Not Dead Yet

On January 9, 2013 by Jake

Subject: Update on the site and its future.

This site has been on life support for some time, sustained only by the sporadic comments that still come in on Shark’s archived posts, and its future seemed certain; a slow but inevitable slide into Internet purgatory. When sites are no longer updated, they gradually sink in search rankings and lose links from other sites, thereby receiving fewer and fewer visits until they vanish into near total obscurity, much like your old MySpace page.

My name is Jake, and I’ve been visiting this site almost from the beginning. I’m a big fan of Shark’s outlook on life, and his ideas and insight have helped me greatly improve my game, but more importantly, pushed me to man up and overcome some of my irrational fears and counterproductive habits. Granted, we all have to do the really hard work on our own, but this site has been a valuable piece of the puzzle, giving me both inspiration and a kick in the ass when I needed it.

Needless to say, I was sad as hell to see it sitting on death row after Shark moved on, and not just for myself, but for the untold number of others out there who might never be exposed to the ideas and outlook Shark shared with us. So being a web guy 9-5, I figured I might be able to find a way to keep it going, or at least prevent it from completely dying. After much back and forth, and a stack of my hard earned Benjamins, I was able to convince Shark to let me take over the site. The deal is now done, and I’ve got the keys to the front door.

I don’t have any grand plans as of yet, but I’m going to start by updating the code and fixing things where they’re broken. I also want to make it easier for people (especially new visitors) to find the really good content, which will probably require some design / layout changes. After that, things are more up in the air.

We’ll need to figure out how to keep the site fresh enough to prevent it from descending into Google obscurity, but I’m not yet sure how to accomplish that. If people keep buying The Black Flag eBook, we’ll have a small budget to hire some good writers, which combined with involvement from the community, might keep things active enough. Of course, the problem is that no one can replace Shark, and I’m pretty sure he isn’t planning to contribute in the future.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any input / ideas on the future of the site without Shark. In the meantime, I’m getting to work on some of the technical stuff and design issues.



P.S. Obviously I’ve had contact with Shark, but before I get inundated with questions, let me say that I don’t know much more than any of you about what he’s up to. I do know that he’s extremely busy on new projects, and I think he just mentally moved on from the site a while back. That happens in life, as there are only so many hours in a day. He never gave me the slightest indication that he might be open to dropping knowledge on us in the future, but of course, I’m hoping he does, or at least stops by once in a while.

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  • "J"

    I’ve been following this site for a year now after me and my gf of 4 yrs broke up – I found myself at the bottom of the beta slide and I hate the feeling, I had to be climbing back up the alpha hierarchy ASAP fortunately stumbled upon this site, which re-woke me and answered alot of questions about myself and relationships that are generally misleading in mainstream information.

    The information on this site makes sense and is backed by biological evolution and social psychology.

    This site kicks ass – Shark is intelligent yet bad ass at the same time. I can really relate and this site is almost like a religion if you get deep into it enough.

    With that being said – Shark if you’re reading this, thank you for opening my fucking eyes and allowing me to dis-inhibit the true bad ass inside of me. Society shuns guys like me, but really = we are just acting naturally so why should I apologize or feeling bad for being masculine?

    With that being said – I’m out…

  • Szabo

    I just found this site thanks to you t,he other day. Shark may be gone but I still have much to read. Thank you!

  • BlastTyrant

    Jake, I sincerely appreciate you carrying the torch now that Shark has moved on. This site has made a huge difference in my life, over the past few months. Hell, it’s changed my entire perspective.

    • BlastTyrant, appreciate the comment. Lots of peeps seem to be pretty positive about the whole thing, so I’m even more upbeat about it myself.

  • Tom from myspace

    I certainly think once new posts begin to appear people will come back to the site – if like me, even to check in on a daily basis. Once enough hits are reached simple advertising banners should be introduced to fund the writing.

    Hope you bring this site back to life! Kind regards.

  • TJ

    I’m looking forward to the changes.

    • I’m pretty stoked about this whole thing too. Even more today than yesterday, since its clear that we have readers who actually care about the site. Thanks TJ

  • x

    Good work Jake, Thanks.

  • Draven

    This is really awesome news. To be honest, I was concerned about this site’s slide into oblivion myself, but there wasn’t anything I could do. Shark changed my life.

    I actually copied and pasted every single post of his into a Word document (don’t ask how long that took), and am currently working (albeit slowly) on formatting it to make it more readable. I just wanted to archive these posts for my own use, as well as my friends and eventual offspring. (I never intended to sell any of it, if you’re worried. I have too much respect for Shark for that.) I was afraid the site would be taken down, and all that knowledge would be lost.

