.

    what would you suggest.

    i hope it’s not cheesy; but can a boy become friends with a girl whom he likes?

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