23. 05. 2012


Reader QC posts an illustrious example of an Alpha move that ties in well with the previous post.   If you have time for a monogamous relationship during your peak years, the chances...

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07. 05. 2012
examples of Alpha Males


Both sexes are guilty of it; to filter their perception of inter-gender dynamics through a lens skewed in favor of their own sex. The affect is more profound for men, because women, who...

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05. 05. 2012
facebook texting

Relationship Dystopia

Conventional wisdom dictates that a girl shit testing you is always a tryst between you and her subconscious; I e, that she secretly wants you to pass and her hurdles are only crude...

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02. 04. 2012
Godfather Alpha Male

The Line

First, I would like to say thanks for the Triumph posts. They were so helpful so I am turning to you again for advice. Ok, so the situation is that my gf has...

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31. 03. 2012
what women have to say about dating

Women Respond

The Sosuave Newsletter often directs questions to women, and then posts the various replies to assist in the disillusionment of men in the dating and relationship scene. While most of what women have...

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28. 03. 2012
how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you


I wanted to collectively address a number of questions regarding “understanding your girlfriend.” Many people have asked, “how do you actually tell whether her shit tests are out of resentment or a natural...

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24. 03. 2012
maintaing long distance relationships

Long Distance

The topic has been touched on in previous posts but seeing as how problems related to LDRs always seem to surface, a more thorough take on the topic seemed appropriate. An LDR for...

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20. 03. 2012
Ask Men Doc Love

Doc Love

I have often censured mainstream relationship advice through various posts, but most of that blasting is exclusively directed to feminized advice written by, well, women. For two reasons; first, all advice from women...

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16. 03. 2012
Solve My Girl Problems


I got the idea for this post after reading someone’s thread on the pick up artist forum regarding soft nexts to handle drama in relationships — an idea I wholly support. I noticed...

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15. 03. 2012
women vs men

Market Forces

The invisible hands of the secksual market; a poorly understood concept, and one utterly feared by women. The idea isn’t complicated per say, but rather, its relevance highly undervalued, like every other game...

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17. 02. 2012
how to command Poon

The Way of the Poon

I’ve postulated before on the different strains of shit tests and how the most macabre types always show up in relationships. Let’s take a moment to orchestrate a scenario that’ll give you a...

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06. 02. 2012
trust in a relationship

Let Go

Relationships are not difficult by nature, they are difficult because we cannot accept their natures. There are certain unchanging, sacred, and albeit gross truths that people will forever refuse to acknowledge regardless of...

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01. 02. 2012
Alpha ex boyfriend

The Alpha Ex

Reader Comments: Dude. You saved me. Here I am, in a good and 2 months new relationship with a new guy and yet I am not ENTIERLY over my ex bf. Even if...

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25. 01. 2012
how to get sex from your girlfriend

Sex in LTRs

Update on Site: Some of you were worried that I was kidnapped and cannibalized by feminists, others thought SMGP finally succumbed to the infinite power of the Matrix. To allay all doubts, the...

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16. 01. 2012


Shark, what is your take on Harvey specter, from the show, suits. he is one of the MOST alpha characters I have ever come across. his life style, speech, attitudes and all.  ...

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