On June 29, 2012 by Shark

Hi, this is not shark. I manage the site for him. Shark is gone, he is likely going to become a billionaire within the next 5-10 years (not kidding). He asked me to move up his best posts to the top, which I will do in the next few days. I do not know if he will ever post on here again. I asked if he wanted to leave a note for his readers, and he said;

“See you all on the other side”

P.S: will everyone trying to track down Shark stop e-mailing me thinking that I am him. Thank you.

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  • M

    So long shark…ill be grateful with you forever…

    • bryden

      dude shark you are the absolute man … i have no other way of contacting you but i bought your book online and still havent recieved it… just wondering whats up?… otherwise you are a fucking genius man..

      [Sent, apologies for the delay, Shark is absent]

  • Matt

    *Sheds a tear of gratitude*

  • D

    All I can say is, thank you Shark.

  • Attempt at Alpha

    Shark stopped posting?!?! What is this B.S….
    Shark, come back. You can be a billionare and still manage to take 30 minutes out of 24 hours a day and post here.

  • Al

    So investment billionaire then…that won’t be very easy to look up…

  • Ryan

    I feel like I lost a best friend, Shark you gave me hope when the horror of being unplugged almost overwhelmed me. I hope we all see you pop up somewhere, you are one of the smartest people Ive interacted with, and a founding father of our counter-revolution!

    God Speed

  • ramiro

    will the content of this site be lost?

    or this site will still be available to read?

  • Dane

    I smell bullshit.

  • nemesis

    shit just got serious

  • Drive

    God bless you Shark

  • MagicP

    I met this site at a very strange time in my life

  • K

    Thank you Shark

  • boscas

    goodbye shark , ill remember you my whole life , and ill be visiting this blog , reading the posts and smiling :)

    you’re such a great man , one of those who can change a nation , goodluck to you with your life , hope you all the best

  • Richie

    Shark wants to become a legend….

  • Joshel8

    It has been a good run. Thanks Shark.

    I still wonder whether it would be possible to continue the project / discussion without Shark. Anyone up for building message board etc.?

  • WolFMentality

    That you for showing me the door. Your advice has been invaluable to me. You gave me the extra push I needed to pursue my dreams and never let anything get in my way. I will see my dreams realized, and after that, I’ll make bigger dreams. I will never stop bettering myself. Thank you forever.

  • WolFMentality

    On a side note, as Shark knows all to well by now, this site has become much bigger than the individual that started it. I propose that the SMGP community make Project Mayhem a full site, so that we can continue to build off of the legacy that Shark created. Our mentor is gone, but the idea he left behind isn’t, it must live on.

  • I see.. now u r playing the “stand on your own feet now kids” card. See u on the other side then.

  • Templar

    Well guys, we all have our Project Mayhem orders. Lets get to it and take over the world.

  • Ant72

    Well…that was abrupt.

    I don’t know if any other words can say it better than this: You changed my life, Shark. Thank you.

  • invalid username

    Shark, come back. I only just rediscovered this site about a month ago when my girlfriend split up with me. We’re now back together, thanks mainly to your advice and the things I’ve learnt from this site. Things are going well but every now and then I check back in here, spend a few hours reading through the archived posts from years ago. I’m nearly through all of them now. I know the mistakes I’ve made through my life and I am forever grateful to you for pointing them out to me. I am learning. I know what I want now. Never again will I allow myself to become jealous, fail a shit test or beta backslide. My understanding of women and society has increased hugely. But just as I start my journey (I’m 17) you leave. I know I am Alpha inside and I am slowly coming to a full sense of self-realisation. I am happier than I have ever been. Whenever I am depressed, your posts will always calm my troubled heart. Now you have gone, but your words have inspired me more than you know. So long sensei. Thank you.

  • Malt

    Thanks for everything Shark and web admin dude. This has truly been an inspiration.

    Could you guys give us a warning if the site will go down to save as much material as possible? Better yet, could you guys provide us with a .rar file containing all of Shark’s posts?


  • Alex

    Such a sad message.

    Personally I was going down, lacking hope, energy… Thigns were just going pretty bad in almost every sense and thigns just pile up and is stressful. I was hoping new good material here(as usual) which enlighten us, and more personal questions being answered which gives us a sense of reality and we can see things in a practical way.

    I guess… it’s not all bad, of course, it’s just sad. I was probably just waiting for “the post” that would fix my life instead of putting effort myself. I will have to get my ass off the chair and make things happen, maybe I’m rationalizing and making excuses in such and advacend level that I’m not even noticing it and make myself believe I’m trying, when I’m not.

