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On May 19, 2012 by Shark

A couple of good video demonstrations taken from the pick up artist forum:



Notice the smooth transition from indirect to direct game to turn the frame secksual, and how he reacts when she makes it slightly awkward after the transition. The awkwardness was both an implicit shit test plus the result of her inability to properly reciprocate. You must remember that most women do not have the same level of mental scytheness as your average PUA. When something changes, they are often confounded, and react with awkwardness, literally by accident. Clearly she was interested, but how does one retain plausible deniability while giving the green light to her dance partner? In this aspect, as the guy, you must always lead. Don’t default on the common excuse of “this bitch is awkward, I’m out” to explain your lack of Game.



Staged, but a good example nonetheless. “I’m Ricco Suave” would be a good answer to “what’s your name?” or “Hi, I’m Ricco Suave” would be a good opener on its own. Penetrating eye contact before the close – while she’s still rambling – is money. 0:58 provides a good illustration. If there ever was a hard neg, “you’re one of the ugliest girls in this club” would be it.



If any of you are planning on doing approach marathons, I would recommend that you watch this first. Not for instructional reasons, but it will make blowouts and number closes seem more real and down to earth. Your goal is to be somewhat numb of both the emotional high of closing, and the low of a blowout.

Speaking of blowouts, yes, they happen. Don’t shit yourself over one. Training yourself to be able to jump to the next approach without holding on to the baggage of a slump is crucial to becoming outcome independent; both in approaches and relationships. Rejection should be strategically avoided when possible, but not feared or dwelt upon.


PUA blowouts and number closes


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  • James

    i was thinking abt it, and u should start a section for COMMENTARY like on daily news and shit. wats ur personal take etc, e.g wats ur take on the nigerian guy whos got black magiced on and got his penis stuck to married womens vagina he was cheating on, daily new etc etc

  • James

    it surprises me what guys like senia, can do kiss close wearing shitty clothes where as sometimes i cant even approach a chic wearing ARMANI and i look 10x better than this guy,


    sometimes i tell myself FUCK IT and i go out with a shirt and a jeans NO PEACOCKING NO SHIT, NO ROLEX JUST PURE ME, and then i get IOIs from busty chicks WAT THE FUCK, im currently doing that, approaching random strangers abt wheres the atm, can this bus fly etc, it really breaks ur anxity and u realise that they are just ppl they will talk to you if u talk to them, the other day i asked a 29 yr old FUCKING HOT MILF where was the atm, at first i thought she just laugh at my face for being ugly or something, but no this bitch literraly stopped (ya she was a moving target) and explained to me for 1 min where is the nearest atm, (i was wearing nice clothes that day even got compliments from ppl saying i was beautiful (WTF) but anyways, it hit me like a lightning that wow if i can stop this milf and if she dues a 360 and turn and point face to face and talk to me for a min (i kno its less but CMON MAN i mean i felt like im king in the jungle) then that means she didnt find me wierd or creepy cuz i didnt use shit like “excuse can ask u something” or “excuse me, quick question” NO NONE OF THAT SHIT, i just said “u kno the nearest RBC atm arnd here ?” with heavy amount of disinterest, and i was amazed by the result. next time imma end the convo with “anyways thanx nice dress u look beautiful” instead of just “anyways thanx”

  • boscas

    i really liked the guy in the first video , he was good ! .
    Im wondering shark , whats your lay count? how many girls did u sleep with ?

  • Necorochi

    I saw the last video before,

    but just watching the first two approaches I was skeptical and dismissed it.


    Despite Sasha looking like a looser with a weird haircut and under-dressed he actually did pretty good.

    You have to watch the whole video to see this but regardless if you get rejected Sasha just kept coming.


    Which ultimately lead to his success.

    Great analysis of the videos. This post was awesome!

  • Necorochi

    If you guys liked theses video’s you will really like this one.

    Sasha from the last video kiss closes even while the chick knows it’s a one night stand

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