The T-Effect

On May 26, 2012 by Shark

Without any preceding scientific evidence to back up this next exaggerated statement: Testosterone is the single most important factor in a man’s success with women and in life. I have touched on this topic far too infrequently. The lack of discussion is due to the lack of things to say about it past “get your testosterone level up.” But I’ll say it over and over again every few months or so to remind those of you still guzzling down tanks of beer and knitting for exercise. A few articles I ran into via forums / links from readers contain a good amount of supporting evidence:

An article about the science of kissing explores the possibility that swapping saliva may actually serve the same function as a shit test; to appraise a man’s value. But rather than quantifying his smoothness, it may be a way to indicate his T-levels or the presence of other hormones. Chemical profiling if you may, rather than the traditional personality profiling presented in shit tests.


Saliva is like a chemical cocktail, and hooking up may have evolved to help us quickly tell if someone is a good mate or not, Fisher said.

After all, haven’t we all been attracted to someone and then the first kiss just killed it? It might be because he didn’t have the right stuff in his spit. Lots of hormones are present in differing quantities in our saliva, and they may serve several romantic purposes.

“There’s evidence that saliva has testosterone in it, and there’s also evidence that men like sloppier kisses with more open mouth,” Fisher said. “That suggests to me that they are unconsciously trying to transfer testosterone to trigger the sex drive in women.”


It is a basic tenant of evolutionary psychology that the things we find attractive in potential mates are not a random assortment of qualities determined by a cosmic pair-bonding force; but a potent mix of traits that indicate things like fertility and good health. This article and its accompanying studies suggest that high testosterone levels may increase both an organisms chances for survival and reproduction by improving immune system functioning and triggering external changes that cue that development to women.


Women are subconsciously attracted to men with a high immune system, a new study suggests.

A paper published in Nature Communications today has found a relationship between testosterone, stress hormones, male facial attractiveness and a healthy immune system.

“The more antibodies a man produces in response to a vaccine, the more attractive his face,” said Fhionna Moore, co-author of the study and a psychologist at the University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland.

“We also found that men’s testosterone was related to their immune system and their facial attractiveness: the higher the testosterone, the stronger the immune system and the more attractive the face. Interestingly, this was qualified by levels of stress hormones: the relationships with testosterone were strongest in males experiencing low levels of stress.”


Physically fit men have increased levels of testosterone, or is that men with increased levels of testosterone are also more physically fit? We’ll come back to the dynamic relationship between testosterone and other components later. The important thing to note about the next article is that it hints towards the fact that body attractiveness is a better predictor for female attention than facial attractiveness. A rather obvious statement if you ask me. When it comes down to it, I could see a guy like Justin Bieber easily killed by a wild chimpanzee or an angry leprechaun. Whereas a man like Money Mayweather (who saw that recent fight?) could fight off all sorts of not very dangerous things.


Other hypotheses around sexual selection focus on fighting ability between individuals and its technical corrolary resource-holding potential (RHP). Without putting to fine a point on it, being big and strong has advantages in multiple domains. And guess what influences strength? Yes my astute lovelies… testosterone. It keeps coming back to the testosterone.

“Overall, body attractiveness was a better predictor of self-reported mating success than facial attractiveness. In line with our main hypothesis, we found a positive relationship between a composite measure of men’s physical fitness (PF) and men’s body attractiveness. This was obtained not only for aggregated attractiveness ratings but also for all 27 female raters individually. This finding is remarkable because individual attractiveness judgments reflect a strong idiosyncratic component, at least for faces. Attractiveness judgments were made fast and effortless. The strength of the attractiveness-fitness relation- ship obtained here suggests that signalling physical fitness may be one of the key functions of male attractiveness.” (Honekopp et al. 2006


Another interesting fact I ran across was that whilst single men have much higher levels of testosterone than married/committed men; adulterous men in committed relationships had levels of testosterone equal to single men. It begs the question of why men cheat and the cause/effect relationship between behavior and testosterone. My guess is, the two feed into each other in cycles. A man with high t-levels, and thus a higher sex drive, may find it more difficult to cope with one vagina. In turn, he cheats, and having secks with more women, again increases T-levels. On the other hand, a man with low T-levels may find it easier to cope with one women, perhaps indirectly because his low T makes it harder for him to acquire any mates at all; thus he is more willing to settle for a monogamous relationship. In return, stable secks with only one person reduces T-levels further by stripping away a secksually competitive mental state.