    I will take a good look to review this website(please, whoever is managing this site..keep it up as long as you can) and will take the basic tips I need for my life now. When everything is a little better I while take another good look from scratch to this website to reshape and little details to how to be alpha and be happy.

    Oh yeah, another little problem is that without new post .. there will be no new comments where we can share stuff with other readers. It would be cool to make something for that, perhaps?

    • El Matador

      everything has already been answered. I have put almost all of the articles into a pdf for easier offline reading. hmu if you want a copy

      • Alex

        Hey El Matador, hope shit aint going terrible for you when you read this…

        I just got up on this site and was told i should read it from the earliest post to last. I’ve been doing this and its been pretty informative in some aspects, im on page 27 i think.

        I didnt even think about this page going offline but yeah im wondering if you can send me the pdf.
        I input my email in the place where it says i should I’m guessing that means you can read it..

        If not, just reply to this. I’ll check it again in a few days or eventually for sure.


  • GreenGranted

    It seems strange that he couldn’t take 5 minutes himself to write a message like this.

  • Msam

    Shark, you changed our lives and put it in the right direction. I wish you all the best in your life. And may you find the internal happiness for ever.

  • Kitty litter

    Hopefully they leave the site up to reference when needed. There wasn’t much else the guy could tell us, his past blogs can be applied to just about any situation imagineable.

  • Joshel8

    As some have mentioned the need for discussion forum, I quickly composed one. This is not trying to be official or anything, just a quick fix before all the regulars go different ways and the community collapses.

    (The address is pretty incomprehensible, yes, but its a quick solution for now.)

  • kenny

    I hope this is a joke, but thanks for everything.

  • Don’t let us Shark !

  • A feminist iluminati kill Shark ?

  • I’ve just started

    Anyone who wants to continue discussion can do so there. I’ll keep it up and if people here end up using it I’ll make it more legitimate and such.

    The more of you who go there and leave a comment or something the more likely and able I’ll be to make it a worthwhile space for fan’s of shark, like me, and those whose lives were changed in some way by reading his stuff.

  • Jose

    Do not worship Shark. That is not what he is here for nor what he wants out of this. Take what you have learned and be the Shark of your own world helping others as he as helped you. Now swim off little fishes.

    • theBandit

      Well said; some people need to realize that although it is useful to have an idol to look up to, it is a necessity that you discover that in your own heart and mindset that there should be no one on the pedestal but yourself.

    • M

      Of course, I think we all saw that coming.

      Egotistically I’m assuming this is somewhat a response to what I’ve done, in response to the death of this blog. There’s only so much one can teach before it becomes an exercise in self-indulgence & mental masturbation.

      I made the blog the other day on a whim for people who still wanted advice form a Shark as some comments expressed above, who don’t want to deal with a more ambiguous community like the other pua places I’ve seen – coming from those of us who’ve been wherever they are (those in need of advice); so, as you mentioned, helping others as some of his writing may have helped us.

      The only Grand Worshipful Master is oneself – architecturally – & it will be funny to see, perhaps five to ten years from now, one of us on television, or reading an article of someone who’s asked a question about how they got where they were, and their response is “Project Mayhem”. And some of us will smile, knowing, we were amongst the small collective who took a stranger’s challenge & words of advice, & are all the better for it.

      From Wikipedia: “Unlike most bony fish, sharks are K-selected reproducers, meaning that they produce a small number of well-developed young as opposed to a large number of poorly developed young,” and so we mature, however slowly, like the Evergreen, Oak, or Yew.

      If Shark does read any of this, or web admin if you could pass this message along, perhaps to Shark: Thanks for inadvertently & without a doubt saving my life – I went from 200-300 unit’s per week of alcohol consumption to zero. I’ve “tried” quitting before, and it only worked as long as I HAD to – like for legal reasons, or in order to satisfy superiors & ensure housing or funding, or forced by circumstance; but, now, and after going through the lowest point in my life this past year, simultaneously with some of the highest points, I’ve actually & largely thanks to Shark, become sober by my own desire, and drive.

      In summation: thanks shark for making me see things for how they were, not how I pretended they were going to be; you’ve revitalized the conscious-decision making process portion of my brain, and in so doing, have prevented an early death. I’m 24 years of age this month. Were I not to stumble upon your writing when I did, I would be dead before my birthday; that’s not an understatement nor is it an exaggeration. Instead, I woke the fuck up.