    If you were at all interested, I could send you that file as a Word document or a PDF. (It’s not done, nor will it be anytime soon. I was just doing minor things like making the post titles bigger, adding a table of contents with a link to each post, etc.)

    As far as ideas on what to do with the site now…

    If it’s going to stay relevant, there has to be new content. Good writers will go a long way towards bringing people in. You could possibly advertise it some way. The domain name itself is the best thing it has going for it. It’s exactly what I Googled back when I found it. (And my girl problems have been solved, btw. Thanks, Shark.)

    You could parter with other PUA/Game/Self-improvement websites… put their links on this site, in return for this link on theirs.

    A redesign is definitely necessary. The categories should be more prominent, maybe on the home page. Listing Shark’s posts by when they were posted is unnecessary, considering they aren’t continually being written. People will want to come here and look for specific advice, i. e. break-up help, inner game help, etc.

    If you do hire new writers, their work shouldn’t be mixed with Shark’s. Who authored what should be made clear.

    That’s all my ideas/suggestions. If you want that file, you have my email.

    - Draven

    • You’ve practically read my mind Draven, right down to the difficulty caused by displaying posts by date. I’m working with a designer friend to address those problems and others.

      I’m completely willing to do some advertising to get more people here, although it would be in small steps because it will be out of pocket. And partnering with other sites is a great idea to multiply those efforts, not to mention some good old guerrilla marketing on FB, Twitter, etc. I think getting some new writing up is the first place to allocate my rather meager budget, but once the site is freshened up, I’ll start testing different methods of promotion.

      As far as your Word doc, I’d love to get my hands on it ( This touches on another idea on my brainstorming list; creation of “guides” that contain some of the best stuff grouped by topic, with the option to download them in PDF form. Kinda like mini eBooks, but free of course.

      It’s funny you mention clearly identifying the authorship of any new articles. One of my buddies suggested I just start putting out new content under Shark’s name but that would serve no purpose, and would cheapen the whole reason I got involved in this to begin with.

      I was afraid I might be hearing crickets when I logged in tonight, so thanks a lot for taking the time to give your thoughts.

      • Matt

        Don’t advertise. If your content is good enough, they will come, as Shark has demonstrated thus far. What makes this site so special is how basic it is, while providing the best knowledge of game on the internet.

        • Jolly Roger

          Agreed about the advertising Jake.

          I remember Shark saying somewhere that we shouldn’t be telling our friends or loved ones about this site, or anyone else for that matter. Why? Because this site needs to be found.

          One has to be in that place to be pushed to seek something like this, otherwise, this treasure will not correspond and be useful. Its just like trying to help a friend out of an abuseful relationship, he’s in love with what he has now and can’t see your point of view. He has to truly fall and find this on his own.

          Survival of the fittest.

          P.S Nice to see a lot of people still care about this site.

    • just cool

      Hi Draven. Can u send me that file if possible? Would really appreciate it. Thank you.

      • The email address you enter when you leave a reply can’t be seen by other readers. You’d have to actually put your email in the comment, which isn’t recommended, as it will also feed the spam bots trolling the Net for new prey.

        But fear not, we’ll get some pdf’s up in due course.

    • The H

      You’ve copy/pasted all his material? Do you mind sending me the copy/pasted material?

      I actually came onto the site today to do that, but I was surprised by the new post!

  • Draven

    One other thing that I totally forgot. Community discussion is the lifeblood of any site like this, and having the community do it all via comments on old posts is a terrible system.

    There needs to be a full-fleged forum here, where people can trade stories, advice, etc. Make it a real community.

    Oh, and thank you so much for all the work you’re about to do. The world owes you a service, Jake.

    • As I mentioned to JaredP below, I think a forum is a great idea, but I’ve had friends who launched forums too early and they were ghost towns. Once we get more readers visiting regularly I’ll definitely give it a try. I like forums myself and I don’t think there’s a better way to foster a real community online.

      Thanks again for your input.

  • JaredP

    “I do know that he’s extremely busy on new projects.”

    Like an alpha.

    I know I personally have grown through reading this site’s articles, and while I must say I am far from where I want to be in life, the new – at least to my ears – perspective has helped answer many questions regarding myself and why I have been the way I am.

    In regards to your post, I must commend you, and I am very happy to see that this place might be rekindled. I don’t have many ideas of my own, really – though I’ll think about it more. But maybe you could try implementing a testimonial area where readers can share their story from going beta to alpha, or wherever in between. Perhaps a forums addition, as well? Through its use, you might be able to pick out which writers you want to be on a staff level.

