27. 04. 2012
how to handle a break up

What’s she thinking?

Two readers commented on Oneitis, and a certain prevailing theme seems to require adressing:   I am so Fucken stuck in oneitis ! I let this girl pull me back in after i...

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11. 03. 2012
how to get over a girl

Handling Breakups

Reader Comments: Shark— Can you give more elaborate examples, condensed down into one post on “Working on yourself” After a severe breakup or other life failure? There are so many flashes of brilliance...

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10. 03. 2012
when should talk to an ex girlfriend

No Contact

Hey Shark, how should I text my ex girlfriend after some time of No Contact? I am not sure if she is still affected by the breakup. Is it a terrible choice? What...

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02. 02. 2012
how to deal with a break up

Break Ups

There are three variations of the break up, each with its unique protocol and different standards of etiquette. This will teach you how to maximize your strategic position in each one (Yes, love...

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31. 01. 2012
getting over heartbreak

Kingdom Beta

Reader John submits a mortifying testament to the Alpha-Beta scale:   There’s herbiness, and then there’s that soul killing herbiness that makes other herbs within blast radius cringe in disgust and fear. There’s...

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16. 12. 2011
PUA The Game

Reader’s Comment

This brought tears to my eyes:   “Why am I here? It’s a Saturday night. She was my second LTR. It’s been six months since we’ve seen each other. I walk in, we...

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15. 12. 2011
Young man looking at his smiling girlfriend


I had never known the power of game before. “How could beauty become a banality?” I thought to myself. All of her gripes were just as easily forgotten as they were constructed. The...

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06. 11. 2011
Breaking up with your best friend

Breaking up with your best friend

shark ive gota issue, that im sure many others have out there. i know to get over an ex, you need 2 go NC and eventually get over her. that shud either pull...

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30. 10. 2011

To My Readers

It’s been a full year since I started SMGP. I had never appreciated how far this blog had come until I started going over old traffic reports and comments from the past. I...

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27. 08. 2011

The Black Flag

None of you know me personally, so you won’t understand a lot of the quirky things I do in the book and in this blog. I don’t write for the same reasons other...

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26. 08. 2011
Open Relationships

Open Relationships

Reader Comments: Hey, great post as always Shark. I have a question that I haven’t ever seen you address. I’ve been in a relationship with this woman for almost two years, and recently...

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08. 08. 2011

Ego Massaging

Hey Shark “Question, my ex and I broke up 6months ago and went our separate ways, it was not a bad breakup. She went off to another city for a new job and...

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10. 07. 2011
Ex girlfriend

Ex Girlfriend Gives Gift Back

Reader Comments, What do you do if your ex wants to give an expensive gift back to you, now this gift most people might view as costing material amount of money but I...

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09. 07. 2011

Ex girlfriend Ignoring Me

Reader Comments:   Hey shark, would appreciate a bit of advice on something. I got over my extreme oneitis for this girl, but I still see her every day, so the thoughts are...

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05. 07. 2011
Oneitis because of religion

Oneitis because of religion

Reader Comments: Shark, What do you do when your culture / religion forces oneitis on you, what I mean is that not only would it be wrong to marry someone that is from...

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