      It’s really amazing how, whether or not it’s just my mind taking everything in and building a fabricated matrice of synchronous correspondences between events, people, circumstances, thought’s, etc…that I got from this blog something which you probably never intended, nor did I ever expect to get from a place called “solvemygirlproblems” written by “shark”. My ability to function, my return to reason, & the reformation of mind I needed. It’s a feeling of grateful hilarity I harbor, seeing that after 8 years of self-destruction, with literally every possible method of rehabilitation implemented (only once by choice, years ago, for a specific drug which I haven’t used since), but I put myself on a pedestal as an Alcoholic Dandy Artist Writer Musician Dionysus Exu so that I could drink myself to death, and then months before the inevitable, I read some article you wrote about an issue I was having with my gf, and it wasn’t what you wrote about girls that caught me, it was something you said entirely unrelated to women, and the way you said it, regarding a perception of reality you and I shared, that I thought I was crazy for thinking, and had subdued for various reasons throughout my life in fear of being ridiculed or something like that.

      Reading your blog when I did was like coming back to base-point, stabilization, & solid ground after riding out a 48+ hour long LSD & Psilocybe azurescens psychedelic vacation of a trip, which took instead of a few days to get back to baseline, 3 months of internalizing, introspecting, actualizing, accepting, attempting, backsliding, rewiring, giving up, giving in, etc…to re-calibrate & re-align myself to who I am as I’ve always been, and need be; not who I was moulding myself into.

      Shit, I just ranted. Coffee in the morning plus thanking a Shark for saving your life just points to how ridiculous all of htis is, but simply, how amazing life is now as well. The internet. Shit. It’s a beautiful place we’re all in. I hope I don’t forget that again.


      And Patriarch, of course that’s the point, but for those who just stumble upon this place and would like help like we once received, I’m providing another place to do that, specifically in relation to shark’s advice in a forum like space with the “Projected Mayhem,” blog. Eventually I assume it will turn into my own PUA advice blog & experiential database of a new form of Game I’ll coin myself.

      I could tell Shark’s business model as other PUA blogs within minutes of seeing the site, but what set him apart was the quality, and the clarity of the message.

      Last comment from me on this blog.

      Good luck every body.

  • Dr.

    Shark, I wish you wealth, health, and pack free women for yourself. May your glass never reach half empty and if shit ain’t the best, hope these lyrics help.


    Don’t you chodes fucking see! It’s time to get the fuck off your ass and practice being that MAN you want to be!!! Quit looking for a quick fix of inspiration and then in turn let your balls shrivel back up to the pathetic sack it’s been for years! You have all the material you need right fucking here! It’s ’bout time us “men” grow a fucking pair.

    • “Don’t you chodes fucking see! It’s time to get the fuck off your ass and practice being that MAN you want to be!!! Quit looking for a quick fix of inspiration and then in turn let your balls shrivel back up to the pathetic sack it’s been for years! You have all the material you need right fucking here! It’s ’bout time us “men” grow a fucking pair.”


    • Chris

      I believe this was the point all along,but we all want more don’t we? We have been given enough knowledge,after a certain point its down to us to put it to work. This is exactly what shark wanted,to cut the umbilical cord,its the best decision.

      Ask yourself, are you reading these pearls of wisdom, digesting them and taking action and pushing your self imposed boundaries?Or are you checking this site everyday salivating at the thought of a new post and then mentally masturbating? Trust me, I have been (the latter),its like tricking your mind into thinking your working when really your spinning your wheels.

      Remember its as easy as a choice and we all make thousands of choices everyday,the power you seek is WITHIN YOU AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN.The better body,the brand new 7 series, your searching for a feeling inside you,no object or person can give it to you and if they are remember that’s how easily it can be taken away.Turn inside,this is not cheesy advice,its the truth plain and simple.

      All in all shark I salute you!

      I am recommending these two sites(not mine) to the rest of my brothers out there.

  • Tom

    Any of you that have read much into the blogs of the ‘manosphere’ know that the best ones always vanish without a trace and without warning. It was obvious that Shark would join them someday.

    I’ll certainly miss his postings, very easy to read and all around very good.

  • Dimethyltryptamine

    Shark has become delusional. Sad to see.

  • Tre

    As PATRIARCH said, stop the intellectual masterbation, get out there and start implementing this shit. I know all of you fuckers will succeed once you start taking massive action.

  • John

    Goodbye Shark.
    May the force be with you

  • Grimsby

    Yes yes yes! My friends, it is here. It is NOW. The final lesson, for all of us, has finally arrived! Contrary to what many of you may think, this is the BEST thing that could’ve happened to us, and the timing could not have been better. Not only has Shark given us the knowledge, the tools, and the inspiration to conquer the world, but he has also single-handedly removed the only obstacle left in our way – OUR DEPENDENCE ON THIS BLOG.