Is a man with libido 5x lower than his adulterous friend truly more virtuous for not cheating? Is a beta who couldn’t attract any other girl really more morally righteous than a married celebrity who had super models throw themselves at his feet and couldn’t keep it in his pants?

There’s been debate about what the most effective ways to increase testosterone. My theory being, return man to his primitive state. Sex – diet – activity. Primitive man had secks with real women, he did not fap to porn. Primitive man ate a healthy diet, he did not have candy and soda. Primitive man would ptear a pterodactyl a new asshole and fight in Coliseums, he did not play video games. As for anabolic steroids and other extreme measures, I wouldn’t go there just because the results seem equivocal. I have friends who claim to have gone through an entire cycle with no detrimental affects. They say the secret is simply to not abuse them. On the other hand, I know 1 or 2 people who claim to have suffered from weird side effects (one said he was lactating) after a single cycle. If anyone wishes to share their wisdom on the matter, drop a comment.


the effects of testosterone


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  • Necorochi

    Mayweather is alpha, why people hate him so much. Be cocky like this dude.

    Urijah Fabor a UFC fighter made his own team called “Team Alpha Male” he doesn’t come out and say it but it’s like they infused MMA with the alpha male mindset. If you watch the Ultimate Fighter (Which he is a coach on this season) it seems more and more evident with the work ethic he try’s to instill on his team.

    You can watch all the episodes from this link(Lucky timing because the Finale is the next episode which is free and is going to be live on FX on June 1st which is next Friday), here is episode 1 for anyone interested.

    Also you can take “Testosterone Replacement therapy” in the UFC skip to 2:50 Dana White Talks about it, its for if you have low testosterone levels.

  • nemesis

    To everyone considering it, DON’T GO on a T replacement therapy. Your body has a negative feedback system on biochemical production. If your body senses an increased level of any hormone / neurotrasmitter / blood chemical, since it does not match with your current homeostasis of that chemical, the receptors on the tissues producing that chemical will trasmit the intracellular message to down-regulate the genes responsible for that production via various mechanisms. The result will be your testicles saying: “Fuck this shit, I’ll go on holyday”, they will produce less T and thus your blood levels will be higher ONLY in the first period. Let’s say you take 100 T and your body produces 150, then your homeostasis has a baseline of 150, and your body will do anything to keep it on that level, and the only way to do that is by producing less. Thus ball shrinking after long periods of external T.
    The only way to trully increase T is by increasing demand/stimulus. That is, getting out of your comfort zone (physical/neuronal homeostasis, even if they are the same thing), working out, killing a bear one handed, talking at a conference, changing yourt lifestyle, changing diet, ditching cigarettes, listening to different music, winning a nobel prize. You must modify your homeostasis, and reset your body to a new level. The matrix tells you to take meds/pills to cure depression/psychosis/gayness but the truth is they don’t work because you must act on a deeper level, your hormonal-parahormonal-neurotrasmittorial-receptorial level. Production, reception, and up/down-regulation of those based on external/internal stimuli.

    Also wanted to share the concept of psychoneuroimmunology with you, I didn’t read the article on wikipedia and I guess it’s pretty gay, but the concept will be enough

  • Tyler

    I found that weight training helps with testosterone levels with legs training having the biggest effect. Legs training (squats & leg press mainly) trains the biggest single muscle group which will release a lot of testosterone after your workout. If you resist pulling yourself, within 24-48hrs your testosterone will be peaking which makes it easier to approach women, escalating, having cut through with eye contact and much more as you are in a more primal state. The woman will know you are fking her with your eyes and you’ll be giving off sexual vibes.