    Anyways, best of wishes on this thing. I will stick around and see what develops.

    • Thanks Jared, I’ve thought about a forum too, and I think that might work out well once we get the number of readers back to where it used to be. There’s nothing worse than a forum that looks dead. One option might be starting out with people submitting their stories and I just post them until we get enough traction for a full on forum. Really appreciate the feedback!

  • Paul

    Shark changed my life… I could never imagine being in such a good place right now compared to when I found this website early last year… The information on here is invaluable, it must be preserved…

    thanks for keeping this alive Jake…

  • Crixus

    The site is fantastic.

    I would however. Hate to see it fall into the whole PUA thing. I’ve always found this site is more about relationships and Inner Game. PUA world in my opinion, while has some good content, isn’t really what a lot of men REALLY need and that is certainly not what changed my outlook on life when I read Black Flag or any of the content here.

    Shark was always straight to the point and told a lot of truth. Which I find is lacking in a lot of “progressive” PUA sites.

    I think a forum is a great idea.

    • I was my own worst enemy for way too long, so Shark’s inner game stuff has definitely been most helpful for me, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it set me on the path to a whole new outlook on life. PUA techniques are necessary, but getting the head straight is of paramount importance IMO.

      Thanks for the comment Crixus.

    • Jolly Roger

      Yeah, this is more of a philosophy.

  • martian

    To all,

    I too stumbled upon this site looking for answers, and I got a lot more than I bargained for. Shark was a good mentor, and I believe the posts he’s written on here are an invaluable source of arcane knowledge for us chaps, and anybody (including females) who seeks enlightenment. It answers questions, poses more, and helps us make some sense of this mysterious world.
    My point is that if you have been reading shark’s posts, in my view he was adamantly against any form of advertising, or commercialisation of the site, as it would ruin things. Also I think I am right in pointing out his disdain for social networks aka Facebook/Twitter. I would like to think that is not the spirit of things on here. This stuff is special. Just saying.
    Obviously the matter of funding is very important, but please don’t loose sight of the original intention of shark and his site.

    • I hear ya, but I disagree with the idea that advertising and social networks are inherently either good or bad. They are just tools to be used to achieve a desired outcome, that being, getting more people to the site. I don’t think Shark was against using the available tools to get the word out, I just think he recoiled at the spammy, over-hyped, bullshit-laden sales tactics we wade through on the Internet on a daily basis.

      Personally, I couldn’t give a shit about Twitter, and I think my friends who obsessively post every minute detail of their lives to FB are dopamine junkies, addicted to the momentary validation they get from likes, comments, and other digital pats on the back. But those are exactly the types who need a dose of ass kicking, and who could probably most benefit from the ideas on this site.

      I work in the online space and the one thing that keeps getting harder is finding ways to rise above the shit storm of noise to actually grab people’s attention. There was a time you could rely on Google to keep the traffic flowing by putting out good content, but she’s a fickle beast nowadays, and having buzz on social networks is pretty much a requirement for cracking open her honeypot and ranking for any searches that might bring in a significant number of people. Unless you get lucky with some viral, Gangnam Style piece that grabs the cultural zeitgeist, you’re in the trenches, slogging it out for readers like the thirty billion other blogs out there.

      OK, I close to ranting now, so to sum up; getting people to the site is the goal, and we have to use the tools available to do it. But that doesn’t equate with getting into the gutter with the penis pill industry or get rich quick conmen. Balance and good judgment in all things.

  • Thought I was dreaming when I saw this post. This news is really great, for all of us of course.I salute you Jake for not letting Sharks ideas be cast into oblivion.

  • Archie

    I’ve never cared about a website’s fate until this one. The wisdom on here changes lives. I remember I was sitting in a parking lot scanning Google for advice on what to do about how unhappy I was living with my now ex girlfriend. I read that post then found the one about fear. The entire trajectory of my life shifted at that moment. I truly recognized how fear, beta backsliding, and so many other things were controlling my life and making me miserable. A month later I’m single and overcoming approach anxiety, working my ass off toward my goals, and happier than I’ve been since I finished college. I remember the moment it all changed as clearly as I remember where I was on 9/11.

    If this site had just died when Shark stopped posting, I would probably still be living with that girl torturing myself over why she didn’t seem attracted to me anymore, coasting through life in a mediocre job praying for a lottery win, and always wondering what could have been in my life. This site awakened something deep inside me that I had always known was there but I was too scared to embrace it. Now that I have I could never go back.

    I will definitely come back if I can think of future directions for the site, but I just wanted to share how thankful I am you have kept this site alive. It would be a true shame if no other guys out there got to experience that life changing, matrix unplugging moment.