    Think of the freedom you have been granted! That expectancy that you had in the past, that urgency to check his website every hour in anticipation for his next post. It’s all GONE. It is never going to happen again! YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Acknowledge it. Accept it. EMBRACE IT.

    All of this time, Shark has been TELLING you what you need to do. Now, he is SHOWING you by example.

    Good luck to all, including Shark. Let’s make things happen!

  • Grimsby

    In addition, I’d like to thank Joshel8 and M for their swift responses in creating temporary forums where we can continue Shark’s work amongst ourselves.

    What I suggest is that all of us really, REALLY start something profound in our lives, and then begin PURSUING it. We can share our progress, our successes, our failures, and our questions with one another and continue progressing in each of our respective endeavors.

    My friends, this is only the beginning!

  • T

    Wake up wake up, you’re going to die!

    I remember Shark explaining in a post that his ultimate goal of this site was to unplug a person from the shit they called life to the point that they would be so alpha that they would never need to come back to this blog.

    I see in these comments people so desperate. They need that oh so very much needed dose of intellectual euphoria. Like a slap to the face. So desperate to find the answers to questions you already knew if only you could disconnect your vagina from what you know you should do. “Let what does not matter truly slide.”

    So sad Shark is gone? Then you haven’t learned anything. This site is not about your shitty relationships that aren’t worth saving. It’s not about picking up chicks. It’s not about girls at all really. It’s about fundamentals. Basic traits that every man must carve into the deepest crevasses of their mind and body. It’s about becoming a man able to conquer anything from from pure will power. Plain and simple. If you can strip away the masks you create to hide the truth then you will understand what Shark did here.

    Any situation in your life can be answered from Shark’s blog and book. Read and absorb. Stop thinking your situation is unique to everyone else. The fundamentals are all the same. Perseverance.

    Shark was like your favorite band. The material is genius, the words ring so true. You feel it as the dopamine levels increase, rushing though you. You’re in awe from enlightenment. Like every great band though the ages, nothing stays the same. They leave behind a service to the world that no one else could have done. They created the lyrics that will last forever.

    You listen so much that eventually you know the words by heart. When you really listen, the lyrics become something more. They become apart of you. So fucking listen. Make it apart of who you are. Don’t just sing along.

    See you on the other side as well, boys.

  • Epic

    Thanks for everything Shark.

  • Sebastian

    See you on the other side Shark.

  • nick

    My elder brother committed suicide his wife left him earlier and that could be the reason if only had I showed him this website I truly believe he would have been with me… I miss my brother. He will live on through me… This blog WILL save lives.

  • Coffey

    Could i just have your book then?

  • Daniel

    One day Jack woke and Tyler was gone. Jack confused and pissed off about it in a lot of the same ways seen in these comments.

    Life imitates art.

  • shark clone

    There is a Shark in everyone of us.Time to bring him out.Thats the ultimate homage we can pay to Shark!

  • Matt

    Please write that book on relationships shark, will be a life saver, good luck though, and one day, please reveal yourself. peace bro

  • Attempt at Alpha

    So I take back my previous comment. I’ve been thinking about this for days…

    Shark has provided us with the information. Now, he wants us to use this information.

    This will be my last time as well on this blog for a month. Now, time to apply this info!

  • Abz

    Hey guys,

    Just had a break off 3 weeks ago… discovered this site 2 weeks ago…and shark is already gone…wat fckn bad luck..whom am i supposed to ask for advice… can u guys help me out

    I’ll try to make it short
    ” i was in a relation ship for 4 years…well 2 years then we had a break off and remained apart for 1 year . During this 1 year her life was devastated , she lost her job , couldn’t continue her studies so when i came to know i went back to her to help her (I was leaving country for a better job and good pay and could help her), i hepled her a lot financially and brought her life back to normal, during this time our feelings reignited and our relationship turned into an LDR. However i did not give her an assurance to marry her (different religions)… recently she said that she wanted to break off as her friend was willing to marry her… feeling that i would loose her i spoke to my parents… next day she confessed that she had been cheating on me and that she was already involved with that friend for the past 2 months… i beta backslided badly..forgave her and gave her another chance to come back to me…but within a week she said that she wanted to continue with him (Reason: same religion, more freedom after marriage). Reading the blogs i came to know that the only reason for a girl leaving is LOSS OF INTEREST… i accept that i did not pay much attention to her during the last four months of our relation ship also coz of the LDR……also i beta backslided terribly… i went no contact past for two weeks…no call from her side…i thing she has moved on.. i am out of country .. no chance of seeeing each other..but she cheated on me even when i did so much for her… i want to make her realise what she has lost…..