    I train naturally however personally know of young guys who do take steroids and guess what, some need to pop a viagra to maintain the whole alpha congruence because of side effects. Mood swings and acne are also common depending on what you use. The biggest issue though is that you have to cycle steroid usage so if your confidence is tied up heavily with how you are looking then your confidence will be cyclical too. The money involved could be better spent on updating your wardrobe or something productive.

  • Alex

    Hey Shark. How about one’s voice? I don’t really like my voice… too high pitch. Are there exercises for this? I cannot even sing anything, too hard for me, with this I mean that I cannot control my voice in any way.

    Have you(also directed for readers) done anything like this? Any good ones? Any other ways of controlling voice?

    I freaking love it when coming out of a cold, damn! that sexy voice!!! hahahaha

    About T. I remember once I was having a shit time with relationships and not doign well with girls. Well, I had kind of like a test, but I took it as a competition. It was a race, 3km. I’ve always been a shit runner, and I don’t like performing bad in sports, I always have to be the best. So I started running like a boss, training a lot, improved my time quite a bit, etc. You know all that mixed with the pressure of the race, because other people are joining and all that. Dude… all the little details I cared so much about, all the overthinking, all the being oversensitive… GONE during the whole time I was training for the race and a few days after the race.

    Like FREAKING magic. Incredible. And I can use this little example, hopefully, for bigger goals in life.

    No need to say I kicked everyone’s ass in that race, hahahahaha.

    • hey

      the two fixes i generally fall back on whenever im having problems with my voice are talking slower and breathing deeper. although they sound oversimplified, both help tremendously with enunciation and giving off a relaxed vibe.pitch shouldnt matter too much for you when you have good enunciation and relaxation established

    • Alex

      Hi. I think I might be able to help with this. Lifting weights and doing sprints often makes my voice deeper immediately afterwards. I have a theory as to why:

      (i)elimination of any kind of social anxiety – kind of difficult to be anxious about what other people think when you’ve just owned everyone in the gym – even if you walked in with anxiety. This makes (ii) possible

      (ii) deeper breathing from the diaphragm – when you breath from the diaphragm (in the area of your belly) and open your throat to get more oxygen into your lungs, your voice has more space to resonate. Also, the relaxation from the exhaustion and lack of anxiety give you a lot of control and power. Nervous guys have tight voices because they’re highly strung and speak from the throat and nose. Think about speaking from the belly. Breathing from the diaphragm doesn’t mean the other breathing muscles shouldn’t work though. A good breath will result in symmetrical expansion of the ribcage, meaning it will distend in all directions, even *behind* you (don’t just breathe yourself a pregnant belly), and your shoulders should raise (but only minimally. The neck should stay relaxed).

      Guys with loud, resonant, deep voices are (perhaps) attractive to women because it shows this kind of relaxation in a social situation, and thus their comfort in being themselves and their dominance.

      NB resonance is not the same as depth of pitch, but will still make your voice much more attractive. A tenor opera singer will have just as much resonance as a bass, and if they speak using the same methods as when they sing, they’ll still sound attractive. So resonance is more important than overall depth.

      Hope this helps.

  • Been there

    If you want to raise your T levels do the following:
    Heavy compound lifts-Squats, deadlifts, Standing military presses.
    Eat a couple of sticks of celery a day.
    No Fapping, porn or sex for 100 days.
    Do not take substances that will attach to your D1-D5 Dopamine receptors – Like nicotine, alcohol, coke, opioids amphetamines, and cannabinoids. By avoiding the drugs and the sex your body will produce more T receptors.

  • Ant72

    Righto, so things have been weird at work, for sure. She doesn’t really try to make conversation, nor do I, but we do talk occasionally and it’s always flirty. And there is smouldering eye contact. Furious stare downs as we walk by each other. She’s obviously ignoring me on purpose. It sucks.

    Haven’t been moping. Went on a hard hiking course yesterday, and I’ve been approaching/talking to a few other girls, one of which I hooked up with last night. It was fun. Great tits. Gaming her exceptionally well so far.