  • Christian C

    I can’t really say anything here that others haven’t already said in regards to the tremendous impact these writings have had on my life, and others lives. This site was my very first introduction to Game and red pill awareness.. I felt that year long awkward, and sometimes physically painful voyage into the relative unkown as I slowly unplugged…. But we all remember that brain-banging, huh folks?

    Anyway, since this site scuttled into the dark corners of the manosphere, I broadened my knowledge base by finding what I believe to be two other sites that are incredibly similar and as helpful as this one was. Chateau Heartiste, and Rational Male. When I found them, I couldn’t help but wonder… How did Solve My Girl Problems NOT end up in their Blogrolls?

    The wisdom hidden within the archives of this site, in my mind, are immeasurable.. I’m just glad someone had the bawlz to ressurect it all. Just because Michael Jordan stops playing basketball, doesn’t mean his greatness doesn’t live on. My belief is that this stuff should be mandated male grade school curriculum.. But until then, thank you Jake for doing what you can to broaden its readership.

    • Thanks Christian, I’m familiar with the Rational Male, and you’re right, SMGP should definitely be on the blogroll. I’m going to start reaching out to some other blogs with good content to see about linking up, etc.

      If you come across any others with a similar level of quality, feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form that will be up this weekend.

  • Artemis

    im not a fan of the idea of other people writing on shark’s blog, but if it keeps his material around and accessible i’ll stomach it.

  • Lion

    Thank you for doing this for all of us, Jake. Perhaps with posts, popularity will come just as posts will come with popularity. Anyways, here are a few ideas.

    1. Potential writers could submit posts/”articles” to you, and you post the ones you think are good

    2. #1, except you post all of them and have readers vote for the writers they’d like to see more of

    3. I like the forum idea as well..but you do have a good point about the early launch=”ghost town”

    Regardless of what you do, I’ll be looking forward to it. I’ll read. I would write. Whatever. I just want to see this site flourish..along with project mayhem.

    • Good ideas Lion, thanks.

      I’m planning to do an open call for writers once I get some of the technical stuff done. I’ve been busy with other stuff so I’m a little behind schedule, but I’m going to get caught up this week.

  • Lynx

    Thank you Jake for keeping this site alive. It has too much valuable information males need. Up till now i always assumed that even without Shark the Blog would still be up. I had no idea it might eventually get deleted. So again, thank you Jake.

  • Intend to read as much as of available content on this site.

  • d

    I’m glad you bought the site, Jake. I wasn’t sure if it would have been around much longer after I saw that it had gone up for auction. Thanks alot.

  • Aethereal

    Hey Jake,

    Very courageous of you to pick the site up and attempt to improve it. Besides the technical improvements you are talking about (you might want to change the link color, which is now very light-grey, to something more visible on a white background), you could consider compiling the articles and sorting them in a more logical manner, as if to create a pyramide with the foundations on the bottom and information on specific topics on the top. Right now the site is laid out in a chronological manner, which is is very convenient for people such as yourself who have been following this site from the beginning, but for new guys this can be very confusing.

    I wish you good luck!

  • John

    Hey Jake,
    any chance of getting a search bar? There used to be one but it seems to have gone walkies.

  • Tom

    I’m kind of amazed like these other guys that SMGP isn’t very well known. I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere in the manosphere for the 3 years I’ve been into this stuff. I only found it by some random link posted over on the SoSuave forums. To me it’s by far the best game site for younger people and beginners, the writing is full of information but is very engaging and simple enough to understand easily.

    The best way I can see this ‘revival’ working is to have community submitted articles, with Sharks stuff set off in its own categories at the top or side of the page. I’ll just stay neutral until a more solid plan for the future is put together.

    • Yeah, I’m surprised too Tom, especially now that I’ve been thoroughly exploring other sites in this space. My operating theory is that there is such a avalanche of information out there that the best content doesn’t necessarily rise to the top. We’re all so inundated with information that only the loudest, most controversial voices area able to grab our attention.

      Still, there are some fundmental steps we can take that should help, and then we’ll just start experimenting and learn as we go. Thanks for the comment.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for your efforts Jake.

    One suggestion is that perhaps you may the content downloadable – perhaps in some form of a PDF file – even for a one time fee. Similar to how Black Flag is sold.

    I bought Black Flag, but would love all the articles on my computer as well, just in case something ever happened with the site. I appreciate that you’ve taken it over now and the site is in steady hands, but certain circumstances can not be predicted and it’s nice to have stuff backed up in case of an emergency.