    Also i had gifted her a mobile during the last two months… but as i came to know that she was going around with her friend i asked her to give the money back… did i do the right thing????

    I know that such situations have been discussed before but i want advice for my specific situation…

    • Grimsby

      Well, first of all, do not EVER help her out again financially. NEVER. Not after what she did.

      Secondly, although you should no longer buy her anything else, you should also NOT have told her to give you the money back for the phone. What this reveals to her, essentialy, is that you’re butthurt about the break-up, that it had an emotional effect on you, and that you’re desperately and childishly trying to get back at her for dumping you. You said yourself that the phone was a gift – you were under no obligation to buy the phone for her. You chose to do it yourself. Of course, I understand that you feel tricked and mislead (for example, you obviously wouldn’t have bought her the phone if you knew that she was cheating). The fact that you were willing to help out a troubled individual (even after a failed relationship with her) shows that you are a man of principle. I know this about you because my behaviour is the same as yours – I have been financially providing for my girlfriend and her son for the past two years now. And because we give so readily and unreservedly, we expect at least a certain degree of respect and gratitude from the people we help (everyone, not just girls), and when we feel that we have been wronged by them, naturally we have the urge to exact some sort of justice to maintain our dignity (how dare they, after all I’ve done?).

      But what you must understand here is that there really isn’t an honorable or dignified way for you to get out of this, the point is just to get out of it. Let her keep the damn phone, she’s already lost something much better. Thank your stars that you are already in another country, and that you never have to see her again. I know forgetting about what she did is easier said than done, so instead I will tell you this: Put it behind you. Yes, you have been wronged, you’ve been mislead, you’ve been “taken for a ride”. It’s okay. It’s over. Let it go.

      It’s clear from your comment that you’ve already made much progress, and you clearly understand what exactly went wrong and why. That is a GOOD thing. A GREAT thing. And you’ve got the right idea when you say, at the end, that you “want to make her realize what she has lost”. But be careful that it doesn’t become your PRIMARY GOAL. You should work hard, talk to other girls, and develop yourself, but NOT FOR HER. She should not be the focus of your drive to becoming Alpha. YOU should be the focus of your drive to becoming Alpha. Fuck her. She might regret losing you oneday, or she might never even think of you ever again. It doesn’t matter.

      And lastly, this next one should go without saying, but let me emphasize, just incase: DO NOT CONTACT HER. From all the post-break-up tactics out there, it is STILL the best one. I know the two of you have a history together, but you must not allow that to weaken your resolve. Did SHE take your history into consideration when she cheated on you? No, she didn’t. So fight fire with fire. If your relationship was THAT meaningless to her, then you might as well have never known her in the first place.

      If she contacts YOU, you must always make her feel like she is distracting or interrupting you. When she calls, the ONLY time you may answer is if you are out partying HARD with your new friends and/or girlfriend/s (or just doing anything social), so that she can HEAR the music/chatter/other girl’s sex screams in the background. Don’t ever answer a call from her when you’re sitting alone at home.

      Alternatively, just fucking throw away your SIM card and get a new phone number.

      • abz

        Thanx a lot….just read a post on savior schema …i think my situation was a combination of savoir schema and LDR…time to work on myself..

    • tony

      she cheated on you, so be done with it, on to the next one. trust me, i know the feeling of wanting an ex to want you. but you just have to drop all that bullshit and move on. focus on yourself: improve to the point where if she comes crawling back, you will do nothing but laugh and walk away because you have more important shit to do.

      find a goal and work towards it, work out, learn a new skill, compete in something. eventually meet new girls and find someone better.

    • Drive

      Let it go. Don’t talk to her. She’s with someone else? She lost interest? I agree with Shark that yes, break ups are usually a result of low interest, but they can also be the result of DIFFERENCE in interests. Just because she cheated on you doesn’t mean you’re not fucking awesome. Anyway, I believe THERE ARE other circumstances which contribute to break ups besides low interest (like you said, different religions, different values DO have an affect on break ups).

      So you wanna make her realize what she lost? Don’t talk to her. Ignore the shit out of her. Work on yourself, find another girl to kick it with. If she asks you why you’re ignoring her, tell her you have a lot going on. She can’t be a priority anymore. Do NOT involve yourself with her in anyway. Don’t waste any emotional energy on it because you’ll drive yourself crazy. Use that energy to motivate yourself, to challenge yourself, to create something new for yourself, and something to pour your passion into.

      And I think asking for that money back was fine. It was your money.

