50 Shades of Grey

On June 13, 2012 by Shark

Want to learn how to give a girl over the top orgasms? Drop the technical manuals and read Fifty Shades of Grey. E L James does an extraordinary job at exploring the darker depths of female desire; but her crowning achievement is in pinpointing with exact precision the behaviors and modes of speak that open the Venusian flood gates. Take, for example, the way she describes her primary Alpha Male.


For those who aren’t aware, enigmatic is a synonym for unfiltered pussy crack. Enigmatic drives women insane. Enigmatic makes a girl think about you for hours. It adds dimensions to your personality, shades to your character, vistas to your actions. You should often contain yourself with

- unreadable expressions
- non sequitur comments
- sudden silence
- pangs of distraction
- talents and abilities she never knew you had
- a sad side, buried deep inside
- a romantic side, extremely difficult to earn
- ambition without reason
- irrational confidence
- open ended phrases

Simply put, being enigmatic is a matter of not talking too much, not showing too much, and otherwise allowing the different facets of your personality to naturally unfold over the course of a very long time rather than consciously propelling them to visibility with the goal of qualifying yourself to someone. You want to be the reserved and accomplished musician, the powerful and laconic businessman, or the cold and focused athlete. If you’re running a contrary form of game, like c/f, you want these things to be visibly invisible. In other words, you want your c/f to be a success, but for it to be obvious that it’s more of a “charade to hide something much deeper,” yes, just like in the movies. Cliches are cliches for a reason. Imagine for instance, you run c/f all night, bring a girl home, bang it out while drunk, wild, and funny; but when she wakes up at 6 am to use the bathroom, she finds you playing chamber music in a secret room behind the bookshelf (or something more normal, like writing a novel or analyzing charts).


Throughout the story you’ll see the submissive constantly appraising her ability to satisfy her object of desire. Remember our assessment of the value of your time? Here we have another way to look at it – what’s the value of your desire? Power is the ability to to exert your desires, your will. When exercised correctly over other people, it makes them WANT you to exert your desire on them, lending itself to a sort of growth cycle. The more power you have over someone, the more they seek to please you, and the more power they want to give you. All humans seek to be enslaved, it’s simply a matter of whether they want to be enslaved by their own desires or the desires of someone else.

You will notice also that the girl finds her reaction to falling in love extremely unfamiliar, despite her age and ability to attract other men. A somewhat metaphorical demonstration of our current state of society. All of your lamentations about the girl you’re with not being “affectionate,” or “loving,” is disconnected with the reality surrounding her. She is not that way because it’s in her nature to be that way, she is that way because of her current circumstances. Place any girl who thinks she’s just “not the relationship type” in the presence of a guy far beyond her status, and with elegant grace, and you’ll have a whole different story.

The line “stop biting your lip, it makes me want to fuck you” should be in everyone’s yellow book of quotes to use. It seamlessly combines secksuality (for obvious reasons), dominance (it’s a demand), and vulnerability (weakness to her appeal) in a single hue of passion. All the dialogue used in the more intimate scenes can be taken straight from the pages for your screen play, in fact, don’t be surprised if you’ve already used half those lines.

And lastly, the main consumers of this book are married women in their early 30s / mid 30s. Can anyone point out a reason why a plot revolving around a secret secksual affair might be a problem? I should start selling paternity kits and lie detector tests for commission on here.




44 Responses to “50 Shades of Grey”

  • kenny

    I’ve used that lip line before. Her face had sex written all over it. To bad we were web camming.

  • Necorochi

    Basically be mysterious

  • Stuart

    Shark I woke up from the most terrible nightmare. I dreamt life had passed me by and I was still the biggest beta. This dream included my current girlfriend who had the hots for another man and I was regressing into the biggest beta-dom in my entire life. Right now I am afraid of her going to a more alpha male than myself. This means I am sinking even further into beta-dom.

    After reading your blog I have a new inbuilt fear of being a beta male. I fear not passing shit tests, I fear another man making moves on my girlfriend. The problem is I would use your advice to combat outer game shit tests but I know if i BECOME a alpha male then all of this will not be a problem for me.

    I woke up this morning almost in tears as I smashed my games console and worked out for the first time in 6 months. Feeling a almost fear like a knife edge was starting to stick into my back and my mind ejected me from my current dream mind state and said CHANGE NOW.