    But there is something missing. I felt somewhat hollow during the whole thing. Like I wanted it to be the other girl. She kissed my nose, which is something the other girl did a lot. Nostalgia.

    It’s like I have to keep every girl at arm’s length now. While I know mystery and distance are tenants of game, the way in which I date other girls seem to result in a huge power vacuum in my favor. I just…don’t care. Is ennui a side-effect of game?

  • Been there

    Oh, If you do the above then you will find you do not need “game” After 100 days (if you can hack it) women will be gaming you.

  • Monty Pelican

    I got a workout shortly after reading this.
    I’m really attracted to an older woman (probably 35-40 range, perhaps a bit more) in my yoga class.
    First real contact was the last class; we were paired up. I made her giggle a LOT and intentionally played up the “I’m a visceral, physical boy” angle. She said she noticed I’m very competitive. I suck at yoga. Note: we’re in Western Europe, posh neighborhood. Issues and thoughts:
    1. How to play this if she’s taken: I can bring that up playfully “so why doesn’t your husband do yoga? Naturally fit and doesn’t need it?” or “why in such a rush, your man waiting in the car?”.
    2. How direct or indirect?
    3. Should I flirt with younger/other girls in class to entice her/DHV? Older women should probably be negged less.
    4. What’s the proposition to her?
    5. I don’t have much time. I’m leaning towards finding a way to do dinner/drinks right after class and press.
    Your thoughts!

  • Sim

    I am a freshmen in college. for the past year, i have been slowly learning that testosterone is vital for my social interactions. I’ve noticed that when my sex drive/testosterone levels are high i do well socially, and visa versa. I have to admit, i haven’t been doing the best at keeping my test levels high but i think i’m going to change that after reading this post and the comments.

  • trey POUND


    I’m 17 years old, about done my grade 12 of high school. I’m planning on taking another year to increase my marks and hopefully head to university. Now, I have some volunteer hours but no actual real life work experience. I’m trying to get a job, to earn some money, and work on myself. The problem is, I have handed out resumes online to almost every store that I’m eligible to work at in my area. I have not been called in once for an interview. My friend who is the same age as me works 2 jobs (both minimum wage paying) and confirms my resume to be decent. How would you approach this situation, if you were in my shoes? What other ways would you consider into to make money? It seems as thought I will have to wait at least another 6-8 years in order to actually be making my salary from apprenticeship, if I get there. Without money I seem to have lost a lot of what I’m capable of doing as a youth.

  • DungBeetleJake

    Try this. It’s works. I’ve gone from 180lbs lean to 210lbs solid. I also have a Phys.Ed. degree.

  • Attempt at Alpha

    This is quite off topic, but I’m real curious about this.

    Should I act alpha towards my mom/sister? I know that I shouldn’t be a pure beta, but they are the ones that raised me. And should I neg them from time to time? Or is that just wrong on every level?

    I’m genuinely curious Shark.

  • J

    Hey Shark,

    I’m loving the direction the site is going. Your posts get me by in so many ways. I have a question on squirting orgasms or female orgasms in general. I heard recently that when a girl feels the need to urinate after sex that this is because she holds herself back from gushing without knowing she was depriving herself of that experience. I was with a girl who said she’d never had an orgasm, but was a very sexual person and always needed to pee right after sex. Do you know anything about this?

    I also read an article on the importance women place on GOOD sex and how it changes her behavior in the relationship.’re-amazing-in-bed/

    Would you agree?

  • Jack Attack

    Hey Shark,

    Would you be so kind as to share your opinion about Charles Manson?

    Ignoring the whole, send people out to kill people aspect, I believe His story could provide a lot of useful knowledge to men of all ages.

    What do you think of His power over the people in his life?

    What is you explanation or opinion of why he had such power over people????

  • Shark, what’s your take on dating family friends or those close to the family?

  • Monty Pelican

    Well, yoga was a flop; she kept her distance. So instead, I got a dinner date tomorrow with a younger grad student.

  • James

    wats ur take on this ?
    My Strange Addiction – Boyfriend

    how did the guy manage to seed her so deeply ?



    is she just following her instincts ?