      • Grimsby

        Tony and Drive both gave excellent answers, but I still disagree with asking for the money back. Think about why you’re doing it – I mean honestly, you don’t really NEED the money back, do you? (you mentioned that your job overseas pays well). You’re doing it because you’ve been hurt, and feel the need to “get back at her” – in other words, it’s a childish, spiteful, and very beta move.

        But don’t sweat it, it isn’t really a big deal. The cat’s already out of the bag anyway. Just don’t say anything else to her. Don’t talk to her anymore – that is all that’s really important. Don’t go the OPPOSITE route now by calling her up to tell her that she doesn’t have to pay. JUST LEAVE IT. Pretend you forgot about it. Whatever happens, she must contact you FIRST. If she does happen to contact you, and she asks you if you still want the money back, your reply should be: “What money?”

        I guess if I could sum everything up (my response, Tony’s response, and Drive’s response), basically she must become unimportant to you.

    • Metaman

      You have to let go. There’s tons more women that are just as good for you and better. Don’t even waste your time. You shouldn’t be having negative internal dialog like that. Sounds like you’re still focusing on women. That’s wrong. You focus on you. Otherwise your next gf is going to cheat on you too. Keep reading this blog. Read it eleven fucking times if you have to. If you can find your better self and hold that frame for a few weeks… You’re in. It’s all about making changes that way. You only have to focus on it for a short time and then you become it. For now I’d focus on positive internal dialog only and quit focusing on any woman. Just let go of that shit.

  • Sim

    none of this confuses me. he wants us to take what he’s given us and build something for ourselves. savy.

  • tyler

    Bought the book read every post for over last year… but never actually posted to the shark….wishing i did now but its to late

  • Falco

    I owe you a round. It’s amazing; what you’ve done. Let’s meet for a drink soon. I’m half way there ;)

  • Jason

    You Changed my Life Shark….

  • vt2bn

    this is a reader from germany,
    guys, it’s all in us! yes this blog changed me too like many others of u. read, apply, learn, let’s become as we think! like shark said… c u on the other side.
    when i first discovered this blog my eyes hurt, ya’ll kno why…
    ur not alone overseas guys. we’re with u all around the fuckin world!
    cu guys. good luck!

  • Jake

    Sigh… the end of an era. I’ll miss you Shark. Your posts and book have changed my mindset so many times over the last year. When I was weak you carried me through and have given me the tools to continue to carry myself. I share my knowledge with other men frequently now and it’s amazing to make the connections with them. I’m truly changing into someone else. Thank you. Goodbye my friend.

  • Kyle

    Hey Shark,

    I remember when I came here and asked for advice, it felt like just yesterday. Around february of this year, I was a clueless boy in a man’s world. Couldn’t see the light on the other side. At that time, I was being the most pathetic depressed sack of flesh I called myself. My friend told me about your site and I thought I might as well give it a try. I thought Reading about this site couldn’t make my life any worse so why not? It was my first time I admitted and opened to someone about my personal business that I usually keep to myself. Shark as your name didn’t matter anymore. I got to know you through your writings and perspectives. A person that I’ve never met, I was finally ready to admit and ask for advice. I told you I was fighting against a drug addiction and I was very unsuccessful with women. You didn’t laugh but you encouraged me to push forward! To never give up and to “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”. These words I will never forget in my life. Good sir, I hope the best for you on a new beginning to your quest to be a billionaire. Knowing that it is hard to make even the first million; a billion is exponential to that figure and the many tireful nights of labour to start this venture. It will be tough so I hope you can remember the words you taught me. “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”. Shark, may we see each other on the other side.

    Ps. You are a hero to many on this site, but your patience and time grooming all these gentlemen in to alphas will not be a waste. When the master has left, the pupils will find it an obligation to teach the way to the next group. Project mayhem to the matrix was a great name ^_^

    Best wishes,


  • R

    This was necessary. A step towards letting go of our mentor similar to Tyler Durden’s death. Time to become the master of ourselves. Thank you, Shark.

  • Metaman

    Thank you Shark! I’m a man because of you. You showed me what i already knew. You guided me to a whole new level. You gave me something that I’d lost and a whole lot more. You even helped me save one of my friends lives. Literally. I’ll never forget you.

  • Shrapnelproof

    *Pours beer to the ground*
    Thank you for your brilliance Shark.

  • Thanks for your work Shark. You helped me out and you provided useful fundamentals. Since you answered two of my questions I have started my own blog and set about on my journey in real time now.


  • Dove

    Guess he shared all there is to know.

    Thank you Shark, your wisdom will be used.

  • boscas

    when are u going to move the most important posts?