    I pledged to myself that starting from today I would change. Not just with approaching women but with LIFE. I know that if i implement every single detail and do everything you say I will be able to turn myself into a super alpha and these things wont worry me any more. Every push up, every fear I face, every new book I read (including yours) , every new girl I talk to I will become stronger and more alpha. So I pledge to myself right here that I will change for the better, not for my girlfriend but for me.

    • Necorochi

      If you need any help with anything or have any questions, let me know. I’m doing the same thing.

    • Necorochi

      Hey Stuart

      Read this article from the Chateua

      It has some good examples of beta responses compared to alpha. I think you will find this really helpful.


    • Grimsby

      BEAUTIFUL !!!

      Please let us know of your progress, Stuart.

    • nemesis

      yes… let the pain drive you… destroy yourself and revive from your ashes… nobody is important or necessary in your life, everyone is a temporary illusion and is destinated to disappear from your life. Human relationships are based on mutual survival instinct and ALL of them are an attempt to assert power of one of the parties. Fuck all and fight your fears like if you were a fucking bull with a dynamite in your anus fighting against a two headed giant. Feel the pain, and remember that you will surely die and everything will disappear

    • Necorochi

      Re-reading your comment I realized I should of said-

      You need to read the situation, is your girl reciprocating to the guy that’s making a move on her? If she is then she is not the girl for you, unless you want to play the jealous game.

      Don’t fear other men making moves on your girl, in all honesty almost all women when they are by them selves and in the presence of a capable alpha male they themselves might make a move on them. HYPER-GAMMY. It’s in their nature to seek out alpha males.

      Yes, no, maybe so.

      Like shark always say’s you can’t stop a women from cheating and if she dose just leave. Your on the write track to become super alpha which intern will make it less likely for her to stray/cheat but nonetheless she still might cheat.

      Yes, no, maybe so.

      ^ ^
      This WILL help you if someone makes a move on your girl if your around.

      Lastly, their is nothing to fear, you shouldn’t fear another man making a move on your girl, your such a G that even if whoever makes a move on your girl your SO confident that another man will pale in comparison to you, the other guy 9/10 will slip up and say or do something beta. you have knowledge over game, he doesn’t….


  • M


  • Drive

    Anyone currently suffering a case of extreme Oneitis, I strongly suggest reading this page from the link below. I would be blown away if Shark didn’t write this.


  • Dan

    Shark, I hope you’ll answer this one fast.. I’m looking to do a tattoo on my arm , and i’m looking for some strong quote to write, any ideas ?

    • Grimsby

      Tattoo one of these on the inside of your eyelids:

      “As you think, you shall become.”

      “Action precedes thought.”

      “You lose money chasing women; you don’t lose women chasing money.”

      “Unsuccessful men chase women; women chase successful men.”

      For your arm, I see only one viable option:

      “Ninety-nine problems but a bitch ain’t one…”

  • Annoyed

    50 shades of grey is such a bad book

  • nemesis

    hey shark, could you post your thoughts on drugs

  • DungBeetleJake

    It’s infuriating to me that I can copy paste an download this entire “man-bible” in under 10 seconds. If I only knew then what I know now…..nevertheless….my sons will prosper. God bless you Shark

  • Mort G

    My question for you regards the “Omega Male” and his ability to ever become an Alpha male.

    Could you elaborte on this man whose status is even lower than that of the lowest Beta male? And his ability to have any kind of success with game at all? What is his fate?

    • Grimsby

      In my opinion, the “Omega Male” must be uprooted in every sense of the word. He must erase himself. He must at once, without warning, be completely removed from his everyday life, geographically and socially. He must cut off all ties to his previous existence (no work, no obligations, and no contact with friends and family) and go to stay somewhere else indefinately – the further away, the better.

      Secondly, he will need guidance – an extremely dedicated coach must stay by his side during his every waking hour. Goals must be set for everyday, and he must not be allowed to sleep until he has achieved those goals. This must go on for as long as is necessary. If both of them (the omega and the coach) stick to the program, he WILL become Alpha, there is no doubt about it.

  • tony

    if a girl literally says “you are hard to talk to”, yet is extremely attracted and gets overbound with joy when you complement her, does this mean she is intimidated and overwhelmed (kind of like in this book, at least the beginning as ive only read so much), or could it be something else?

    • Grimsby

      It means she is intimated and overwhelmed, the way you described. What she is really saying is that you’re too smart for her, and that her intelligence level does not match up to yours. In fact, it is BECAUSE of this that she becomes so happy when you compliment her – the compliment means a lot more coming from YOU, because she assumes that you know what you’re talking about. She values your opinion.