  • b

    I just started a cylce of anavar (the weakest of all the anabolic steroids). So far so good, very few side effects I’ve heard, gets you cut as fuck and stenghts go up.

    Working 80hrs a week, I need an edge but not something too serious.

  • Leon

    well this is oftoopic and im not an english speaker but here it goes
    since i read delusional damage and get to this blog my life and my espectation of it have complety changed,so im 17 year old im still in highschool and im always horny when im in the school or in my house but when i try to make an aproach it just turn off and i lost my interest ( could this be relacionated whit your fear article ) but im really concern about somthing else, im so horny all the rest of the day that i get distracted every second and it is starting to affect my productivity in the school and in mi house( i am very tall 6″5 feet wich is alot for my country i am also very atractive and have a strength inner game but im skiny and whit my school i dont have much time for exercise ).

    • hey

      keep forcing yourself to approach as many women as possible. i know you feel like shit before each approach, but still do it. just go up to girls with the goal of simply communicating with them
      dont concern yourself with female psychology or finding excuses for yourself at this point, neither will help you right now. reading some intellectual articles about why women act the way they act or excusing yourself for whatever reason won’t help change the fact that you cant even approach a girl with ease. what will help change that fact is approaching girls

    • cyubnt

      you’ll get pussy
      don’t worry
      jack off

      you’re fucking 17

      be a kid while you can and learn ahead
      have fun for the next 3 years

      • Necorochi

        I disagree with cyubnt, don’t jack-off; it makes you loose testosterone. If you have to jack-off do it once a months if you really have to but make it a goal to release yourself with sex to help motivate you to approach.
        Even if he is a kid I’m 19 and just graduated and let me tell you, high school is perfect to practice alpha behavior because you are around girls on a constant basis and my learning curve has spiked because of it.
        If I could go back I would redo elementary school and implement all the shit I know now. Fuck being a kid that’s beta talk, the sooner you learn the sooner you will get pussy. Life is short fucking go for it.

        • Leon

          im in an only boys school and have almost zero contact with girls so far besides a couple of flirts.

          • Necorochi

            Work hard to get good grades so you can get a car so you can meet girls and approach… ALLOT

            If you OWN and can USE a car during high school.. Trust me you will be ahead of the game for the fact that you have a car and your under 18.

            This should be one of your main goals if you want to procure loads of poon during high school since your in an all boy’s school.

            Don’t give your parent’s any excuse why you can’t get a licence and hang out with friends.

            I believe in you.

        • Alex

          Pity I started ending my 4th year of college, haha.

          Oh well, might be a little harder, but better late than never.

  • James

    shark i think its about time u made like a pdf download for all ur articles, god forbids if ur server ever goes down n everything gets erased or one day u decide to drunk and delete everything just for fun, i’ll jump of the roof, so many valuable stuff inside this blog, knowledge etc, its like wikipedia, so ya

  • cyubnt

    serious fucking shit

    2 days ago, she was in love with me (1 year together), and after breaking up with me in the same day (this happening for a week or so leading us always to bed fucking), then getting back with me, then never saying she broke up, always saying she was wrong, she said something stupid in the heat of the moment, to now:

    she is threatening fucking law being involved?

    I will post word for word the text interaction after i figure out how to do so.

    i’ll give a countdown:

    5 days aog: i hate you but love you what’s wrong with me [fuck - literally awesome sex....]
    4 days ago: ugh what are we doing [fuck]
    3 days ago: i love you want to be with you [fuck]
    2 days ago: me: make up your mind get the fuck out of my house [after she vocalizes me never being good enough for her standards; like marriage material bullshit]
    1 day ago: she calls me meekly I somehow fuck that converation up (mind you we’re “broken up” by my standards)
    NOW: she literally texted me saying she will sue me for assault and harassment and shit

    THIS being HER bringing up sex videos and pictures, when she got a fucking misplaced text that said “hahahha see you on the internet”

    I wasn’t even talking to her, before that my text was “yeah right ok”

    How can i protect myself legally against my angry crazy BPD now ex-gf human who seems to enjoy sex and drama more than I enjoy creating it….?