  • El Matador

    Your influence on my life has been incredible. Gentlemen who beg for Shark’s return: everything you need to know has already been posted. Everything you need to become alpha is already inside of you. I’m not going to give up. It will be the most rewarding high five in history when we meet on the other side.

  • Stuart

    After improving myself every single day and noticing my relationship declining because she is losing interest I am simply letting go…… letting go of that steering wheel that is trying to control everything…. That feeling deep inside that is trying to control that dying relationship of a girl who is not my saviour neither my soul mate. It is time we let the chips fall where they may…

    Lol I am not Shark but I think shark represents a aspect of each one of us. A aspect that sees the bigger picture… the picture of not pursuing short-term fixes for long-term problems. Knowing that the clock is ticking day by day… even reading this blog we are wasting time when we could be taking action. We are a generation of people enslaved by a society which doesn’t give a shit about us and seeks to enslave us into the matrix. Even our bodies and emotions are re-acting to the matrix and attempting to pull us back in….telling us we can’t lose that girl because she is a special snow flake, telling us we’re wasting our time when we see no results.

    Thank you for every piece of information you have shared Shark.

  • The Specimen

    Jesus, the level of sycophancy here in the comments section is astounding. This was a solid blog, and I felt Shark did a good job with it, but let’s not get carried away here; shit’s notexactly the Bhagavad Gita. Food for thought. They’re are only 24 hours in a day. It is not possible to maintain a successful career, physical fitness, friendships, and multiple romantic relationships (even just one is a time suck), and also produce several essay length blog posts per week. Maybe Shark just has a life.

  • Dave

    Is it still possible to get a copy of the black flag? Cheers.

  • J

    Oh, captain my captain.

    Who the hell are all these people coming out of the woodwork?
    Love all up on ya!

  • Paul

    Thanks Shark. My life will never be the same.

  • faza

    Stay safe shark and thank you ,

    Anyone who has sharks book ” the black flag ” can you please send it to me ? that would be appreciated , i’ve lost it



  • ANT

    Shark was right.

  • Er1c

    The best posts still haven’t been moved up. why is that?

  • hawkman

    Shark’s blog is full of wisdom, and I love rereading his old posts when needed.

    Can anyone send me a copy of his book ”The black Flag”

    My hard drive has been formatted. cheers.

  • Oz

    I love you (no homo), like a brother/father.

    Helping people help themselves is the best gift.

    Thank you.

  • October

    I have been reading this website for quite some time. Like it. Very entertaining. I am a veteran of the Beta Wars in years gone by; now a cybernetic reincarnate with an Alpha core. It never came to me as a theory that I had to reiterate in my mind as an abstraction from the concrete male-female confrontations in front of me. Instead I seemed to absorb it as an integrated muscle-memory. I found myself applying the principles of Sharkness naturally, perhaps even unconsciously. Desired outcomes began to occur. Relationships became pleasant successes rather than pathetic struggles and endless strife. The best thing I can say to a new reader of at least moderate intelligence is the following: Don’t apply these mantras randomly or too quickly and expect staggering resuklts overnight. It isn’t weekend Karate practiced on even less tough kids in the schoolyard. Instead, ingest it as the unified organism that it is. Study it. Live it. Breathe it. When it has been absorbed by you as an integrated worldview, as a genuine understanding, then you won’t have to think at all. It will come to you as an unthought reaction, as do moves to a genuinely skilled fighter. For this reason and other reasons, I don’t believe that Shark is gone. The farewell posts aren’t quite getting it.

  • Chris

    So whats the story with the book,can I get a copy?

  • TripleBlue

    Could anyone send me a PDF of The Black Flag? I’d appreciate it very much.

  • abz

    Any other way of paying for the ebook…. i tried both google and paypal…
    google is not accepting my password and cannot create an account in paypal…keeps saying that my card is not accepted…its a debit card…

  • olio

    Can some1 send Sharks book to me, my email address is
    Would appreciate it very much.

  • gman

    you people are really pathetic about the book.if you can’t come up with $20 to purchase his book, then you don’t even deserve to have a girl friend at all. shark spent hours and hours of writing his book. but some of you just want to be spoon fed and shamelessly ask for a free copy from others who actually paid.
    if it only takes $20 to change your life and have more girls than you can possibly dream, would you really care about spending $20??? just think about that…

  • Just watched fightclub again. Fucking golden. You’ll be forever remembered shark. Ever since I ‘accidentally’ stumbled upon your blog, just like in fight club, my life was never the same.

  • Zack

    Just read The Black Flag. It was beautiful.

    The story at the end made me cry. Shark, you’re an amazing man and your legacy is brilliance. That book was worth the read a million times over. I am still trying to digest it all; I should read it again sometime this week. There is so much knowledge compressed into the black flag.