      Talking is overrated…

  • Ant72

    So I popped on the internetz today and was greeted with this article: http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/three-biggest-fears-raising-boys-today-025400779.html. I was curious to see if it was going to be more Matrix propaganda. She had some good points. I was intrigued enough to skim the excerpt from the book here: http://lisabloom.com/site/lisas-books/swagger-excerpt/

    While it doesn’t integrate much of what we have learned from you Shark (such as female hypergamy), it does touch on other topics such as distractions and obstacles that lead to boys remaining boys well into adulthood. It was encouraging to see someone cheering for our gender.

  • Red

    Talked to my dad tonight… responding to his depressed message from two days ago where he just had a bad feeling something was wrong. Thought it used to mean something when he said that…

    His tone was weak… frail… pausing constantly (and not dramatic pauses, but the hesitant “uummmmmm” kind). He thanked me several times for calling back… (after two days…). He described his boring week… I tried finding something to talk about. When something finally came up, an opening to say something interesting in return, he switched topics that instant. Most fucking depressing conversation ever… It’s obvious he’s drunk too much tonight, like every other night.

    I used to feel bad for people who had abusive parents. I haven’t been afraid of my dad since i was about 12. But despite my love for my parents they’re so fucking weak. It’s like they have no zest for life… I have nothing to look up to. My family has been fucking falling apart the past 5 years. If it weren’t for my brother and sister being smart, athletic, and funny and likewise with some of my cousins I’d feel totally ashamed of my genetic background.

    You once said “everyone deep down fears their dad”. You might have even believed it. I on the other hand feel no fear for my dad and what he could do. Instead, I pity him. There’s an ounce of fear for both grandpas… and I look up to both (despite their problems). Nothing like that for my dad. I almost want to hate him. It’s like I’m becoming his fucking therapist. How the fuck can someone go 23 years and achieve nothing they seem to be deep down proud of (that doesn’t relate to me achieving something). I’m making almost as much as him, I’m more free than he is, I’m in better shape than he is, I’m better with women that he is, I’m far more willing to take risks than he is, and I tend to be more wise than he is.

    The last time I saw him truly alive for more than a day or two was when he came back from Sedona, Arizona. We’re travelling there together next February. Part of why I was so excited when the opportunity came up was the thought of having a father who actually feels alive and seeing him in that zone as someone I can reliably look up to.

    It’s hard to tell myself I’m good enough when I know that my dad has failed with women since I was born, achieved nothing, and experienced so little outside of his rat race and my experiences with him… FUCK! I have a swim meet this weekend… I can channel my anger into that temporarily, maybe set some new personal bests, but I can’t fucking bury this anymore. I respect my coach so much more than my dad… he is one of the greatest men I’ve ever looked up to.

    I want to become a volunteer swim coach mostly because I want to learn from him. I need someone like that in my life to learn from. But there are so many fucked up things that come up from within when I put myself in a position like that…. and it’s so hard to deal with them when I’m coming to practice exhausted from work… but I need to do it. I needed to write this… for myself.

  • tony

    An aquaintence of mine started backsliding in his relationship, and i tried helping him out by explaining some basic principles of game to get a bit of attraction and power back on his side. somehow the girl found out, and in true beta-enforcement fashion, proceeded to tell him that if he followed the rules i gave him she would have broken up with him. now he thinks i was trying to sabotage their relationship, and is becoming jealous of me, and therefore, more beta. i literally wasted some of my time to put the answer in right his face, and he managed to fuck up more, and blames me for it.

    advice to you all, if you try to help someone, make sure they are ready to be unplugged.

    • No Spoon


      Couldn’t agree with you more. There are three friends in my life in LTRs that are currently in the process of losing their footing. The first, his girlfriend knows about my lifestyle and view of relationships, some aspects are due to my friend telling her, so she no longer wants him to hang out with me in fear that he will come to see her as the succubus that she is. He has become much less available, partly because I know he’s embarrassed by the shit he puts up with, and also because at his core, he’s just a blue pill kinda guy (BPG). The second just got engaged to a girl after breaking up with her for a year following an 8-year run. He broke up with her because he ‘couldn’t deal with her shit anymore’ as a result of them living together. She just moved back in with him again. How long until he remembers why they broke up? I’m looking forward to the hilarity that will ensue. The third is engaged to a girl that is a solid 9 in her mid 30′s that has no doubt decided to bake up some kids. He’s clearly never dated a girl of this caliber (he’s landed some 7′s in the past) , and assumes if he offers to cut his own balls off, she will love him that much more.