    • cyubnt

      + in one day she goes from wanting to be with me and loving me to “calling her family lawyer” for what? because she projected an idea of me posting shit on the internet? I had no intention of doing so nor thought of that until she mentioned it.


      • cyubnt

        she has gotten to the point where she hates how much i game her, really.

        but now i may be legally effected by it.

        funny thing is, i was going to propose to her in my own way a week ago, before this shit

        it’s like she sensed it

        i’ve been with her on and off for 6 plus years

  • John

    Shark, whats your stance on parenthood?
    How should a parent raise his son to not be a chump, and his daughter to not be a cunt?

  • Slick#7

    Shark, I’m going to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas a couple of weeks from now. I would assume asshole game won’t work at a rave. Everybody is poppin pills and feelin all lubby dubby. I think I’m just gonna do the same and enjoy myself. I’ll take whatever I see coming. How do you approach this type of environment where everyone is acting like everybdy is best friends, and people dress like clowns. Also, how do you peakcock, when everybody at the party is all crazy peacock’d out. Should I dress normal or be festive? I guess it doesn’t matter that much what I wear. What advice can you give on applying Vegas game. What is your ordinary routine out in Sin City? I will be staying in a pretty nice suite with some of my buddies. Any advice? Thanks bro.

  • Nick

    Hey Shark,

    What are your thoughts on sexual transmutation, Napoleon Hill dedicated an entire chapter on this topic in his book “Think and grow rich”. I believe this is the single most powerful way to have an unstoppable force of pure will power to accomplish anything. If a person can harness their sexual energy in the right way it has to release it self in other ways creative pursuits.e.g having a crazy obsession to accomplish a goal, not feeling drained of energy.

    Like you said we are 99% animals and 1% human, the 1% gives us the will to control the other 99%
    and in one of your articles (One being an alpha male) you mentioned that the act of winning in a sport boosts testosterone in the human body

    Could harnessing sexual energy and accomplishing goals lead to an increase in testosterone and releasing sexual energy when the personal limit is reached leave us in balanced state?
    I am not saying that we should abstain from sex with women what I am saying is are we better off if we don’t overindulge and maintain the right balance.


  • Christian C

    Incredible AoM article that ties in nicely with “T” effects..

    Great article as usual, Shark.

  • J

    Shark, can you do a post on trust in a relationship? Should you share FB passwords with your significant other? How about when she wants to see your text messages? How do you establish mutual trust??

    • When you girlfriend (2.5 years) asks to see the text message you just received on your phone. What to do?

      When I say I’m home and my girlfriend suspects that I’m not at home and says she’ll call my house to talk to me and prove that I’m really at home. What to do?

    • nemesis

      Since he is gone, I’ll write what he would tell you:
      1. If you are giving her your pw you are losing attraction/mystery
      2. If you ask her for her pw you are acting like a beta who has nothing important going on in his life and needs to feed his inner drama bitch

      On a more practical and less ideal (and less alphaesque) way, you could however want to be informed on what kind of shit is going on in her life, hence you could occasionally check her phone / facebook message / history without getting caught. Doing this could however impair your inner game because you are automatically saying yourself that you are unsure and that you are caring too much, a good receptacle for oneitis. If you lived your life at 99% and had some serious shit going on, I ensure you, you wouldn’t have time even to think about all this shit. Read some Shark’s posts on breakups / jaelousy / shit testing / what is she thinking

      She will check your phone. According to Rollo and Shark you should also ensure to leave ambiguos stuff on your phone, thing that would happen to you naturally if you were spinning more plates, or you could just do it on purpose to trigger jaelousy/worthiness/social proof. Again, it’s the difference between inner and outer game.