    The things I’ve learned from this blog saved my LTR. If anyone is reading this, this isn’t just a PUA advice site, this is about opening your eyes to the matrix in which we live and becoming a real MAN. You will become a BETTER person if you apply these profound principles to the world and to your life. Don’t just improve yourself to get better at picking up chicks, improve on every area of your LIFE. Build something amazing. Build yourself.

  • Msam

    He left without explaining why he chose ” The Black Flag ” as a title to his book…Farewell !

  • jo

    Hey guys can someone email me a copy of the book, my old computer died so i lost it. cheers.

  • F

    Damn, I wanted a quick profile of sorority girls and fraternity men from Shark’s point of view.

  • Michael Bove

    If anyone could email me the black flag I’d really appreciate it.

  • Anon

    I wish there was a way to know just how many men read this. Just to know the size of Shark’s following.

  • Gionathan

    i started reading just a couple days before this message but serously thank you

  • boscas

    if shark was here , he would have written about felix … haha im 100% certain

  • Leon

    Can the book still be bought?

  • Pang

    Just passing through to reread some articles, Shark was like our Dark Knight.. may he one day return and save Gotham from betadom once again

  • Shark2

    Someone email me my book, I got hooked on meth, I just broke
    out of a mexican pRison, things get crazy if you don’t mind the storm…

  • Red

    I used to be a regular poster here. One of my notable comments can be found under “Project Mayhem”.

    Game was an amazing starting point Shark. Thank you. While there are still many lessons to be learned on this level, I feel like I am stronger as a male living in a modern society than I’ve ever been before. However, game also opened to doors to “metaprogramming” myself. There are more limiting beliefs within this world than just 2nd/3rd wave feminism and the institutionalized red-tape culture we’ve created. We have capacity for higher forms of thought that you’ve hinted at Shark; shown through the great thinkers and innovators in history and their modern contemporaries, to the shamans of the Amazon rainforest experimenting with and leading people through transcendental experiences using Ayuhuasca.
    Game mostly focuses us on the 2nd through the 4th circuits. Rarely, it reaches into the 5th (RSD Tyler is one of the few here). Even more rarely, it reaches into the 6th with consciously “metaprogramming” your own consciousness. This is different than adding new routines and beliefs to your arsenal, this is essentially stepping outside of you to see that psychological imprint which makes up your usual patterns and behaviors, and modifying it. Essentially, it is programming your own internal programming. Most game fails to venture here. Many pretend to; but they run you through a pre-constructed script that fails to create the right conditions for that kind of “transcendence”; your blog is one of the few that does.

  • The Man

    If someone could send me a copy of “The Black Flag” I would be very thankful. I will not make up an excuse and say I lost the book, etc., but I am a college student and struggling to pay for rent, classes, and food. Please send to:

  • Gamer

    i paid for the black flag through paypal, what now? how do i download the ebook?

    [Edit: e-mailed it to you]

  • Swift

    I do not feel the need to canonize Shark, but I must give credit when credit is due.

    I came to this site with my relationship almost dead. While I do not take every word literally and I always assessed Shark’s suggestions as they applied to my specific situations, I must give thanks for unplugging me. I had no idea. I’ve always been successful in every other area of life, but girls always fizzled out for me. I was trained my whole life to please them and shower them with affection. I’ve learned so much since then.

    And strangest of all, once I took this site’s writings to heart and acted on them as a whole, my relationship with my girlfriend is not only strong and steady, but better than even the period when we first met. Better still, because of this site, I have all the tools and confidence to leave this relationship if it goes down the shitter again (which will only happen if she becomes a total bitch or gets ugly, cuz I got my shit covered).

    Thank you.

    Goodnight, and good luck.

  • Mars

    I’m an 18 year old Nigerian. Paypal isn’t allowed in Nigeria. We don’t use credit cards much here either. The rich folk use credit cards, but it hasn’t really caught on. I don’t know how I can pay for the book. And I would really love to read it. Any other way I can pay? In any case, can I get it emailed to

  • bulgariBLACK


    Thanks again for everything. I didn’t want to be that guy that blew up the post, but know that I’m truly grateful for all of the lessons you’ve shared, for my autographed copy of TBF, and for opening my eyes to new and exciting possibilities.

  • JaredP

    Hey, Shark, wherever you are, I’d like to thank you for these articles. I’ve been a major beta my whole life, but stumbling onto this site has ignited action within me. Do you still sell The Black Flag? I’d love to obtain a copy.

    Anyway, best of wishes.

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