      The first guy, I tried to help him by showing him the way. He knows and appreciates the ideas of self mastery, “game”, and the like, but he’s too insecure to succeed. I’ve given up, but I don’t think we’ll ever be good friends again. Two and three, I had already had the experience with guy one, so I took a nonchalant approach. I learned my lesson the first time, but based on some covert evaluation of my friends’ perspectives, I know neither of them will change.

      I said this before, and you can see my post under Project Mayhem, but a word of advice: focus on yourself, your own priorities, business, and relationships. Use discretion, but in general, stay out of your friends personal lives. If you value someone as a friend, show them the right way to live through action, not words. Most of these guys you know will complain, say they don’t understand women, etc. and you’ll be tempted to impress them with your vast knowledge. But instead of a gold star or a pat on the back, they’re more likely to become concerned that you’ll start gaming their girlfriend and the next thing you know, you’re not invited to the cookout or X-Factor finale. More importantly, there is also a good chance you’ll lose so much respect for them, it will overshadow your friendship, effectively killing it.

  • Grimsby

    Red, your situation is very similar to mine, and it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out for quite some time myself. How do you cope with the frustration of being powerless to help a loved one? And it’s not even OUR powerlessness that’s the problem, but THEIRS. It is their utter inability / refusal to help THEMSELVES that is driving us to the brink of insanity. We lie awake in the early hours of the morning, constantly thinking: “Why? Why the FUCK are they doing this to themselves? We are TRYING to help them, and they DEPEND on our support, and they KNOW that they risk LOSING that support through their self-destructive, self-defeating behavior, but they do it anyway.”

    And yet, because of your emotional attachment to the person, you simply cannot bring yourself to give up on them. Will your conscience ever be able to handle it? If you cut them off from your life and you find out a week later that they blew their brains out with a shotgun, will you ever be able to live with yourself?

    And so you keep pushing on, keep trying, and helping, and hoping for that rewarding sense of fulfillment you will feel when you finally break through to them. Just so you can know that your efforts were not in vain, but were worthwhile after all. Because how depressing would it be to know that all that time had been wasted on a hopeless cause?

    I know for a fact that your situation is MUCH worse than mine. In my case it’s my girlfriend and her son, but in your case it’s your BLOOD. It is the very person that conceived you, raised you, and provided for you. Breaking a bond like that seems almost unthinkable.

    And so you are presented with an age-old dilemma, suffered by hundreds of men (and women) before you. Do you continue to sacrifice of yourself to help another, or do you redirect that energy into enriching your own life? The second option sounds selfish, doesn’t it? You must get into the mode of thinking that it is not.

    Detachment is one of the most advanced skills the Alpha male must master. There comes a point where you must decide that you have done ENOUGH. Where you must realize that what you are doing is not helping ANYBODY. And where you must acknowledge the harsh fact of life and nature that, as a fully matured young male, you DESERVE to be free from your nest. The young must flourish while the old must fade away, it is a NECESSITY of life. As long as you are not DIRECTLY screwing anyone over, you have nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, your father is the one screwing you over by clinging to you for moral support that is not your obligation to provide (it should actually be the other way around, and he KNOWS it).

    I believe in giving everyone a fair chance, so here’s what I suggest: Print out some of the articles from Shark’s blog (his very first ones are some of the best on the entire website). Try focusing on the articles that you feel will relate more specifically to your father. And the next time you see him, tell him about the website, how it has changed your life, and how you want that same happiness for him as well. Then give him the articles.

    And that is all you have to do. After that, he can no longer plead ignorance. He has no more excuses. You’ve both been exposed to the same knowledge – what he chooses to do with it is his own decision to make.

  • WolFMentality

    SHARK I would love to know how you would handle a fight like this.

  • Somehow,I smell bullshit here.

    Whenever I come across women pitching products about dating and sex:my bullshit meter just goes off.

    Though I do agree with the concept of being enigmatic,it just strikes me as odd coming from women(since they’re the worse to give advice on courtship).

  • Grimsby

    Another thing I think you should do is go on holiday with your swim coach instead of your father. Dead serious.

  • Ant72

    I recently forced myself to watch a few episodes of the HBO show Girls after being berated by co-workers to give it a chance.