      Mutual trust is a beta matrix convention. As an alpha, you simply wouldn’t care. And btw it’s something that comes naturally in healthy relationships between people, not only on tha man-woman relationship dimension

  • Neil Diamond

    Neil Patrick Harris came out of the closet, I always thought he was sort of alpha in movies and t.v. shows. what does this say about alpha appearing actors. and what is everyones opinion on this topic, especially the great white shark. I thought he was alpha, he’s now gaey, can gaeys be alpha? Can anyone point out warning signs that I missed showing he was a gaey? What do you think about An Alpha character being homosecksual in real life and vice versa?

  • Leon

    im confused about the masturbation topic, ¿you should mastubate once a week, never every 3 days

    • Necorochi

      Honestly you shouldn’t masterbait at all, what pussy is for.

    • masturbation guru

      I’ll give you my take: masturbate LESS frequently and in relation to the amount you have sex. In fact, if you’re having regular sex, masturbation shouldn’t really be on your mind, at least as frequently, and as analytically as you are asking.

      So: have sex more than you whack it. If you aren’t getting laid, don’t masturbate until after you’ve had/ are having regular sex. And by that point, you won’t really need to masturbate or worry about how much is too much or too little. You’ll just do it when you do.

      If you think you’re masturbating too much, then you probably are. If you’re thinking about masturbating more than you’re thinking about where/how/when to get a girl or your girl to satisfy you, then you’re doing it too much, or thinking about it too much.

      Make sense?

      Get to the point when you’re like “wow I haven’t jerked it for a while, I’m horny, where’s my girl? at work? sned her a suggestive text message, get her wet, she’ll take sexy photos for you in the bathroom and feel naughty, you can jerk it then stop before you finish, realizing you can wait, then she can coem over after and you can blow an even bigger load down her throat after saying you wanted to wait for her baby cause you knew she was low on protein from exerting so much energy at work, andneeded to be replenished by your godly seed” win win win win

      or jerk it as much as you want, and watch your testes disappear into your body like a meth-amphetamine-cocaine user high as balls swimming in alaskan waters.

      or become a eunuch. or go ask your priest. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of suggestions and helpful tips, but that may not be your thing.

      Did Gandhi masturbate? Did Rasputin whack it? Did Jesus have a secret semen sacrament? I wonder what happened when Zeus came? I wonder if the Vatican has some weird Papal sperm bank?

      Serious question, do animals masturbate? I know Dolphin’s will literally fuck each other’s blowholes in homosexual acts for nothing but pleasure. Thanks Ricky Gervais for teaching me that.

      I have never written so much about cock before. Maybe I’m a gay.

  • calvin

    could you please elaborate on the art of conversation? i hear its a real game changer and crucial to life itself.

    • hey

      with a girl, try asking open-ended questions instead of closed-ended ones. for example, if you want to either find out about her relationship with her dad or just spark up a deep conversation, ask her “how would you describe your relationship with your dad?” instead of something closed-ended like “do you have a good relationship with your dad?” the closed-ended question will probably be answered with a yes or a no, and then be followed by a small shallow comment about the answer (eg “yes.. i like him a lot”) just for the sake of keeping the conversation going. the open-ended question will lead to a more in-depth conversation that can pose many opportunities for you to neg and screen (find out if she’s girlfriend material) her

    • Dauntless

      If you comb the archives you’ll find a couple articles on it .

      The jist of it though.

      1. Read books.
      2. Start a project ( Could be anything, music, art , blog , political campaign, canoe building it doesn’t matter just something productive. Something you’re good at or can get good at. )
      3. Start conversations with random people . The more you do this the better you get at it
      4. Join a group of like minded people.

  • Batman

    Shark, please help.

    I have been dating this girl for a few months now. Things are going great and she told me she loves me. But the problem is, she is christian and I am atheist. Today she told me she would like me to try going to church and stuff. I asked her what if I try and I still don’t believe, she couldn’t give me an answer.

    What should I do? I love her, but at the same time I will not change my believes for her even if I can. Is it better to just end it?