  • T.Jr

    I’ve been here almost since the beggining and though I dont know how i feel about the site being taken over, i do appreciate the effort. i suspect that this site has many lurkers who simply feel that they dont have much to contribute to the site themselves and thus remain as such..

    Keeping the site simple should be one of the main priorities. I honestly believe that we have the best source of game knowledge on the net here (and i’ve visited most of the well known manosphere blogs) Everything you could ever NEED to know about game is all here. it’s all in the fundamentals.

    I’ll be checking in from time to time and offer my help in any way i can

  • nemesis

    lol, I’m fucking sure the website master has never changed. It’s always that fucking genius of Shark. I must say I love him because he has opened my eyes on lots of things. But fuck this alpha/beta shit, Stop eating what you read just because you have no lives. He also says: Be your best self, just find your best self and stop lurking on forums/internet shit.

  • GoodGuyGreg

    Hey Jake, It’s awesome that you’re taking it upon yourself to keep this place alive. Looking forward to seeing Sharks work revived that’s for sure.

    I’d like to share something with my fellow SMGP readers and I hope this hits some of the new-comers.

    - It’s hard to be where you want to be mentally unless you truly trust yourself and understand that you are the one who calls the shots in your life, you create every moment be it good or bad, it’s all on you.

    - Don’t give in to society and it’s teachings of ‘how it should be done’, instead do it how you want to do it. Don’t be weak when it comes to making decisions, do what MUST be done instead of doing it ‘how it should be done’. Your life is the only thing that matters. Don’t live with boundaries and limits for the sake of impressing people you know or don’t know.

    - If you’re reading Sharks posts and you’re 100% certain that tomorrow it all changes for you then that’s great but once tomorrow comes and you think you can’t do it because of such and such a reason or you’re just to scared in case someone calls you names (awwww), you end up right back where you started (how stupid are you?). My point being is TRY, just fucking do it, who gives a fuck what he/ she thinks? – No one. Who cares about the outcome? – No one. Do their thoughts hurt your brain? – No.

    - There is no ‘magic force’ in the sky or around you, nothing good will land in front of you one fine day for sitting on your ass and doing nothing with your life. Don’t accept that THIS is your life, I’ve heard so many people say things like “this is what life has thought me” – “I’ve learned from life that…blah blah” what a load of shit. Your life isn’t something an external force has any control over (religious people will disagree lol). Stop lowering your own standard and start accelerating and set yourself up on a mission, destroy anything that tries to jeopardize your plan and commit to focus on what you want. You start with nothing but live with everything.

    Honestly there is so much more on my mind that I’d love to share with people but my thoughts are elsewhere. I wish you all the best, I hope you do it, use all your ‘hate’ for something that will drive you to where you want to be. Visualize and set goals, you can do all of your dreaming after that ;)

    – C

  • tommy

    Im glad its going nowhere, ive only read a small amount, but now im going to read it ALL!! I have lost my mojo and i want it back!! and i bet theres heaps of guys that are the same as me!

  • Octoboy24

    Cool. This site really help me a lot during my struggles and awakened my inner beast. Shark’s posts and his book really help a lot of people not just in game, but also in life generally. Hope we can keep the site alive for other people that has not yet been unplugged. I’ll still visit this site from time to time for rejuvenation. Glad someone will maintain it. Thanks, Jake.

  • Ryan

    Jake….You are an alpha my brother. I as well had my life saved by Shark and still come here on occasion when I recall he had a certain piece of advice or topic he covered. Shark was/is a legend, no question a mad genius likely planning on World Dominion, and I just want to say Im all for it!

    We know Shark will check in to see whats been going on with his old grounds….My idea is simply to encourage evryone who was positive ly influenced by Shark, to post a quick comment. We’ll flood this page with such a ridiculous unheard of number of comments, by MEN Shark helped become so, that maybe we can make him at least question a reconsideration.


    The man is nothing short of legendary when you read all his work. Thank you Shark, come back!

  • Jason

    Hey Jake,

    Thanks for taking the initiative to get the site up and running to keep it alive and moving in a new direction.

    Obviously, Shark has been instrumental to a lot of guys with all of his wisdom, knowledge and advice.

    ATTENTION: Shark cannot be replaced so if there are any new contributors or guest posts please clearly mark which ones are Shark originals or from other sources because at the end of the day my allegiance will be to the Shark posts first and foremost….but no hard feelings to others I just want this to be very obvious going forward for both new and seasoned readers.

  • Ubermensch

    Muthafucka say what!?

    I’m in.

  • Kyle

    Good job Jake keep the website alive, its one of the most powerful things on the internet, you have done a very very smart thing.

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