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

    It is a portrait of the modern urban female’s unchained, hypergamous hamster laid bare for all to see, and only those who have learned the lessons from this blog and those like it will really, truly connect the dots and see it as a humiliating expose of the female mind. Feminazis and urban females who think it represents them have found their new emotional pornography in the guise of this hipster-Sex and the City. AFCs will watch it in hopes of deciphering why their girlfriends act like crazy bitches and will feed into their psyche of “women are a total fucking mystery, even to themselves.”

    Besides that, the show’s characters are totally unlikeable. I never have seen a show where I could not have the least amount of fondness towards any of the characters.

    Awful show that shows the awful truth that will only TRULY be appreciated by those enlightened to game.

  • James

    i know u prolly wont have time but if u cant u should check out mafia and mafia 2,

  • Mort G

    Additionally, I want to expand on that previous question about the “omega male” – I want your opinion, Shark, as to whether or not learning game is even worthwhile for such a male.

    For example, say a guy has gone through life completely ignored or despised by 98% of women. He is the last man almost all women would even consider dating. It’s not that he’s physically defective – say he is 6’0″ and has an athletic build – but that through a personality defect such as Asperger’s Syndrome, he has little to no social awareness, especially among women.

    Wouldn’t the gap between what he knows and what game can teach be simply too vast at that stage in his life (late 20s) to even be worth spending time on? The risk that men like this run is that they can pour countless hours into studying this stuff and literally come out, 4-5 years later, with little to nothing to show for it. Maybe they can eventually attract a 2 or a 3 with tight game, but is settling for some overweight or ugly or crazy girl that much better than simply remaining alone?

    I would really love to see your thoughts on the Omega Male predicaments and how learning Game does or doesn’t apply. Most of the men reading your stuff are undoubtedly run-of-the-mill Betas who have a decent chance to move into the lower Alpha stratosphere, but there is a small percentage of extremely low-status Omega men who read this and wonder if it can help them attain even a reasonably attractive woman in their lifetime. And these men DO NOT want to waste a large chunk of their life learning something that, in the end, will not apply to them or help them because they lack even the basic status/skills/awareness that most Betas have.

  • Jake

    I’ve been reading a lot of posts by blogger “YOHAMI” over the last two days. I just read one that might hit home with your readership like it did me:

    What everybody hates about game is to se a non alpha (read, non worthy man) “faking” attributes and behavior and “tricking” women into thinking he is someone he is not for sex only.

    A unworthy man doing all sorts of fake weirdo efforts to get a woman´s attention is cringe worthy.

    Its a natural instinct: the best women are reserved for the alphas. Any deliberate effort feels try hard. We expect this to be natural and easy.

    So, that´s why non alphas fear women = these women belong to someone else and courting them feels like the wrong / off thing to do. And the stuff you do to compensate the wrongness is all over the place.

    So rather than learning game: become alpha, and all these girls will expect to be yours and jump on your lap without you having to chase-trick-or-game them individually.

    It will feel good and natural for everybody, and fun to watch.

  • Jake

    Another Yohami:

    No, for a relationship to work you just need to be a MAN

    Rivelino says:

    “so for a relationship to work, the man needs to assume the burden of being strong, and being determined, and of taking on some sort of life mission. ”

    Yohami says:

    No, for a relationship to work you just need to be a MAN. If thats a burden, then you are not the MAN, next.

    You see it as a burden because you dont see it in you, not because it isnt there.

    You would think its less of a burden to make her your mission, have her tell her what to do and measure happiness from her point of view, but thats how things never work and never would. Being the MAN and being happy yourself takes 10% of the energy you require to be a functioning beta. The remaining 90% you will use to hunt, have fun, compete with other men and grow.

    Because a MAN is what your body and energy scheme is designed to be, being a MAN is whats going to be easy and feel natural.

    The burden you feel comes from all of the self imposed and externally imposed exigencies, facades, hurts, malfunctioning stuff, eg. neurosis, and you are trying to run a fake alpha persona on top of that, so of course THAT is exhausting.

    The sensitive man without a backbone, nope, thats not what girls want.

    Men were not made to cry, just like girls were not made to conquer danger and change the world.

    You can find your self-pitty and cry all day and have some people hug you and tell you they understand, oh poor thing! you little thing you are so weak, so cute! everything is going to be alright!

    But it wouldnt feel alright, would it.

  • I heard of “sexual triggers” ,but I would like to know more about them. So could Shark or any of the guys here help me?