    • hey

      it seems as if you guys aren’t fucking due to her religious beliefs.

      if she’s super religious with no hope of defying her religion, i would recommend that you end the relationship. but if she isn’t super religious and you think it’s possible to circumvent her artificial unwillingness to have sex before marriage, don’t end it. you should just game her like you would any other girl; you adjust some of your behaviors to her personality and beliefs. in your case i’d imagine you’d need to ignore her more (especially at the times when she refuses sex) and really be physical with her, signifying that you want to have sex and you’re too busy to concern yourself with her if she isn’t giving it

  • Manson Mind Control

    QUESTION!!!! I commented before, But it was a short message and i can see how it would be easy
    to miss.


    I see Charles Manson as a short, hairy, criminal type of guy. As I understand it, he got out of jail in 1967 and started to attract women, and these women fell so in love with him that they would do absolutely anything to please him. (EVEN KILL)

    My question is, would you give your opinion of charles manson and thoughts on how he was able to have such control over the women in his “FAMILY”?

    How did he do it?

    Is it possible for a man to have that level of devotion with women now days?

    What would a man need to do, to get that sort of cult like following with women??

    P.S. I’ve heard from several different sources that Manson got pretty heavy into reading Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends And Influence People”, among other psychology books.

  • M

    Hey dude, uh, Nerocchii, e-mail me again about the spiritual-religious stuff so I can finally reply to you. I lost your e-mail and have like thousands I don’t want to sort through to find it wherever I saved it. If you can or still want to. I do wanna continue that discussion.

    Also, it seems that Shark is dead. RIP. In the singsong words of Nick Cave, from the song “The Good Son”: one more man gone, one more man gone, one more man gone….

  • Jake

    Free Shark!

  • Slick#7

    What would a PUA wear to a rave>>?????

  • timmy

    Hey Shark,

    Idk if you died or something, but if God let you answer your email in heaven please answer this. This girl went from wanting me to take her to prom, now to me creeping her out. I don’t understand some things i did wrong but I know you will. Major points- Met her and 2 of her friends that first night. I hooked up with the 2 friends and I think she got hurt. Next the night my brother came back from bootcamp and I wanted to get him laid before her went for phase 2. So that’s when I set it up between him and the girl that I currently creep out. Number 3, Ultimate shit test or me being over the line?
    ==heard you wanna have sex this weekend?
    You’re so fucking weird. Seriously don’t ever text me again.
    ==Fine, learn to lighten up

    So, it is what it is. I then deleted her number out of my phone, from this beta resentment feelings

  • CaptainAmerica

    I used steroids for about 6 straight years. I was on top of the world, got pretty fuckin hairy but was horny as fuck all the time and, ripped and big, and was super confident. A few months ago I decided to come off completely, I was tired of depending on black market roids. Needless to say I’ve felt like complete shit for months and months now. No interest in girls, no game, no libido, not confident, etc. Testosterone is the key male hormone. Without it, you are nothing. I am just now starting to recover and I’ve been off for 4 months now. It’s been a shitty 4 months to say the least. I may actually end up on prescription testosterone shots for the rest of my life, which I don’t mind.

    So for anyone considering roods, do your research. I was stupid as fuck to stay on so long, owing to why my recovery is taking so long. You balls, hypothalamus, and anterior pituitary are all negatively affected by exogenous steroid usage and can take a long time to recover if you don’t take the proper precautions. Beleive me, you don’t want to experience what having next to no T in your blood feels like, especially after years of having 5x the normal amount.

    Will I use roids again? Probably. But this time smarter. I advise all of you to do the same if you choose to come over to the dark side.

  • Nick G

    It is a lot better and longer lasting to eat a pro-test diet, and use supplements like ZMA. Also much cheaper. Heavy squats and deadlifts are said to increase test and IGF levels. That said, there are medications taken along with testosterone to counter the risk of bitch tits such as Nolvadex or Clomid. And having so much Test flowing in your blood your body will naturally react by no longer producing any of it’s own. Which is where HGH injections would come into play and keep your gonads alive and pumping. Otherwise Yes, a man can grow female sex glands, start producing breast milk, and see his nuts shrivel to the size of peanuts. HaHa. And the irony is most muscle gained without Post cycle Therapy is lost. (They had elaborate taper down methods in the 70′s)

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