  • hey

    if you’ve read the entirety of this book: http://www.truthcontest.com/entries/the-present-universal-truth/
    what are your thoughts about it? its a relarively long book with no shortage of repetition and alarm so I’m sure you’d get sick and skeptical of it quickly, but it does get to be interesting, seeing as it contains references to various religions and great scientists in one area to form an existentialist message

  • Grimsby

    In response to Mort G about the Omega male:

    Well if you’re talking about mental disorders, that’s another story entirely. Obviously the first thing that such a person should be doing is focusing on beating the disorder first. For example, this is an excerpt from an article on Wikipedia about the treatment of Asperger’s syndrome, the disorder that you mentioned:

    “Intervention is aimed at improving symptoms and function. The mainstay of management is behavioral therapy, focusing on specific deficits to address poor communication skills, obsessive or repetitive routines, and physical clumsiness.[12] Most children improve as they mature to adulthood, but social and communication difficulties may persist.[7] Some researchers and people with Asperger’s have advocated a shift in attitudes toward the view that it is a difference, rather than a disability that must be treated or cured.”

    Look, at the end of the day, sure it’s gonna be more difficult for some guys than others. This can be due to a combination of many different factors that are too complex to pinpoint. Some guys just didn’t grow up Alpha. However, the fact remains that it can be changed. The amount of effort required to change will depend on how far behind you are. And yes, of course the “omega” male will have to put in more effort than everyone else.

    Think about it this way. Some guys were born into Alphaness the same way that people are born into wealth / rich families. Other guys were born into Omega-ness the same way that people are born into poverty / destitution. Life is unfair. Everyone’s got shit that they have to deal with. The people that become successful in anything related to life (wealth, women, whatever) are the ones that PERSIST in their difficulties.

    There are people who have gone from being dirt-poor to being mega-rich. Did they complain about having to do more effort than people that were rich to begin with? No they didn’t. If they did, they would’ve stayed poor due to all the time they wasted complaining. In the same way, the Omega male will stay Omega if he has the same attitude. If he doesn’t want to “waste time” on learning game, too bad, that’s his own problem. It probably means that his pathetic life isn’t all that uncomfortable to him after all, otherwise he’d be doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to get out of it.

    As Shark has said countless times, security and safety is an illusion. Life is short, and you won’t get anywhere if you don’t put in the effort to get there. Yes, the Omega male will have to pull out all of the stops to become Alpha. He will probably have to quit his job, he will probably have to move away from home, he will probably have to disrupt his own life in a way that is less than comfortable. He needs to decide for himself what has more value: comfort, or greatness?

    You will notice in my previous response that I also emphasized the need for HELP. The omega male needs someone to guide him on his journey, for sure. And this “coaching” person must have just as much guts and persistance as the Omega male.

    And you’re right, it is true that some will fail. There will definately be those that give up. There will be those who try very hard and come out, as you mentioned, “with little to nothing to show for it.”

    But there will also be those that succeed. And that fact alone makes it worth trying in the first place.

    In response to Edward about sexual triggers:

    In addition to this very article that you commented on (read it again), check out some of these other articles by Shark:





  • 108

    ‘yes just like in the movies’


  • Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in truth was a leisure account it.
    Look complicated to more delivered agreeable from you! However, how could we keep in touch?

  • Cat

    “Basically be mysterious”…yep you got it kid!

    Just as Giacomo suggested over 200 years ago!

  • Cat

    Wanna see the dark side …and how interesting it is to see quite a number of very attractive women in the audience…go & see this…


    It will make you think & wonder about the dark unconscious recesses of the female psyche…..plus seeing John M acting it out onstage is very cool!!

  • Cat

    Place any girl who thinks she’s just “not the relationship type” in the presence of a guy far beyond her status, and with elegant grace, and you’ll have a whole different story. …..

    Not sure it’s status.as in the provider sense or rank …..but POWER…he has power over her emotions and other people

    It appears to be status but in truth it is power…in this case he fulfills the typical romantic heroines dream guy, rich & powerful, challenging as Heathcliff did many moons ago or if you prefer a real example Lord Byron….but he could also be a Hell’s Angel…or Outlaw depends on what the woman’s wants or more importantly,,NEEDS!

  • Wow
    My firsts comment .hey stop it with all this bull shit response yall got ! Shark is here to help not get all yalls
    Beta heads twisted ! Just read, do some mental calculations ,and put to action !remember that confidence is gained slowly day by day ! Confidence aint gonna be gained just by reading . PUT ur self to work or yall are gonna end up with a dildo in yalls asses!!

  • I keep hearing about this 50 Shades of gray thing but never checked it out nor even knew what it was.

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